Nov 272015
 November 27, 2015
Montana Jury Candidates Refuse To Convict Anyone For Marijuana Possession

There is a weapon against marijuana prohibition that many American citizens don’t know that they have at their disposal. It can be used in states that have not reformed their marijuana laws, and don’t have medical or recreational marijuana legalization on the books. It’s like kryptonite. That weapon is jury nullification. Jury nullification occurs when a jury refuses to convict someone of something because they consider the law that was broken to be an unjust law. That’s what recently happened in Montana, where a court couldn’t even put a jury together for a marijuana possession case because so many potential jurors

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Nov 262015
 November 26, 2015
B Legit Is On The Latest Episode Of The Smokebox With BReal

I was in high school in the mid 90’s, and I had B Legit on CD and on cassette tape. I think I even had some bootleg B Legit tapes that I got from the local flea market back in the day. I had his lyrics on the wall of my locker, ‘Pass it to me, pass back to you. Hit the light green until we turn dark blue.’ I assure you, that did not go over well with teachers and administrators! I’m a huge B Legit fan as you can see, and obviously I’m also a huge BReal fan.

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Nov 242015
 November 24, 2015
Seattle: Fundraising Raffle For Current And Former Cannabis Prisoners

This is a raffle for commissary funds for Jimmy Romans and also the George Martorano/Jeff Mizanskey Travel to Hempfest 2016 Fund. Tickets are priced at $10.00 each. Drawing to be held 04/21/2016 @ 4:20 PM at Hempfest Central and you need not be present to win. The TWO winners must claim their prizes no later than 05/01/2016. George and Jeff have both just recently been free’d from their Life Without Parole prison sentances and Seattle HEMPFEST® is proud to bring them together for a powerful conversation about the federal government’s War on Drugs and its’ cost to society. Your Raffle

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Nov 222015
 November 22, 2015
Ethan Nadelmann: The Drug Reform Movement Is A Movement For Freedom

The 2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference just wrapped up in Washington D.C. yesterday. I have been glued to social media the last few days checking out people’s pictures, and reading quotes. One of the most fantastic things that I have seen come out of the conference, and maybe one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever seen in my life, was a video of Ethan Nadelmann’s keynote speech. Ethan Nadelmann is the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, which if you don’t know by now, you should really do some homework. Watch the video below. If you are

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Nov 212015
 November 21, 2015
The First Annual CannaBall Is Coming To Portland Next Month

Huge thanks to our hospitality sponosors:  CANNA IN THE CITY, QiCo, Welcome to the First Annual Cannaball hosted by Hifi Farms, Cascadia Labs and The Weed Blog! This is a private party sponsored by the leadership of Portland’s incredible chapter of Women Grow but it is not a WGPDX event. It will be an amazing evening and a celebration of an incredible year in Oregon cannabis. Featuring an open bar, Live music by Mammoth in Space and Darka Dusty and the Borscht Beatnicks, Aerialists and a banner photo booth, A champaign VIP lounge for our sponsors and extra special guests.

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Nov 202015
 November 20, 2015
NCIA 5 Year Anniversary Video: Looking Back, Moving Forward

This blog started in 2010, and so did the National Cannabis Industry Association. I have watched, and supported, their work from the very beginning, and will continue to do so. Their work has added to the momentum for marijuana reform in a way that no other organization has. That’s not to take away from other organizations, but the National Cannabis Industry Association has moved the industry forward which has changed a lot of minds that wouldn’t have been changed otherwise. Below is a video in which the National Cannabis Industry Association presents 5 years of advocacy, education, and community. Hear

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Nov 192015
 November 19, 2015
The New West Summit, Dubbed The 'TechCrunch Disrupt' Of Marijuana, Starts Tomorrow

If you are a marijuana media, technology, or industry enthusiast, then you have likely heard that the New West Summit starts tomorrow in San Francisco. I’d imagine many who are reading this already have their tickets. There has never been an event like this one in the history of the marijuana industry. Sure, there have been a virtually endless list of industry events, some of which have maybe a panel or two dedicated towards marijuana media and technology. But there has never been an event solely dedicated to those sectors of the marijuana industry. The event is being dubbed the

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Nov 172015
 November 17, 2015
See Top Women Leaders In The Marijuana Industry At The New West Summit

The New West Summit is this Friday and Saturday in San Francisco. It’s going to be one of, if not the, best marijuana industry event of the year, especially for media/tech nerds. I will not be there since I went to Vegas last week for industry events and someone has to push the paper in my cubicle, but my buddy Kaliko will be there representing The Weed Blog, so make sure to tell him hello if you see him. I want to remind the companies that are participating in or attending the event about my public challenge, which can be

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Nov 162015
 November 16, 2015
Prominent Latino And Latin American Activists To Attend Biennial 2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

Nearly 1,500 people from around the country and abroad will gather together for the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Arlington, VA November 18-21 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. This year, the Reform conference will put a special focus on the impact that the war on drugs has on Latin American and Latino communities – and what these communities are doing to fight back. Speakers include prominent Latino activists and experts from across the United States and throughout the hemisphere, and discussions will cover a range of crucial topics, including ending mass incarceration, police violence and structural racism, marijuana

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Nov 152015
 November 15, 2015
Stephen Colbert Grills Ohio Governor John Kasich On Marijuana Legalization

Ohio Governor John Kasich was on Stephen Colbert’s show recently, and was grilled about his opposition to marijuana legalization. I had been meaning to post this video earlier, but the combination of being in Las Vegas this last week in addition to an already chaotic schedule proved to be too much. But the exchange is so good that I felt it still needed to be posted for those that haven’t seen it. Essentially, Ohio’s Governor argued that marijuana legalization sends the wrong message to kids because we ‘can’t tell them that drugs are bad, but this one drug is OK

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