Nov 192014
 November 19, 2014
Oxford Dictionaries Word Of The Year Is 'Vape'

Vape pens are very popular right now, both inside and outside of the marijuana world. Everywhere I go I see people puffing on vape pens. I always wonder how many people are using vape pens for tobacco, or how many are like me and are using vape pens for dabs? Either way, the fact remains that they are everywhere and more and more people are using them for one reason or another. The word ‘vape’ is so popular that Oxford Dictionaries named vape ‘word of the year.’ Per Oxford Dictionaries: As e-cigarettes (or e-cigs) have become much more common, so

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Hash Art Contest To Be Held

 Posted by at 11:00 AM on November 18, 2014  Marijuana Entertainment
Nov 182014
 November 18, 2014
Hash Art Contest To Be Held

I have seen a lot of hash art pictures buzzing around social media lately. Some of the sculptures people are making are fantastic, so fantastic that it almost seems like a shame to have to destroy them on a dab nail. Notice that I said almost I’d still smoke every last drop of BHO if given the chance, no matter what it’s formed into. If you are a ‘dab artist’ you may want to check out the Concentrated Art contest below, info courtesy of Ed Rosenthal’s Facebook Page: Be part of the first Concentrated Art competition. The hash sculpture contest

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Oct 272014
 October 27, 2014
The Marijuana Show Season One Set To Light Up The Screen

The Marijuana Show, the first-ever reality show about Marijuana launches Season One on Tuesday, November 18th. The new “Shark Tank meets The Apprentice” Reality-Competition Show profiling a group of ganjapreneur hopefuls gives contestants the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, and then participate in a Boot Camp to develop a variety of cannabis technologies and products through mentorship and investment. “There were so many amazing products presented on The Marijuana Show’s first season where over 200 people auditioned, 22 were called back, and only 10 made the finals. We know viewers will be hooked each week

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Oct 162014
 October 16, 2014
Afroman - "Because I Got High" Positive Remix

I don’t normally post music videos on the blog for various reasons. However, this music video is too good to pass up. WeedMaps and NORML teamed up with Afroman to release a remix of his popular song ‘Because I Got High.’ In this new version, Afroman puts a marijuana reform twist to his lyrics. The video has already gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of views. Whoever came up with this idea is genius, as I saw it all over the internet and social media yesterday while I was at work. Below is the video.

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Sep 122014
 September 12, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference Is This Weekend

The International Cannabis Business Conference starts tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. If you are trying to get into the cannabis industry, or are already in the cannabis industry and want to network with the best people in the industry, you should be attending this event. Speakers include United States Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Brian Vicente from the successful Colorado legalization campaign, and legendary cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal. Even my long time favorite edible chef Amber Senter will be there, plus many, many more speakers. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There has never been (and maybe never will be again)

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Jul 272014
 July 27, 2014
Did Snoop Dogg Smoke Weed At The White House?

I have been a big fan of Snoop Dogg ever since I heard the song ‘Deep Cover’ with him and Dr. Dre, which they made for the soundtrack of the movie with the same name. By the time he was featured on Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ I was already obsessed with him, and when ‘Doggystyle’ hit stores when I was in middle school, he had already solidified himself as one my favorite music artists of all time. I have been to Snoop Dogg concerts multiple times, and one of my favorite Weed Blog moments was when I was in Denver

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Jun 222014
 June 22, 2014
Denver County Fair Expands Cannabis Pavilion

“Regulate marijuana like alcohol” has been a very popular (and effective) campaign slogan in Colorado and really, across the country. Colorado Amendment 64 Campaign Director Mason Tvert has said those the slogan, along with reminding folks that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol, was the strongest weapons the Amendment 64 campaign had during the 2012 Election, and understandably so. At the Denver County Fair, cannabis appears to be more popular than alcohol. Per the Daily Caller: The Denver County Fair is canceling its planned beer pavilion in it’s 21-and-older section and doubling the size of its pot pavilion. This marks

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May 222014
 May 22, 2014
Michigan Marijuana Radio Show Hits Milestone 200th Weekly Episode

Planet Green Trees Internet Radio Show broadcast continuously since 2010- one of America’s longest-running programs based solely on cannabis news It began life during a time when medical marijuana was first being explored by Michigan voters; four years later, the need for accurate information and timely news reports has never been greater. The Planet Green Trees Internet Radio Show (PGT) will celebrate their 200th weekly radio broadcast on May 22 with a slate of former co-hosts and return guests. Planet Green Trees is currently broadcast on the Internet radio portal every Thursday evening at 8 pm EST. The show features updates on

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Mar 312014
 March 31, 2014
Cheech And Chong Are Making A New Movie

Like many veteran marijuana consumers, I grew up watching Cheech and Chong movies. My uncle has an unopened vinyl copy of the Cheech and Chong wedding album, which he considers to be his prized possession. I have a Chong Bong that will likely be buried alongside me in my casket when I die. There are few things that my friends, my family, and I like more than Cheech and Chong. So it is with great excitement and joy that I post this article. It appears that Cheech and Chong are making a new movie. This confirms that Christmas does come

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Mar 242014
 March 24, 2014
Check Out 'The Power Hour' Hosted By Master Bong

One of my favorite parts about running The Weed Blog is meeting new people. One of the first ‘friends of the blog’ was Master Bong. He is the true MacGyver of Pot, and is a very entertaining person to hang out with. He is starting his own radio show, and I’m told that my partner Jay Smoker is going to be on his show this week. Make sure to tune in, and check out Master Bong’s press release below: Highly acclaimed Marijuanista, Master Bong, has today announced that he will be hosting his own new radio show called ‘The Power Hour’.

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