Jul 242012
 July 24, 2012
Lakers Kush Marijuana Strain Pictures

Lakers Kush Marijuana Strain Loyal readers know that I am a Portland Trailblazers fan. So it is with great reluctance that I post the Lakers Kush marijuana strain, but hey, I can let bygones be bygones when there’s that much flavor on the line. However, I feel the need to point out that ‘Blazers’ is a far better strain name than any other team name in sports Whenever the Denver Nuggets come to Portland, dozens of people in the crowd hold up signs that say, ‘Blaze those nuggets!’ Bankers Hill [...]

Jul 162012
 July 16, 2012
XJ-13 Marijuana Strain Pictures

XJ-13 Marijuana Strain When you break open a nug of the XJ-13 marijuana strain, the fruity smell permeates the room. The same thing happens in your mouth when you inhale. Truly a tasty strain. Santa Ana Daily Deals Delta 9 Collective

Jul 142012
 July 14, 2012
Qrazy Train Marijuana Strain Pictures

Qrazy Train Marijuana Strain This is another amazing strain created by the legendary Subcool and the great people at TGA Genetics. “After the very succesful hybridization of our Black Train Wreck and Jack the Ripper we sat out to create hybrid with the potency that the Black Wreck passes on with the great taste of our Querkle. The resulting offspring are a match made in heaven with equal traits being passed from both parents.” – TGA Genetics HERBal Healing Collective Join the Forum discussion on this post