May 172014
 May 17, 2014
  Photo Competition: Sensi Seeds Indoor Strains

Do you think you grow the best nugs? And do you have decent photography skills? Than you should consider entering the following contest: Once per year Sensi Seeds organizes a photo competition on its forum. Good news: a new round of the famous Sensi Seeds Strain photo competition is now officially open! This contest focuses on Sensi Seeds strains grown indoors in all of their development phases: seedling, vegetative, flowering, at every stage of life. So be creative and remember that all photos featuring one or more cannabis plants grown [...]

May 162014
 May 16, 2014
Afwreck Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Afwreck Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Afwreck is a hybrid marijuana strain resulting from a cross of Afghani and Trainwreck. I used to get a very nice version of Afghani in the 1990′s, and it’s always been a strain that’s very near to my heart. In the 2000′s I had the plug on the best Trainwreck I’ve ever seen, which made it one of my favorite strains of all time. That’s why I was so excited when I consumed some Afwreck. Afwreck has strong sativa effects with an immediate head-centrated high. [...]

May 152014
 May 15, 2014
Strawberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Strawberry Kush Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Strawberry Kush (Strawberry Cough x OG Kush) is a California sensation and a growers dream as the OG Kush helps to hulk out the notoriously finicky and low yielding Strawberry Cough. The smell of Strawberry Kush is very fruity (like Strawberries) with earthy and chemy overtones from the OG. The taste of Strawberry Kush is a lot like Chemdawg, with a fruity aftertaste. The effect is a very uplifting sativa high. “A great daytime strain with a taste and odor that lives up to its name.” – Brad420Brad [...]

May 132014
 May 13, 2014
Venom OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Venom OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics While the buds that come from Venom OG are not particularly dense, they are chock-full of potent trichomes. Venom OG has exotic flavors of Kush, orange and freshly upturned soil, giving it quite a delicious flavor combination. The smell is of Kush and citrus. One of the things Venom OG has become most notorious for is its ability to cause couch lock in even the most seasoned of smokers. Venom OG was created by using a Rare Dankness #1 male to pollinate a Poison [...]

May 102014
 May 10, 2014
Vicious OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Vicious OG Marijuana Cannabis Review And Pics The Vicious OG marijuana strain is pretty rare I’m learning. It’s been up here in Oregon for awhile, but it sounds like other than Southern California, it’s not a common strain. The Vicious OG strain is a standard OG strain. To me I can always tell an OG because it has a somewhat generic smell and taste. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but there’s definitely a common smell and taste to most OGs. The sample I got had light hairs, and [...]

May 092014
 May 9, 2014
Pineapple Skunk Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Pineapple Skunk Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The Pineapple Skunk marijuana strain is a hybrid originating from crossing Pineapple, Skunk 1, and Cheese. The Pineapple Skunk strain has a very distinct taste and smell. As the name suggests, the smell is very pungent – the type of strain that will stink up your car even when it’s in a sealed container. The taste of Pineapple Skunk is very sweet. You can taste the subtle flavors of the three strains that make up Pineapple Skunk. I had a ‘ratatouille moment’ (as [...]

May 082014
 May 8, 2014
LA Kush Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

LA Kush Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The LA Kush marijuana strain originated in, you guessed it, Los Angeles. LA Kush is a sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain. The smell of LA Kush reminds me of Diesel strains. Flowering time for LA Kush is roughly 8-9 weeks. LA Kush tastes different than it smells. It tastes kind of like citrus, which I found odd considering it didn’t smell that way at all. The high from LA Kush is strong, but not so overwhelming that you cant get tasks completed throughout the [...]

May 032014
 May 3, 2014
Black Label Kush Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Black Label Kush Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Black Label Kush is a heavy indica that is great for sleep and relaxation. Black Label Kush is the type of bud that will allow you to slow down and not get so stressed out about the small things in life. Black Label Kush is a combination of two Afghani varieties and is also good for pain relief. Black Label Kush is not a common strain, so if you get your hands on it, consider yourself lucky. “Grade: A+ Type: Indica Looks: “Medium” [...]

May 012014
 May 1, 2014
Hell Walker OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Hell Walker OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Hell Walker OG is a hybrid marijuana strain that I’m told is a cross between an original OG strain and Blackberry. To be honest, there’s not a lot of information out there as to how this strain originated, and Hell Walker OG is not a common strain at dispensaries. I’ve only heard of Hell Walker OG at one dispensary here in Oregon. Regardless of who created the strain, one thing is for sure – Hell Walker OG hits like a ton of bricks. After smoking it [...]

Apr 272014
 April 27, 2014
Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The Big Buddha Cheese marijuana strain is a cross between Afghani and Original UK Cheese. The flowering time for Big Buddha Cheese is 7 to 9 weeks. Big Buddha Cheese wasn’t always available in seed form – it used to only be available in clone form, which affected it’s availability in the market. Big Buddha Cheese took first place at the 2006 Cannabis Cup in the Seed Company Indica category. As is the case with most cheese strains, the Big Buddha Cheese marijuana [...]