Aug 062016
 August 6, 2016
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Vape Pens

Vape pens. The smoking craze that is taking the world by vapor cloud storm! From newbies to seasoned tokers, this trend is steadily becoming a classic. Vaporizing herbs, concentrates, or waxes on the go is the ideal stealth and speedy way to indulge a heady treat or get your dosage of medical herbs. Why don’t you just dab at home? A main argument against dabbing is the process and amount of equipment that needs to be used. Not for the quick hit smoker, these elaborate new age knife hits get you super loopy extra fast. Imagine that one time you

Jul 292016
 July 29, 2016
5 Reason Stoners Should Embrace Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a phenomenon, no question. In case you have been living under a rock, on mars, it’s an augmented reality app that makes anyone with a smartphone a potential pokemon master. The goal is to catch them all, and to do so you’ll have to visit plenty of poke-stops throughout your city and walk A LOT to hatch eggs. It was an instant success, garnering more active users per day than Twitter or Tinder. For the first week at least, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t playing Pokemon Go. Stoners obviously weren’t the target market

Jul 282016
 July 28, 2016
The Three Best Stoner Tools For Smoking Weed On The Go

Everyone true stoner loves a good toke and adventure. Whether that means wandering around a forest, through the concrete jungle, or even while playing Pokemon Go! It’s always a better time when you bring a little weed with you. Now that marijuana is becoming legalized and generally accepted across the country, the demand for pot is creating a boom of innovation. Not only on the growing side, but also on the consumption side of cannabis. Below are some examples of products that are designed to help tokers stay discreet (and stoned) while out and about. 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt This

Jul 072016
 July 7, 2016
Case to Get Medical Marijuana for PTSD Heads to Court in Colorado

Denver, CO –  The law firm, Hoban & Feola’s Denver team filed a historic case in the Colorado Court of Appeals on behalf of Plaintiffs who wish to obtain medical cannabis recommendations for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is not currently recognized as a qualifying condition for which medical cannabis can be prescribed in Colorado. The firm is set to bring national attention with this case, similar to the 2009 Centennial case which led to creation of the commercial cannabis market in Colorado and beyond. Similarly, the ruling in this current PTSD case could set a national precedent, affecting the entire industry.

Jun 242016
 June 24, 2016
Finding A Dab Rig In The Flavor Revolution

Something changed around 2010. Something called “concentrates” started growing in popularity out west, like the wild manifest destiny of smokers everywhere. But you probably know all about that. Hell, you were probably there. The capital I smoking Industry has, if anything, fostered a much more open and diverse community than it was originally known for. And with this shift towards a wider and more normalized demographic, the values and passions of those in the community have really had the opportunity to crack open. Dab rigs, a more specialized kind of water pipe, started popping up around local headshops everywhere. Concentrates

May 282016
 May 28, 2016
Top 3 Most Popular Portable Vaporizers In 2016

Here’s what’s going on in the vaping world this year. Portable vaporizers and vape pens continue to dominate the market. So far, we’ve seen a lot of improvements in performance, vapor quality and even the price range. At Smokazon we’ve rounded up the three most promising and best selling vaporizers that we can guarantee will give you only the best vaping experience, no less. Here they are: G Pen Elite Vaporizer – Dry Edition The G Pen Elite herbal vaporizer is one of Grenco Science’s most advanced portable vaporizers. We owe a lot of its advanced features to the feedback of vaping enthusiasts who called for

Apr 222016
 April 22, 2016
Wine Clubs Are Cool, But Not As Cool As Stoner Clubs

There is a new wave of business coming to the cannabis industry: subscription clubs for stoners. With these new services, cannabis consumers around the country can subscribe to a club that receives awesome 420 essentials every month, shipped right to your doorstep. The boxes typically include an assortments of goodies from glass, stickers, papers, candy, etc. Everything a good stoner needs restocked on a monthly basis – short of actual marijuana. You need to provide that yourself. Companies are quickly popping up offering these services, but none are doing it better than BuddaBox. They currently are the only one of

Mar 082016
 March 8, 2016
Smoke Cartel's End Of Winter Travel Gear Guide

It’s that time of year again. Snow is melting and spring is springing. Like little blossoms, smokers will begin to unfurl themselves and open up to the sunshine. Many will travel to the mountains or beaches of their choosing and presumably go about becoming one with nature and discovering their true inner selves. Here at Smoke Cartel, we want to help you keep your trips as hassle-free as possible, so you can let the enlightenment completely take over you. Bubblers For starters, you’ll need to know what kind of a piece you’re going to base your adventure around. And why

Feb 272016
 February 27, 2016
The History Of The Faberge Egg Body Style

Percolators haven’t always been the central focus on water pipes, but in 2016, it’s one of the most important things a smoker can look for when selecting the right bong.  Percolators use pressure differences to create diffusion, which will get you the coolest, smoothest, and most flavorful hits from your concentrates or dry herbs. One particular percolator, the Faberge Egg percolator, has nudged its way to the top tiers in the percolatin’ world. The Faberge Egg is unique from other percolators in that its entire body shape functions as an entire diffusion machine. Living up to its name, the Faberge

Jan 312016
 January 31, 2016
Marijuana Product Review - The Dr. Dabber Boost

I was in Las Vegas in November for all of the industry shows that took place. I saw a lot of products, and heard a lot of ideas, but the one that I was the most impressed with was the Dr. Dabber Boost electronic dab rig. I was consuming various forms of marijuana with friends while I was there, and one of the guys in the session whips out a black case that says ‘Boost’ on the lid. He asked if I had ever seen or used one before, and I admitted that I hadn’t. The guy showing me the