Apr 212014
Blackwater OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Blackwater OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics I was introduced to a new strain yesterday. Well, a new strain to me. Many of you have probably already been lucky enough to get your hands on the Blackwater OG marijuana strain. The Blackwater OG marijuana strain is an indica dominant strain which is a result of crossbreeding Mendo Purps with SFV OG Kush. If you love purple marijuana strains, you will love the Blackwater OG strain. Blackwater OG is good for pain, increasing your appetite, and helping you sleep at night. This [...]

Apr 182014
White Widow Is One Of The Most Popular Marijuana Strains Of All Time

White Widow White Widow is popular for a number of reasons. It is frequently used medically, recreationally, and for almost any reason in between. It is frequently on the menu at many Amsterdam coffee shops and has made top ten lists since its inception. It is technically an indica-dominant strain that evinces more sativa characteristics when you smoke it. White Widow marijuana seeds also tend to produce plants that covered in a “white” dusting of THC.  White Widow Smoking Effects As mentioned above, the indica-dominant distinction is really just a reflection of [...]

Apr 132014
XXX OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

XXX OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics XXX OG is a heavy indica marijuana strain with dense green buds and a skunky aroma. XXX OG comes with the typical indica effects, and is best for nighttime use. XXX OG took first place at the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. The XXX OG marijuana strain is also good when you can’t sleep, it helps with nausea, and helps deal with aches and pains. If you are looking to get stuff done around the house, this strain might not be the [...]

Apr 082014
White Widow Feminised Marijuana Seeds Review

The best marijuana I ever smoked was a White Widow strain that my friend obtained in the late 90′s. He had to pay $25 per gram, and only got three grams of White Widow, but it was the best purchase he ever made in his life. The White Widow nugs were so coated with crystals that it looked like the nugs were dipped in sugar, then sprayed with that ‘fake snow in a can’ people use on their Christmas trees. I will never forget the first hit that I took [...]

Apr 052014
XJ-13 Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

XJ-13 Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Whenever one of the Jack Herer strains (in this case, J1) are used to breed, the result is always superior. XJ-13 is a classic hybrid marijuana strain, that is useful in helping a wide variety of symptoms and ailments. The XJ-13 buds are dense, almost neon-green in color, and infested with tri-chromes. XJ-13 gives off a sour, danky, and earthy scent. When smoked, XJ-13  hits instantly and powerfully, making it a favorite among cannabis patients in medical marijuana states. “Best strain to smoke during [...]

Apr 042014
Cherry Pie OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Cherry Pie OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Cherry Pie OG’s parents are Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. With buds that are dense and full or orange hairs and a touch of purple, the scent of the Cherry Pie OG strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. The high from Cherry Pie OG has been known to come on in minutes and stick around for a couple hours. Great for stress, pain relief and depression. Check out the Cherry Pie OG marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people [...]

Apr 032014
Sour OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Sour OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Sour OG is a cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Sour OG is a very nice strain to smoke. Sour OG not overly powerful but provides a relaxing yet energetic high. Great for chilling with friends and laughing. “A mellow and relaxing strain that doesn’t knock you out. Great for anxiety.” Check out the Sour OG marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Sour OG, and how Sour OG affects various ailments. Buy quality marijuana seeds at this link [...]

Apr 022014
Holy Grail OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Holy Grail OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The breeder of Holy Grail OG used The OG #18 (3-time cannabis cup winner) and Kosher Kush (2-time cannabis cup winner) to create a strain that definitely lives up to its name. Holy Grail OG is the holy grail of indica-dominant varieties. The Holy Grail OG strain has a deep and complex flavor of coffee, Kush, hash and lemon/lime with a similar aroma. Holy Grail OG buds are very large, dense, and sometimes have a slight bluish hue to them. Check out [...]

Apr 012014
Earth OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Earth OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures Most of the Earth OG marijuana strain nugs I have seen have been fairly small and uniform, like the size of a piece of popcorn up to the size of a pinball. The Earth OG marijuana strain nugs weren’t too dense or too loose. I really like nugs that come in that size and consistency. I wish I had my hands on this strain in my selling days. Customers always like high grade nugs that are uniform so they know what they can [...]

Mar 312014
Hells OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Hells OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Rumor has it this strain gets it’s name because it was created as a tribute to the Hell’s Angel’s biker gang. While I can’t find any proof of this, I have been told enough times by enough people for it to at least warrant a consideration. The Hells OG marijuana strain is indica-dominant. There are a lot of red hairs on the sample I got, and it seemed to give me a burst of energy, which is rare in an indica. Check out [...]