Jul 042015
 July 4, 2015
Support 'Oregon. The State Of Cannabis' By Studio McDermott, LLC

With marijuana legalization now a reality in Oregon, a production studio called Studio McDermott LLC is trying to publish a documentary about marijuana in Oregon. Oregon is a very special place when it comes to marijuana, which I think is why marijuana legends like Jack Herer lived here for so long. In my opinion, I think that Oregon has the best marijuana and marijuana products in the country, and now that legalization is here, Oregon will be ‘discovered’ by marijuana enthusiasts around the world sooner than later.   Studio McDermott LLC has a crowdfunding effort underway, which can be found

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Jun 282015
 June 28, 2015
That One Time When Kevin Sabet Got OWNED By A Senator During A Hearing

This last week a Congressional drug caucus was held where testimony was provided by Kevin Sabet. As usual, Kevin was ripe with reefer madness. Usually Kevin speaks to crowds that are completely sympathetic to his views, and rarely question anything he says because he has them so snowballed (after all, they are paying thousands of dollars to have him tell them half truths about marijuana policy and science!). But this speaking engagement was different. United States Senator Cory Booker was in attendance, and he didn’t take kindly to Kevin Sabet’s reefer madness tactics. If you are like me, I’m sure

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Jun 152015
 June 15, 2015
Santa Ana Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid Causes Major Controversy

Late last week a video was released that showed a medical marijuana dispensary raid in Santa Ana, California. The dispensary operators had a feeling that they were going to be raided, so they set up a secret video camera just in case. Every raid video footage I see breaks my heart and makes me upset, but the video from this raid was particularly disturbing. Below is a description of the raid, via the Los Angeles Times: An officer examines what appears to be an edible. On the video, he tosses it into his mouth and flashes a thumbs-up gesture. The

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Jun 072015
 June 7, 2015
BReal's 'The Smokebox' With Doug Benson

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a smoke session with BReal from Cypress Hill and comedian Doug Benson? Now you get to find out. Stand up comedian and actor, Doug Benson joins B-real for a smoked out session in the latest edition of BREALTV’s Smokebox. the two discuss politics, favorite strain, and what to expect in the near future. These are two of my stoner culture heroes. What I wouldn’t give to be in that back seat!

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Jun 022015
 June 2, 2015
DFW NORML Buds And Brunch Series - Charlo Greene (Full Presentation)

This last Sunday DFW NORML launched a new event called the ‘Buds and Brunch’ series. The DFW NORML chapter will be bringing in prominent marijuana activists from around the country so that the chapter can learn from the speakers. I think it’s a fantastic idea. Their first guest was Charlo Greene. Below is her full presentation. If you are able, consider making a donation to DFW NORML so that they can keep up their good work:

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May 312015
 May 31, 2015
How Did Marijuana Become Illegal In The First Place?

It always surprises me how many people out there don’t know how marijuana became illegal in the first place. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is opposed to marijuana reform simply and only because it’s currently illegal at the federal level. I have always hated that logic. There have been a lot of things in American history that have been perfectly legal or prohibited, yet in no way should those things have had those legal statuses. Allowing women and minorities to vote was illegal for a long time in America. Slavery was legal. Should either of those

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May 232015
 May 23, 2015
Do You Know What Is In The Marijuana You Are Smoking? Cannabinoid 101

The marijuana consumer is becoming more and more sophisticated everyday. There is more information about marijuana science out there than ever before, and more results being released all the time. If you want to learn more about what is in the marijuana that you are consuming, check out this video that High Times recently put on YouTube. It’s a ‘breakdown of all the awesome things you get every time you light a joint of your favorite bud or drop a dab of your favorite concentrate on a hot nail.’

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May 192015
 May 19, 2015
Melissa Etheridge On The Smokebox With BReal

B-Real has a rare smoke session with music icon and activist, Melissa Etheridge. The two talk about the importance of smoking cannabis and her up coming ventures in the final half of 2015. This is Melissa’s first and only time smoking on camera and what better person to share her coming out party with than B-Real, “The Biggest & Baddest Chiefer of All Time”. I really like The Smokebox episodes, which usually feature rappers. I was very, very happy to see that the latest video has Melissa Etheridge on it. Melissa has been a very outspoken supporter of medical marijuana, basing

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May 032015
 May 3, 2015
The 2015 Global Marijuana March Was a Success

On Saturday marijuana reform supporters marched and rallied in hundreds of cities across the globe. I wasn’t able to attend the closest one to me (Portland) this year, but I heard great things from all over the world. There are few things that I find as inspiring and empowering as seeing a massive group of activists gathering in a public place to express their support for sensible laws. Below is a video that I found from the march in Vancouver. If you attended this years march in your area, please post your experience in the comments section so that others

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