Apr 142014
How To Roll A Cone Marijuana Joint (Video)

To get a bunch of people high, you’re going to need more than the average joint. So today, HIGH TIMES senior cultivation editor Danny Danko is demonstrating how to roll a cone. To get started, you’ll need Raw Classic King Slims, filter tips, a grinder and some bud. You’ll need a bit more pot than you’d use for a normal joint. Instead of evenly distributing your pot, leave more bud toward the end of the paper opposite the filter. Use your thumbs and forefingers to twist the cone like a [...]

Apr 132014
Inspirational Marijuana Video "Majority"

“Majority” is an inspirational video montage created from pictures of the 2014 Hash Bash and Monroe Street Fair in Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 5. Newspapers made estimates of 8,000 people in attendance. Hash Bash speakers included: DJ Short, Ed Rosenthal, John Sinclair, Jim Gierach from LEAP, Michigan House Representatives Michael Callton and Jeff Irwin, Betty Aldworth from SSDP, Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Sabra Briere, Jamie Lowell of 3rd Coast Compassion, Rick Thompson of The Compassion Chronicles, Lansing lobbyists Robin Schneider and Kevin McKinney, attorneys Matthew Abel and John Ter [...]

Apr 092014
Rick Thompson At Hash Bash 2014

Rick Thompson has been a contributor to The Weed Blog for a long time now. He is an amazing person, and a hardworking activist that fights for reform on a level that few can match. I wish there was a Rick Thompson in every state! I always look forward to his insight about Michigan marijuana reform and beyond. Below is a video of Rick at Hash Bash 2014. I have never been to a Hash Bash yet, but it’s near the top of my bucket list of things to do.

Mar 292014
Ganja Jon's Afghoo BHO Shatter Review

Most of what I know about BHO (or ‘dabs’) I learned from Ganja Jon. He is a legend in Oregon and beyond. He makes the best BHO I have ever consumed, which is backed up by the fact that he has won many awards and been featured in just about every Portland media outlet that there is. Below is an amazing review that was forwarded to me. The review is by PDX Herb Nerd, which I encourage everyone to subscribe to his channel on YouTube. Also check out the PDX [...]

Mar 162014
Pediatric Epilepsy And CBD Seminar With Dr. Bonni Goldstein

There has been a significant increase in CBD legislation recently across the country. While I don’t like the idea of CBD only legislation, I recognize that CBD is needed by many people, and the quicker we can get it in patient’s hands the better. I get questions all the time from patients in non-medical marijuana states asking if CBD would help them or someone that they care for, especially for those suffering from epilepsy. CBD has proven to be a very effective medicine for those suffering from epilepsy, and if [...]

Mar 152014
What Are The Strongest Marijuana Strains On Earth: 2014

There are some people out there that prefer medium strength marijuana strains because they can still get things done around the house. I am not one of those people. I want to ride the highest high possible. When someone has multiple marijuana strains to choose from, I always ask the same question – which one is the strongest? If you are like me, you will enjoy a video that High Times recently put out displaying the strongest marijuana strains on the planet right now. Enjoy:

Mar 092014
Study: Everyone Knows You're High And You'll Be Stoned Forever (Satire)

The Onion put out a video recently that is very entertaining. You may recall recently that a law enforcement official cited a story from The Onion that claimed 37 people died from marijuana overdoses the day Colorado started selling legal recreational marijuana. So before you go around showing this video to people, realize it’s satire, it’s not real. It is very entertaining though, so enjoy:

Mar 022014
Snoop Dogg And BReal Hot Box A Car And Talk About Marijuana And Music

I have hot boxed a car listening to Cypress Hill and/or Snoop Dogg more times than I can count. When I first got my license in the mid-1990′s, one of the first things I did was make a CD with Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg songs, drove to the outskirts of town, and hot boxed my car with my closest friends. Every road trip I have ever taken with Jay Smoker included a savage hot box session and some Snoop Dogg and BReal. Below is a video from BReal.TV in which [...]

Feb 232014
How To Roll A Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tip Joint Or Blunt

When I was growing up, Cypress Hill was one of my favorite groups. I won’t lie, occasionally at karaoke night I have been known to perform ‘Insane in the Membrane.’ One of my prized possessions is an autographed picture from all the members of Cypress Hill that I got at the Spring Gathering in 2011 in San Bernardino. BReal is an icon to marijuana consumers worldwide, proven by the fact that he was recently named High Times ‘Stoner of the Year.’ In the video below, you BReal teaches us how [...]

Feb 102014
Highlights From The 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup In San Bernardino

The 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino was this last weekend, and from what I’m told, it was an amazing time. The event was moved from Los Angeles last year to San Bernardino after some problems arose. But as someone who has attended both venues, I prefer the San Bernardino location better. The NOS Center was home to the first large marijuana event I ever attended, and it has a special place in my heart for sure. So if you see ‘Los Angeles Cannabis Cup’ on stuff, that’s [...]