Oct 302014
 October 30, 2014
Latest Polls Show Marijuana Reform Winning In Florida And DC

Polls are not always accurate, but they are the only way we have to gauge support for an election measure. Polls in Florida have been all over the place, with most of them showing Amendment 2 winning. The ones that show medical marijuana losing in Florida seem to always be racked with flaws. Every poll I’ve seen for Washington D.C.’s Measure 71 have shown the marijuana legalization initiative winning. There are two new polls out which show both measures winning. First up, Florida, which per the Tampa Bay Times is [...]

Oct 302014
 October 30, 2014
Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit On Guam Medical Marijuana Vote

There are some big votes happening next week across America. Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. are voting on marijuana legalization. A handful of cities in Maine and Michigan are also voting on marijuana legalization. Of course, there’s also Florida voting on medical marijuana. But one vote is often overlooked during the ‘marijuana midterm elections.’ That’s the United States territory of Guam, who is voting on a medical marijuana bill during the 2014 Election. There was a lawsuit challenging the placement of the measure on the ballot, but that lawsuit was [...]

Oct 292014
 October 29, 2014
New Mexico Governor Candidate Vows To Protect Medical Marijuana

Gary King is running for Governor of New Mexico. Below is a press release he unveiled involving his views on medical marijuana: Statement: A Vote for Gary King is a vote to protect medical cannabis patients. Caring for our own is a strong New Mexican value and a fundamental King family value. When people are in pain we should do everything we can to lessen their suffering. As your Governor I will use my power to protect and improve the Department of Health’s medical cannabis program and improve patient access to [...]

Oct 282014
 October 28, 2014
Fired Medical Marijuana Users Eligible For Unemployment

One of my biggest fears is getting fired for marijuana. My family survives off of my one cubicle worker income right now, and losing my job would be devastating. Sadly, this happens to medical marijuana patients all to often. It’s legal for them to consume medical marijuana off the clock, but if they fail a drug test on the job, they lose their job even though the medical marijuana consumption occurred on their own time. It’s incredibly unfair, but very common. Somewhat fortunately for medical marijuana patients in Michigan, they [...]

Oct 272014
 October 27, 2014
Marijuana Policy Project To Introduce Three Bills In Texas

By Alizeh Siddiqui As part of the Marijuana Policy Project’s multi-year legislative campaign in Texas, we are developing bill proposals to address decriminalization, as well as allowing marijuana to be used for medical reasons and eventually regulating it similarly to alcohol for adults. According to Heather Fazio, Texas Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, the group will be pre-filing the three bills this November, in anticipation of the 84th Texas Legislative Session, starting in January. “We are working with a diverse coalition to introduce a civil penalty bill which [...]

Oct 252014
 October 25, 2014
Don't Prosecute Medical Marijuana Related Offenses, Pennsylvania Lawmaker Says

By Alizeh Siddiqui As reported by PennLive.com, Sen. Daylin Leach has asked the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association not to prosecute offenses related to the medical use of marijuana. “Given the likelihood that using lifesaving medical cannabis will not be a legal issue in Pennsylvania for much longer, I ask that you consider using your prosecutorial discretion,” wrote Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery, in a letter today to the association’s president, Peter Johnson. Last month, the Senate approved SB 1182, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act — a bill that would have [...]

Oct 242014
 October 24, 2014
Putting Statewide Marijuana Initiatives Over The Top

By Phillip Smith It’s now less than two weeks until Election Day, and statewide marijuana initiatives are on the ballot in four states. All have a shot at winning, and as the clock ticks down, all of them are seeking last minute help to get them over the top. The Chronicle talked this week to people in the various campaigns, and all of them have concrete ideas on what people can do to help — whether in-state or not — in the final days. But before we get to what [...]

Oct 232014
 October 23, 2014
TIME's Red Border Film: "A Journey For Oil" On Medical Marijuana For Children

I was contacted by the nice people at TIME who informed me that they created a new documentary about medical marijuana and children. I haven’t had time to watch it yet due to my work schedule, but I encourage readers to check it out and leave a comment below this article with your reviews. More information about the documentary: Today TIME releases the Red Border Film– “A Journey for Oil,”a short documentary looking at the quasi-legal, science-free world of medical marijuana for children. The film, along with an extensively reported [...]

Oct 222014
 October 22, 2014
Seattle Sends Warning Letters To 330 Marijuana Businesses

It could be the end of medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Washington. A letter, dated in September, was recently sent out to roughly 330 medical marijuana businesses in the Seattle area telling them to either get a license to operate, or close. One of the licenses that the letter is calling for is a state license. The sad irony being that the state won’t issue licenses to those businesses because there aren’t any to issue. It has been a long time coming for these businesses, many of which fought a patient [...]

Oct 202014
 October 20, 2014
AmeriCann Partners With Medical Marijuana Applicants In Illinois In $9 Million Alliance

AmeriCann, Inc. (ACAN OTCQX), a company that develops cannabis cultivation facilities and provides capital for cannabis entrepreneurs, has partnered with local medical marijuana applicants in the state of Illinois. “AmeriCann’s management team members have had extensive first-hand experience with compassionate medical marijuana programs for many years,” AmeriCann CEO Tim Keogh stated.  “We have seen the tremendous benefits that patients have received from medical cannabis and, as an organization, we are proud to play a role in helping to potentially bring an important medicine to patients in Illinois.” In Illinois, the [...]