Jul 212014
 July 21, 2014
Most Medical Marijuana Supporters In Florida Are Senior Citizens

Traditionally, one of the hardest demographics for marijuana reform supporters to convince is the senior demographic. It’s important to reach this demographic, because it’s also the demographic that votes the most. Senior citizens grew up being taught that marijuana is evil, and for decade after decade they were exposed to misleading marijuana propaganda. As a result, many seniors across America are reluctant to support recreational and even medical marijuana legislation and initiatives. This is a sad thing, because seniors benefit more from medical marijuana than most other demographics. It’s no [...]

Jul 212014
 July 21, 2014
Medical Marijuana Researcher Appeals Employment Termination

Sue Sisley was a researcher for the University of Arizona who was supposed to be researching cannabis and how it affects PTSD. Sue Sisley was dismissed from her job at the University, and the University of Arizona didn’t give a valid reason for their decision. Sue Sisley feels that she was let go because Arizona lawmakers don’t like the topic she was researching. Per AZ Central: A University of Arizona researcher who claimed she was dismissed after she lobbied for her study of marijuana for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder [...]

Jul 202014
 July 20, 2014
Florida MMJ Campaign Funded By Concerned Citizens. The Opposition? Not So Much.

Florida voters will get the chance to vote for medical marijuana in November during the 2014 Election. The battle to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has been no easy task. Just to get on the ballot took a tremendous amount of signatures, and from specific districts in Florida. States like my home State of Oregon don’t have district requirements. After gaining ballot approval, the Florida medical marijuana campaign faced almost immediate, well funded opposition from medical marijuana opponents. These opponents have claimed numerous times that ‘big marijuana’ is ‘invading Florida’ [...]

Jul 202014
 July 20, 2014
Catholic Church In The Phillippines Supports Medical Marijuana

Last month Pope Francis made statements that he is against marijuana legalization. At a drug enforcement conference in Rome, Pope Francis stated that drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise. Pope Francis went on to say that attempts to legalize are highly questionable and fail to produce the desired effects. The comments drew criticism from marijuana reform activists and organizations almost instantly. Pope Francis didn’t make any comments at the event in regards to medical marijuana. While I feel the Catholic Church [...]

Jul 142014
 July 14, 2014
LARA Proposes Broad Changes To Michigan Medical Marijuana Program

Although you won’t find it announced in any press release or on the government’s website, big changes are being proposed for Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Program (MMP) by the government agency charged with overseeing the state’s 150,000 registered participants. Changes to the language of the medical marijuana Act must be approved through the legislature- and those proposals require a supermajority vote in both the House and Senate. That’s a tough path to travel, so the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) proposes to manipulate the Administrative Rules instead. LARA submitted [...]

Jul 132014
 July 13, 2014
Medical Marijuana For PTSD In Arizona Approved

One of the conditions that would most benefit from the effects of marijuana is PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder effects many of the people who are whisked overseas and fight for our freedoms… Which should include the freedom of getting the best medicine possible when they return from duty. However, that’s not the case most of the time. Instead, the vets get told that they are not allowed to use a natural medicine like marijuana but instead are fed Vicodin and morphine. When vets ask for the plant, they are [...]

Jul 132014
 July 13, 2014
Arizona Marijuana Researcher Fired, Cites Political Retaliation

By Morgan Fox University of Arizona professor and leading medical marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley was fired from her position at the university. The University of Arizona refused to renew Dr. Sisley’s contract after advocates engaged in a contentious political struggle with state lawmakers to secure funding for her clinical study on the beneficial effects of marijuana on veterans with PTSD. Dr. Sisley cites her medical marijuana advocacy and research as the reason for her abrupt dismissal. The university’s action will significantly delay — or even end — her groundbreaking research, [...]

Jul 102014
 July 10, 2014
National Marijuana Report Card - Michigan Gets C-

The state of affairs in Michigan’s medical marijuana program earned a C minus grade on a national report card issued by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) yesterday. The State Report Card was issued as part of a White Paper titled, “Medical Marijuana Access In The U.S.,”released on July 7. The Paper evaluates the 34 states that have medical marijuana programs- yes, it’s 34, plus D.C.- by ranking them in four categories, adding the scores and publishing the grades. Jamie Lowell, Chairman of the Michigan chapter of ASA, applauded the White Paper. [...]

Jul 092014
 July 9, 2014
Feds Increase Cannabis Production At Mississippi Farm

Most people don’t know that the federal government grows and supplies medical cannabis to four patients enrolled in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program. The program had more patients when it started in the 1970-s, but there are four patients grandfathered into the program that still receive medical cannabis to this day. The cannabis is grown at the University of Mississippi. Considering the federal government’s official position is that cannabis has no medical value, the existence of such a program is a slap in the face to science, logic, and compassion. [...]

Jul 072014
 July 7, 2014
New York Officially Becomes 23rd Medical Marijuana State

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a medical marijuana bill into law, making New York the twenty-third state to allow legal access to medical marijuana for seriously ill patients. Patients, caregivers and healthcare providers are attending the bill signing ceremony at The New York Academy of Medicine, along with the bill sponsors, Assemblyman Dick Gottfried and Senator Diane Savino. After years of advocacy and intense last minute negotiations between lawmakers, the bill passed on the final day of the legislative session with extraordinarily strong bipartisan support. New York is the second largest state [...]