Jul 122016
 July 12, 2016
5 Steps to Effectively Handle the Political Climate

Written by: Rosalie Chamberlain In the political season, tensions are often high and conversations can be heated or even non-existent. But let’s consider the impact on your current workplace, your community, neighborhood, or wherever you find yourself stuck in a sticky situation where politics come up. Chances are in any of these situations, you have existing relationships with others. What are some ways to maintain and build relationships rather than do damage that could hang around after the discussion and after the election? Here are 5 steps to help you positively engage and communicate. 1.     Start with noticing what happens

Jul 012016
 July 1, 2016
Does Donald Trump Support Marijuana Legalization?

As with figuring out Donald Trump’s stance on anything, it’s difficult to nail down exactly how he feels about marijuana legalization. Not only are there a plethora of contradicting statements, but deciphering the context of his statements adds another layer to wade through. With legalization becoming more of a bipartisan issue by the day. With Congress allowing medical marijuana to be prescribed to veterans and no fines for banks working with the cannabis industry, the likelihood of any presidential nominee coming into office and dismantling the state laws already enacted seems incredibly unlikely. With that in mind, we look a

Jun 052016
 June 5, 2016
Marijuana Consumers Need To Hold Cannabis Companies Accountable

The marijuana industry is one of the most popular things on the planet right now. Cannabis has gone from being entirely underground to becoming more mainstream every day. The cannabis industry is new, it is exciting, and it seems like the industry has almost unlimited potential. If you go to any cannabis event and talk to people that are in the industry, you can see on their faces how fired up they are to be pursuing their dream in one form or another. It’s also an exciting time to be a consumer. I remember a couple of decades ago having

Jun 032016
 June 3, 2016
Book Review - The Newbie's Guide To Cannabis And The Industry

By Phillip Smith Legal marijuana is a big deal and it’s only getting bigger. It’s already a billion dollar-plus industry in the medical marijuana and legal states, and with California and a handful of other states poised to go legal in November, it’s only going to get bigger. With growing legality comes growing acceptance. Marijuana is insinuating itself deep within popular culture, and more and more people are getting interested. Pot use is on the increase among adults, especially seniors. In fact, it seems to be gaining popularity with just about everybody — except kids. Some folks have been pot

May 312016
 May 31, 2016
What Would It Take To Reform Marijuana Rules In Professional Sports?

Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) both randomly drug test players for the presence of marijuana. The National Football League (NFL) does as well. All three professional sports leagues consider marijuana to be a ‘substance of abuse.’ The National Hockey League (NHL) on the other hand only tests for ‘performance enhancing substances,’ of which marijuana is not included. You don’t hear as many stories about baseball players getting overly harsh penalties for failing drug tests for marijuana, but the NBA and NFL are full of horror stories. The NFL and NBA are particularly harsh when it

May 082016
 May 8, 2016
Happy Mother's Day 2016 From The Weed Blog!

Today is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all mothers out there. Being a cannabis consumer, or even a non-consuming cannabis reform supporter, is not always easy. It can be particularly difficult for moms. Moms have to deal with unfair stigma on a level that I can’t even fathom. Thank you to all moms that are responsible consumers and support responsible reform. Thank you for all that you do! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2016!

Apr 202016
 April 20, 2016
The Evolution Of 420 - What Does 420 Mean To You?

Happy 420! I hope that your April 20th is full of good times with people that you like. Or if you don’t like anyone, then hopefully you at least have some really good cannabis to consume. I plan on heading up to Portland after work to hang out with some friends, and I’m very excited. I pulled out some cannabis smoking devices that I don’t use that often to take to the 420 fiesta I’m going to, in addition to about two cannabutter pounds worth of edibles of various kinds. Looking back on my first April 20th as a cannabis

Apr 202016
 April 20, 2016
Do You Have A Favorite 420 Memory?

I first started consuming cannabis in the mid-90’s. I remember vividly the first time I was told about the concept of 420. I was hanging out with a classmate, and ‘420’ was etched on something. My friend, an avid cannabis consumer, asked me if I knew what that meant. I, being a total rookie, had no idea what it meant but did my best to play it off like I was ‘in the know.’ I would later go to my friend who was more knowledgeable and asked him what it meant, and he did his best to explain to me

Apr 172016
 April 17, 2016
Do You Have A Marijuana Bucket List, And If So, What Is On It?

Do you have a ‘bucket list’ for marijuana? For those that aren’t familiar with a bucket list, it’s a list that a person makes of things that the would like to do/experience before they ‘kick the bucket.’ I have a marijuana bucket list, and have since before I co-created this blog with Jay Smoker back in 2010. I think that every cannabis consumer should have a bucket list dedicated to cannabis. If you don’t already have one, there’s nothing wrong with starting one today! This isn’t the first time that I have written about this topic. Looking back at old

Feb 292016
 February 29, 2016
What Are The Best Marijuana Industry Investment Opportunities Right Now?

Earlier today I posed a question on my Facebook page – “What do you think are the best investment areas in the cannabis industry right now?” I made sure to state ahead of time that I wasn’t talking about any particular companies, because ‘invest in this company’ blah blah blah, it gets old. I was talking about areas or sectors of the marijuana industry that present good investment opportunities. To be very clear, I am in NO WAY an investor in anything, other than retro arcade games and consumable cannabis, and even then only on a personal level (up to 8 ounces