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Do Aliens Support Marijuana Reform?

Do Advanced Civilizations Already Know That Marijuana Prohibition Has Failed? I saw this picture below on Flickr, and it was just too good to not pass along. I think this is proof that ‘they’ are watching – act accordingly :) Picture above from @Nocturbulous [aka @GraffitiArtGeek] on Flickr The crop circle picture inspired the balloon […]

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Watermelon Marijuana Strain Pictures

Watermelon Marijuana Strains I love everything watermelon. I love watermelon gum, watermelon popsicles, watermelon smelling hand soap, etc. If it smells or tastes like watermelon, rest assured I would love to try it. So when I was looking on WeedPhotos.Com as part of my daily ritual, and I came across watermelon strains, I knew I […]