Apr 242012
 April 24, 2012
Romulan Marijuana Strain Pictures

Romulan Marijuana Strain I have long wondered how the romulan strain got it’s name. Do any readers out there know? I prefer the top two pictures over the bottom two pictures, although I will gladly smoke both! The pictures below are courtesy of our friends over at WeedPhotos.Com: Golden Nug Cannabicare

Apr 232012
 April 23, 2012
Batman Kush Marijuana Strain Pictures

Batman Kush Marijuana Strain All of my friends with attest that I am a HUGE Batman fan. I own a ‘studio quality’ batman mask that I used to wear when pizza delivery guys would come over, and I’d invite them in for a bong hit with Batman. What can I say, I’m a nerd. I’ve always thought of myself as the ‘Batman’ of marijuana, although I’m willing to share that title with all other Batman/marijuana fans out there. I would never try to keep something so nerdy cool all to myself :) With no further delay, below are pictures of

Apr 222012
 April 22, 2012
Ultra Violet Marijuana Strain Pictures

Ultra Violet Marijuana Strain I have seen grape Kool-Aid that isn’t as purple as these nugs. I love how the second set of photos is of a nug shaped like a heart. I think the ultra violet is telling me that it loves me….(I love you too)…. San Diego Holistic Healing Hollywood THC

Apr 212012
 April 21, 2012
King Kush Marijuana Strain Pictures

King Kush Marijuana Strain This is for all of you kush lovers out there. Why mess with the regular kush when you can have the KING?! The conspiracy theorist in my wonders if this is a new Lebron James strain crossed with kush… OCPC Kushism

Apr 202012
 April 20, 2012
U2 Marijuana Strain Pictures

U2 Marijuana Strain I’m pretty sure that when Bono said, ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,’ I think he was talking about the U2 marijuana strain. For all you fellow math nerds out there, this strain is ‘Ultimate’ to the second power. CMPA Montclair Caregivers

Apr 192012
 April 19, 2012
Blue Dragon Marijuana Strain Pictures

Blue Dragon Marijuana Strain I have never seen the blue dragon strain in my area. If you have been lucky enough to sample it, what’s it like? It looks amazing. Excuse me while I daze off for a minute and daydream about these nugs going into my lungs… ALTC San Diego Sincere

Apr 182012
 April 18, 2012
Grapefruit Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Grapefruit Marijuana Strain When someone tells me that they are from the Pacific Northwest, and that they are a marijuana smoking veteran, I always ask them if they remember the Grapefruit strain. If they say no, then I know that they are lying. But if they say yes, in a very enthusiastic tone of voice, and they talk about the ‘5 packs’ they used to buy of the grapefruit, then I know they are genuine. The grapefruit that Ninjasmoker and I used to buy looked more like the second one, although that first one looks mighty tasty! Canna Center VHC

Feb 122012
 February 12, 2012
Stoner Balloon Art - 420 Balloon Hat

A 420 Balloon Hat Is Great For Any Event The balloon hat is the staple of the balloon art industry. In an effort to keep the stoner balloon art movement alive, here is the stoner balloon artist version of the 420 balloon hat. OK, maybe ‘stoner balloon art movement’ is a bit of an overstatement….from what I can tell, I’m the only nerd doing it ha ha. The hat can be made for a human of course, but since I couldn’t find someone to be the 420 hat model, I had to get my old friend. I haven’t come up