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Cats And Dogs Like Marijuana Too


cat with jointDogs like marijuana more than cats.

I meant to write about this topic yesterday, but unfortunately life seemed to get in the way of my blogging pursuits again and there just wasn’t enough time. I have to confess, much to the outrage of animal lovers that read this blog, that I have blown marijuana smoke at my pets before. I’m not one of those people that force my pets to inhale my marijuana smoke. But if they come around when I am smoking marijuana, I kind of assume that they want in on the session. My cat will usually run away before the smoke hits her, but sometimes she just sits in the marijuana smoke and looks quite content.

All of my marijuana consuming friends and family ‘share’ their marijuana smoke with their pets. Some of them are a little forceful with it, which I don’t agree with. However, I don’t personally see anything wrong with second hand marijuana smoke if my pets come around for it, and it’s not in excess. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments section, because like always, I’d rather be proven wrong and facilitate discussion than to be right and never hear anything from anyone (that’s what blogging is about, isn’t it?).

There have been quite a few articles written lately about this topic. The first one that I saw was written by Dale Rodebaugh, for the Durango Herald. Here are some excerpts from the article, coming straight from the veterinarians:

Some veterinarians in Durango have seen a spike in the number of dogs poisoned by marijuana since the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries made the drug more accessible.

“We used to see maybe one case a year,” said Stacee Santi, a veterinarian at Riverview Animal Hospital. “Now we’re seeing a couple a month.”

Jennifer Schoedler, a veterinarian at Alpine Animal Hospital, has seen incidents of dogs getting into marijuana since she came to Durango in 1998.

“Dogs love the stuff,” Schoedler said. “I’ve seen them eat the buds, plants, joints and marijuana in food.”

Eric Barchas, a veterinarian in San Francisco, says on his website that he treats “stoned dogs” on a regular basis.

“Serious, long-term health consequences and fatality from marijuana intoxication are essentially unheard of,” Barchas writes on his site. “However, pets that are exposed to marijuana may display anxiety and are prone to ‘bad trips.’ They may lack the coordination to consume food and water.”

Vet Eric Barchas has on his website an entire entry dedicated to the subject, “Marijuana Intoxication in Cats and Dogs.”

Another article that I found was on the Huffington Post. My favorite excerpt from this article is “According to a 2002 peer-reviewed study on the subject, Dogs account for approximately 96% of all exposures to the drug, while cats–apparently more likely to just say no–comprise 3%, and other creatures round out the remaining 1%.” I suppose I could have just sited the study, but I’m a fan of the Huff, so I wanted to give them credit for bringing this to my attention!

I would like to point out to animal advocates (who are probably calling for my death at this point!) that “According to a study by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’s Animal Poison Control Center, only two deaths out of 250 pet pot cases have been reported — a cat and a horse, both of whom had other outstanding medical issues” (SF Weekly). I couldn’t imaging ‘sharing’ marijuana smoke with a horse…or perhaps it was just fed to the horse? True story – I once smoked marijuana with a high school friend that owned a spider monkey, and ‘shared’ my marijuana smoke with the monkey. He absolutely loved it! If you’re out there Andrew, that is still the craziest marijuana session I have ever had…



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  1. My cat is 24 and relatively healthy.
    I’m sure he has some kind of arthritis but he is active and playful.
    He is always around when we puff. Some times he is even on my lap purring hoping for some.
    He never acts weird after wards.
    He usually lays on my pillow and purrs.
    For an old cat he seems to really like it and at this point he has already lived twice as long as most.

  2. Droachislit on

    Are you literally retarded? Don’t get me wrong, I share you’re beliefs but take an English class for fucks sake, you make us all look retarded

  3. PinayPrincess on

    That made me so sad thinking about my pet trying to say “I hate when you do this to me”

  4. Scooter Justus on

    All I have to do for my cat ? to want to share is just show him my bowl. He can be in another room and hear me smoking and he comes running. I must take those actions as ” hey mom I want in too”. He then plays with his deer Chihuahua brother (extra long legged Chihuahua), eats, bathes, then chills in the window. I guess the only down fall is he weighs 14 lbs. But he is also neutered, and an indoor cat?. But he is MOST DEFINITELY 420 friendly.

  5. My cat loves pot, i mean she really likes it. If u give her an empty baggy she will roll around in it. If I have a bowel topped with hash and I set it down smoldering she will run up and start inhaling, I don’t mean she sits in the cloud, I mean she puts her face a half an inch above it and inhale. I don’t blow it at her and haven’t trained her to this, she just loves it. If you leave a bag out she will destroy it. Tear it to pieces and chew on the herb. It’s one of the weirdest animal behavior I’ve seen in one of my pets. The other 3 cats and 2 dogs have no interest in it.

  6. apexpredator694 on

    in veterinary practice, toxicity can refer simply to negative effects
    on the animal, such as loss of movement and inability to react to

  7. So I am avI’d pot smoker if weed does not kill humans and potentially not animals is their still that risk of lung infection or disease for my 5 month old cat or they don’t care really

  8. so if weed does not kill humans and potentially not kill animals is their still that risk of some kind of lung infection or disease

  9. Clyde O'Reilly on

    have you ever tried to make a cat or dog do something it doesn’t want to do? in my young, dumb days i got the brilliant idea to get my sister’s cat high. we held him still and blew smoke in his face… and he clawed me up pretty damn good and ran away. and it served me right, because holding an animal still and blowing smoke in their face is fucked up. i speak more for cats here than dogs because i haven’t owned a dog (much more of a cat person), but they have their own personalities and things they like just the same as any person. they also are capable of communicating with us through body language and behavior, and they’ll attempt to communicate verbally. they may not be as intelligent as humans but they’re not robots.

    some people have brought up “chocolate is poisonous to dogs” and used that to extrapolate that weed must therefore also be poisonous to cats or dogs. this is flawed logic. yes, different animals process things differently but not everything humans take is poisonous for an animal. animals are also known to voluntarily seek psychoactive plants in the wild with zero human impetus. and the person who says catnip does not affect humans because we are not cats… you are just plain wrong, it is possible to catch a marijuana-like buzz from catnip if you smoke it.

    some of my cats like weed, some of them don’t. i let them make up their minds about it; the ones who liked the smell or caught a secondhand buzz learned on their own to come near me and intentionally stand where smoke would hit them, just like they learned how to open doors on their own or how to get the bags of treats on the shelf down and tear the plastic open. the ones that weren’t interested didn’t react, they just did their own thing and ignored it. the ones that did like getting high gave off obvious signs that they liked it, purring and napping and becoming more snuggly.

    every argument i’ve seen against this relies on the fundamental assumption that a cat or dog cannot enjoy marijuana and that it is being forced to inhale it, which is not the case. just like some people don’t like weed and some do, some animals like weed and some don’t. it’s not a complex decision, it’s one that a relatively intelligent species like a dog or cat can make on their own just fine.

  10. The animal might not b able to talk to its owner to say “i hate when you do this to me” or “blow some of that smoke over here” but it can do what us humans can do and get up and move..there not dumb like bugs.they dont need to speak to u to inform u if they do or dont like what it is that u do.there are beyond alot of other clues ,$igns they give to u…..i think its fucked_ to c any animal forced to due anything other than its own interests. With that being said .too bad for u ,im not going to jail , cuz i get high as fuck and if my pet comes to me and sits around me there getting high too…because many of them enjoyd too….esp on 4 0f july when my anaimals hearts beated out of there chest .and jus a lil bit helped her…to rest.my animail would ran in circles when she wanted to get high .. Some animails hate smoke tho they like us will shake there head or run…but anaimals r fam and firends i share my food my bed and yes my bud with what is humans best firend.SHE MY BUD<3dont hide it divide it! This is my house im not gunna move the animal any where .she can do that for her self..same goes with liveing in my home….i dont force my animail to b with me….i dont close doors and lock all windows for her not to to get out..if my Animal chose to leave than she can..but animals r not dumb people r …its in no way ok to hurt or force a pet to due anything other than its own personal interests .its people that make there animals Indore what the pet may not be asken for ….NOT WEED…

  11. Your comment is super ignorant. Listen, think about garlic and onions. Both are used as remedies for humans and are completely safe to ingest, right?

    For cats, a small amount of garlic can kill them because it causes their blood cells to burst. Every animal processes things differently, and what can be safe in excess for humans can kill pets with just a few bites.

    You know that dogs can’t eat chocolate. That’s a really commonly known one. You know that there are things we can have that animals can’t. You wouldn’t give a dog anything else in your medicine cabinet. Why would marijuana be any different? Because it cures cancer? It’s still a compound that’s processed differently in animals than in humans. THC can be really toxic to dogs and to cats. It’s not ‘ignorant’ to do research for your pet’s body, because if you have a brain like that and blindly justify doing deadly things as “being safe for humans”, it will kill your pets.

  12. Kaytleb23@hotmail.com on

    I smoke weed every day but I am also a vet tech. I always make sure my dog is a different room than me when I smoke, THC effects dogs completely differently than it does humans and is actually toxic to them. Really isn’t the best idea to be exposing them to it every day.

  13. Same with my rabbits i have 3 and they are much calmer and fearless when i smoke, plus they always try to eat my buds x) and they like to smell my hands after i rolled a joint ahaha i swear!

  14. Christi Michelle Fatale on

    Well i love this article.people are ignorant to think it harms any one or anything.we have strains of weed also being made to cure cancers.
    …….thats a miraculous thing… BTW.

  15. I think if someone intentionally blows marijuana smoke in a animals face should go to jail.
    You cannot assume the animal likes the weed because it chills on the sofa while you toke up in the living room. I may not mind the second hand smoke because it may not be enough to stone the cat or dog. You have think about the fact an animal does not speak and cant tell you something like “i hate when you do this to me” or “blow some of that smoke over here”. I do not think its normal to get off on making something or someone else high for your personal amusement.

  16. My Great Dane whom was 11 used to bite at the brown paper bag we would bring it home in then patiently wait for me to break some and up pack a bowl,then I would hit the pipe but not inhale it just hold smoke in my mouth then she would put her nose to my mouth and luck and inhale sneeze then repeat, after about 3 hits she would turn around throw her front feet up and attack her “high toy” which was just a green rope toy that she never got to distort because she would always lose it while high, she passed away Sunday I miss my smoking buddy :/

  17. Kimimela Azul on

    I don’t know how to do shot guns. Ihave 4 dogs, I have one should smoke due to age but she doesn’t. I have one that smokes, problem is she takes Way more than I do to get high. Now that I am single i feel bad cause she’s not getting hers. Any ideas? And no I don’t want to shot gun her cause I’m afraid to burn my mouth or tongue. Pain and I don’t mix.

  18. I have 2 rabbits that absolutely love pot! As soon as they hear the grinder or catch a whiff of it they are front & center!

  19. Not edibles. Too intense, get the dose wrong and that’s one fucked up pet. With passive smoke they can always wander off if they’re getting a bit too much.

  20. Jack Marston on

    Sorry about your little friend…. it sounds like he had preexisting medical conditions if he had maggots attacking him… I hope he is at peace, hopefully the MJ did infact lessen his pain like in us humans. Again, sorry he is gone.

  21. Renee Musicus on

    Does anyone realize why Pot is called “Weed”? Because it is a weed and grows like a weed. It wasn’t made illegal until Dupont developed synthetic fibers. The use of hemp was their number one competition. Up until this point all ropes, rigging and sails, paper, and a million other products were made from hemp fibers. Even George Washington grew hemp, and declared that all good US farmers should do the same. So any way, by lobbying hard to make cannabis – and therefore hemp – illegal, Dupont made billions by taking over the market in synthetic fibers. And of course, propaganda helped to scare folks about pot. Ever watch “Reefer Madness” while you were high? You’ll laugh your ass off!

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