Apr 072012
 April 7, 2012

Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Green Remedy Collective just got licensed as one of the six newly permitted dispensaries in the City of Richmond, a small East Bay town with an oversized history of fine cannabis. The Collective comes out of the gate strong with Cherry Pie–a unity of two NorCal classics: OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple. Cherry Pie presents as large colas with a grape smell that’s nearly overridden by the dank sourness of OG Kush.

Like the OG, Cherry Pie is dense and spiny, but it changes from light green to dark purple near the bud tip, with neon orange hairs coursing throughout. Even well-cured, Cherry Pie’s density makes it a grinder-locker, with explosive pine and grape smell and taste. This indica-dominant hybrid is designed for relaxation. May be useful to anxiety, insomnia and nausea, and it seriously stimulates appetite.

Strain review courtesy of Culture Magazine, photos below courtesy of WeedPhotos.com:

cherry pie marijuana strain

cherry pie marijuana strain

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