Nov 062012
 November 6, 2012

Marijuana Is Now Legal In The State Of Colorado

It is blowing my mind to say this, but marijuana is now legal in a state in America. I get to fly to Colorado tomorrow, and I will be flying into the first official state that legalized marijuana in America. Colorado Amendment 64 has passed. This is a historic day. Kudos to all that helped, big ups to the staff, to the volunteers, to the voters, etc. MARIJUANA IS NOW LEGAL IN COLORADO, SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!

From Brian Vicente, Mason Tvert, and Betty Aldworth who ran the Amendment 64 campaign:

The results are in…and we’ve won! Once the results for Amendment 64 are certified, marijuana will be legal in the state of Colorado. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to make this possible.

This is an historic night that means a lot to many people.

Our victory means the end of over 10,000 arrests every year for simple marijuana possession.

Our victory means we’ve set our state’s priorities straight. Colorado’s law enforcement resources will shift toward fighting violent crime, while taxes on the sale of marijuana will go toward rebuilding our public schools rather than funding violent drug cartels.

Our victory means people who choose to use marijuana will be treated as law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, not as criminals.

And make no mistake: Our victory tonight will change this country. We have put a serious dent in the armor of our federal government’s decades-old failed war on marijuana. Citizens in other states now know that if Coloradans can change their laws, they can too. Politicians are now realizing that making marijuana legal is in fact a mainstream, majority-support issue, and will begin to champion our position.

Today’s results affirm that when it comes to marijuana policy, we’ve reached a tipping point. Every day, more and more people are joining our side. So long as we keep working hard and speaking out, we will win in more and more states and at the national level, too.

Thanks again for being part of this movement to end marijuana prohibition. Tonight, as we celebrate this historic victory, let’s be sure to raise a glass to the safer choice.

colorado legalizes cannabis

CBS Colorado Affiliate

colorado legalizes marijuana

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition‘s Reaction Below:

This is what we’ve been waiting for! According to the local  NBC affiliate,voters in Colorado just made their state the first ever to legalize marijuana.

Here’s what LEAP speaker Tony Ryan, a 36 year veteran of the Denver police department, has to say:

“Tonight, Colorado voters made history by passing the first marijuana legalization law in the country. As a law enforcement professional who arrested more people for marijuana than I’d like to admit, I’ve been waiting years for this day. Tonight I’m proud to say that my home state is the first to strike a blow against decades of marijuana prohibition. Now we must seize the momentum kickstarted by voters tonight and make sure that more lawmakers take action in state legislatures and on the congressional level.”

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  • Pierce Montilla

    1st! FUCK YEAH

    • Keith J

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  • Joe Sills

    Looks like i`ll be moving there soon.

  • JC

    Thank you Colorado. I wasn’t sure if I would ever see this day in my lifetime that common sense would prevail and we as citizens would tell the government to stop criminalizing our citizens.

  • pill

    we are finally growing up as a nation but i can’t help but wounder does that mean i can go to local head shop and buy it tomorrow

  • Choom Gang

    As a huge fan of the legalization movement and the weed blog, YES!

    Thank you Weed Blog, I believe you had a pivotal roll in this historic vote. And YES, Washington, I am so pumped I think I may explode.

    Thanks again The Weed Blog!

  • M. Simon

    We have one and two. Now for 3 through 37 (some states will never get it).

  • rocketero

    congratulations, here in Massachusetts just passed the medical marijuana act but at least is something good in the right direction.

  • End Prohibition Now

    I can’t find an answer to this anywhere… How much can one legally possess under the terms of this amendment? Everywhere I read just says “limited amounts”…Well, that could mean 5 grams or it could mean 50 grams. How much is it? Inquiring minds are dying to know!

    • moldy

      28.35 grams or 1 ounce.

  • Jen Beganny

    Best news I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!

  • billy the kid

    actually Washington is the first to state to legalize.

  • billy the kid

    actually Washington is the first state to legalize.***

  • Guest

    mile highhhhh

  • Zach Leach

    this gives the mile high city a whole new meaning

  • joyweed

    Finally, I can take off the shelf. High times are coming America, or at least in Colorado.

  • Joe Lapp

    we here in washington are very excited too hahaha :} Dec 6 is what ive read about being able to carry an oz around legally

  • Dan Jurden

    i am proud that these states finally voted to legalize marijuana , with that said please dont forget that THIS fight is not over because it is still illegal according to the federal government we need the laws at the federal level to change and this today in history is a step in that direction

  • Matt

    So wait, does this mean the people who are in jail for marijuana in Colorado are going to be released?

  • slh

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  • trevor j

    Now I know that this most likely is not the most common stand from a college student but I feel very strongly against this. Im not one to say that all of this is terrible. Granted if the start up money we make from it goes to schools then that is good, that would help the kids. But on the contrary, that is the number one reason I do not agree, I don’t want my children growing up in that kind of atmosphere. I don’t want this to turn into a thing thats normal that everyone does and its just accepted. Contrary to popular belief I do think weed can be addicting, even if it just is a mental addiction. I think by what I’ve seen from friends and of course people you see on the streets that are potheads, it makes you slow. And some people say that it doesn’t and they will argue it forever but you can tell, studies show memory loss, reduced twitch fiber reaction times and inhibited thoughts and actions. Thats just something I don’t want my kids to be desensitized to. Even if that was something I just had to live with, I’m afraid that it wouldn’t stop there. Now i think more people try marijuana just because its illegal and in some places its the “cool” thing to do. So where does that end? If its now acceptable and legal of course that will start a huge almost “revolution” I would think. People that never used it before or even people that did I think will just go wild with it now that its legal. So it will be everywhere, in such plain sight. Then once it dies down a bit and the new effect and excitement and devious pleasure of goes away, people will find the new. I think that these types of drugs are in stages, from how serious of trouble you get caught, the effects on your body, and the percentage of users. I think it even starts at tobacco give or take, then marijuana, then opiates, then speed based. With that said I think most teenagers trying to fulfill a guilty pleasure may smoke a cigarette or something when they are underage. Then that step turns into people smoking pot because its illegal. But then now when weed is indeed legal where would it go? The next step would be seriously damaging, seriously addicting hard drugs. Extreme as that may seem thats just a risk I would rather not have to face.

    • Sean

      So that means you are ok with the continuing criminalization of individuals who interact with a plant you don’t like. You can go to hell for my part. BTW, I visited the Netherlands many times and people didn’t go wild because cannabis can be bought and sold in coffee shops. Teenage drug abuse in the Netherlands is only half that of the US. The fact that you want people caged like animals for cannabis makes you a sociopath. People like you are the real danger.