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 December 4, 2012

Colorado Marijuana amendment 64By Phillip Smith

Some 20 Colorado business organizations wrote a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder last Friday urging him to enforce federal laws barring the sale and possession of marijuana. In doing so, the business groups are taking direct aim at the will of the voters, who passed Amendment 64 legalizing marijuana with 55% of the vote last month.

“Passage of Amendment 64 left considerable uncertainty for employers and business in Colorado with regard to their legal rights and obligations,” the letter said. “We encourage enforcement of the [federal Controlled Substances Act] to provide the certainty and clarity of law we seek.”

Amendment 64 legalizes the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and the cultivation of up to six plants by adults 21 and over. That part of the amendment will go into effect by January 5 at the latest. It also directs the state to craft a system of regulations for commercial marijuana cultivation and sales. The state has until October 2013 to complete that task.

Still, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, but the Justice Department headed by Holder has yet to signal how it will respond. The Obama administration initially backed off enforcing federal laws in medical marijuana states, but for the last two years has stepped up enforcement actions.

For Coloradans and others who want to know who is attempting to undercut the will of the voters and respond in an informed and appropriate manner, here is the complete list of signatory organizations:

  • Colorado Concern
  • Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance
  • Associated Builders and Contractors — Rocky Mountain Chapter
  • Colorado Technology Association
  • Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce
  • Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce
  • Greeley Chamber of Commerce
  • Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
  • Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance
  • Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation
  • Upstate Colorado Economic Development Association
  • Colorado Contractors Association
  • International Electrical Contractors — Rocky Mountain Chapter
  • National Federation of Independent Business — Colorado and Wyoming Chapter
  • Club 20
  • Loveland Chamber of Commerce
  • Colorado Bankers Association
  • Colorado Auto Recyclers Association
  • Chrisland Commercial
  • Douglas County Business Alliance

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  • Raymond Tokareff

    Can you say “BOYCOTT”

  • incogneatow

    So how is that letter supposed to read?

    Dear Eric,

    Could you please take actions to prevent the “state constitutional amendment” supported by more than 50% of the state’s voting residents to become law.

    Please send your militarized enforcement officers to the businesses that try to trade in the illicit substance. As for the remaining adults that are able to grow their own, umm uh, do the best you can to arrest these federally lawless heathens (without the help of local law enforcement of course).

    Please do all you can to help us maintain and expand our stranglehold on the personal lives of our employees and the workforce in general…

    Thank you for your support in this matter,

    The little Hitlers

    = = = =

    Colorado’s Amend 64 was done right. The amendment presents the DOJ with a dilemma – the right for adults to grow their own. The Feds can hit businesses that try to sell cannabis, but they can do little to prevent the personal cultivation, consumption and distribution by a few hundred thousand individuals.

    Notice that the signatory organizations are all business and management associations. What are they afraid of? They are afraid of the expansion of consciousness and the subsequent refusal of people to work themselves to death for marginal pay with nothing to look forward to than an uncertain future of an inadequate pension.

    This is not about only about cannabis, this is about getting back our personal liberties and refusing to accept the current failed human paradigm as the only method. What I do to my body in the privacy of my own home is my business and not the business of employers, law enforcement or politicians.

    • Burlwood Barry

      “Colorado’s Amend 64 was done right.”
      actually, Oregon’s OCTA was done right; it was written to withstand a federal challenge. Amendment 64 was not. too bad OCTA didn’t make it

    • Rick Day

      Yeah, It’s like we’re faced with two individual governments. One says it’s legal and the other is perched to attack for the benefit of corporate law enforcement!
      Don’t they understand that the game is over and it’s time to congratulate their opponent for the win? Is this not further proof that the NIXON CAMP is out of touch with reality?

  • DavidTheExpert

    Now they are the f*cking MINORITY, and we (and the voters) are the majority.

  • Big C

    This is where it begins. When people and businesses will finally square off. This will either show the public that no matter what you say, big business in government will always win. No matter what you vote. Or our government will realize that the majority has stated what they want and the government that works for its people will do what is right.