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 October 13, 2014
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Colorado’s marijuana legalization effort has been a success by every measure. Teen marijuana use is down in Colorado, traffic fatalities on Colorado roads are at an all time low, tax revenues are being generated daily, and jobs are being created. So much for the sky falling, as predicted by many marijuana opponents. However, all that is outweighed by the dangers of marijuana according to Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez. Per 9 News:

Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and former GOP Congressman Bob Beauprez faced tough questions during Thursday’s gubernatorial debate.

Whether marijuana legalization should be repealed in Colorado came up, with Hickenlooper saying it would be premature to put the question to voters.

Instead, Hickenlooper said the state should tightly regulate the drug and prevent underage use. Beauprez says Colorado voters should be asked to consider a repeal, citing the possible negative effects on developing brains.

Apparently Bob Beauprez is not a fan of democracy. Why else would he want to repeal marijuana legalization, which Colorado voters clearly want proven by the fact that they voted for it two years ago? Mr. Beauprez, Colorado voters were asked about marijuana legalization already, and they clearly wanted it. So why are you still pushing for prohibition?



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    Bob that was a stupid thing to say. I bet you gained 10,000 votes and lost 100,000. Stupid Bob, really stupid. It is here and It is working.


      Well it is time to vote Him out. I would say He sold out to the pharmaceutical companies. He is not for the people so get Him out of there. Only vote for a politician that supports legalization. That would be one that is we the people, by the people, for the people. We as a nation need to stand up and have corporate America removed from the white house and we would stop seeing our politicians sell out to their money instead of standing for the people. It is time to take America back for the people. Vote Him out!!!!!!


    It just makes you wonder just how stupid can a person be.


    It’s all about money. As long as their is more money to be made from marijuana being illegal then idiots with money will fight to make it or keep it illegal.


      You said it all, Money talks.


      like Americans defend their antiquated for profit health insurance “policies”…..as my French cousins laugh…..


        …All the way to the poor house. Without American money the Europeon socialist experiment would have collapsed in infancy. It is failing economically right now. The Euro bank system is going to admit deep problems very soon. Economic activity is not sustaining the nanny states. Obama Care is also rotting from within. It will be obvious to all within a couple of years. Capitalism, though flawed, seeks efficiency and that is achieved through competition. Government fails to be competitive at any level.
        The reality may lead to a new system, but without any help Obama care will lead to massive cost increases that would embarress any CEO of a for profit H.C. Co.
        Drug laws are a poor place for your injected screed. I agree with Mr. Frakes.


          Yeah well the Romans probably felt the same, but the Romans are long gone, while the French still drive across their well- built bridges. http://www.vaison-la-romaine.com/


            Interesting point you raise. How would you compare and contrast the Roman/French experience with the coming French/Muslim era? That will be a similar story according to the Imams. I hear they are already staking out bridges for renaming on the seine.

            Regarding Obola Care, it is not going well at all. The plan is to collapse our H.C industry and go single payer when there is no market alternative. It won’t withstand any competition and the Planners know that, David. The lack of competitive pricing will mean only one thing, monopoly of Government. That will lead to corruption and a new unpredicted cost spiral. Then comes the rationing and third party end of life panels. Rosy, ain’t it?


            heitman, I believe we agree with one another more than not. I do believe the ACA is working although I do wish Medicare had been expanded to include all Americans. However, America is no longer the cohesive nation it once was. Take care.


          If you want to see how lousy America’s infrastructure really is, fly to France.


            Makes my point. They spend like we should. Self interest is not a crime, if you are self supporting.
            Have you noticed the French are kind of snooty about all things Francais, non?


      Do you mean the big canna grower’s? I get that. They cratered the 2010 vote in California.


    “Colorado’s marijuana legalization effort has been a success by every measure. Teen marijuana use is down in Colorado, traffic fatalities on Colorado roads are at an all time low, tax revenues are being generated daily, and jobs are being created.”

    Now there is an unbiased statement from a website called, “The Weed Blog.” Lets not mention that tax revenue is a small fraction of what was predicted[1][2]. And crime has gone up in Colorado[3]. As for the other claims…citing a source now and then wouldn’t kill you.

    I’m not opposed to legalized marijuana. The fact is however that the truth is much more complicated than you make it out to be. Let’s try to be intellectually honest here.

    [1] – http://www.denverpost.com/carroll/ci_26174929/why-colorado-pot-tax-revenue-is-low
    [2] – http://www.denverpost.com/marijuana/ci_26086230/colorado-pot-revenues-fading-promise
    [3] – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kevin-a-sabet-phd/crime-is-up-in-colorado-w_b_5663046.html


      If you want to be seriously taken as unbiased, then don’t reference articles by Kevin Sabet. The guy is rabidly anti-pot, is not above lying about it, and frequently quotes research either out of context or that is not legit.


        Well I am confident that I can get nothing but unbiased and objective facts from you. Nothing about your avatar would suggest otherwise.


          LOL — Someone calls the validity of your sources into question, so naturally, you point to their (assigned by default) avatar as proof their claim is unfounded. It’s hilarious for you to hurl disparagements about bias and objectivity directly before you pulled an ad hominem based on nothing more than a 36×36 jpeg.

          Don’t worry — even if Perry is right and you’re very *very* wrong, I’m sure your dad can beat up Perry’s dad, right? I suggest you get your contrarian rocks off somewhere else, Richie. Your motive here is fairly transparent.


        The more I read about Mr. Sabet the more opposed I am to his policies and therefore the more financial support I make to those supporting yes on 2 Initiative. I don’t even live in Oregon, however, I do want to know what the anti-legalization opposition is doing and saying. I don’t believe that sticking my head in the sand serves anyone well. Except perhaps Mr. Sabet, and those like him, who oppose reasonable progressive marijuana policy.


      Thank you for the links! Always appreciated.


      Yes let’s be. I see everyone talking about how much sales are up and stuff. I don’t use marijuana but let’s face the facts. Across America the economy is not where it should be. Legalizing marijuana promotes jobs. The more people working the more taxes are collected. So there not just getting taxes on the sale of marijuana they also collecting taxes on what the people that are now working legitimate businesses.


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    my dad is 74 yrs old and last year ate his 1st medible… he absolutely loved the taste and eats as often as he can… he had no idea how it was going to affect him. He enjoyed the 1st time; my mom had her doubts though she chooses to abstain from this at this point in time but she does not pass judgment against him… he has glaucoma and high blood pressure and had radiation for his prostate cancer. I say if someone wants to do it for health reasons or recreational, it should be freedom of choice not something to be ashamed of and have to hide because of legality reasons.

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