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Colorado ‘Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol’ Qualifies For 2012 Ballot


vote for marijuanaColorado Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

It is done. Official. Signed (more than 90,000 times), sealed, and delivered.

The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol initiative in Colorado has qualified for the November 2012 ballot! In a little more than eight months, the voters of Colorado will have the opportunity to make the state the first place in the world with a fully legal and regulated marijuana market for all adults. The battle to end marijuana prohibition starts now.

MPP — which provided more than 90 percent of the funding for this signature drive, including direct contributions from our supporters to the state-based issue committee — would like to thank the campaign team on the ground for its hard work on the signature drive. In particular, we salute the nose-to-the-grindstone dedication the team demonstrated while collecting more than 14,000 signatures in less than two weeks earlier this month with the temperature rarely, if ever, topping 40 degrees.

We are now moving to the second phase of this campaign — the persuasion phase. The campaign needs volunteers reaching out to Colorado voters and helping them understand that marijuana is not as scary as they have been led to believe. The goal is to convince voters on the fence that it is utterly irrational to punish adults who choose to relax or socialize with marijuana instead of alcohol.

Even if you are outside Colorado, you will be able to help throughout the year by making calls to swing voters. If we all contribute, this initiative will pass and the course of history will be changed.

Please visit the campaign website today and sign up to volunteer for just a few hours or more. And if you are not able to volunteer, please consider making a financial contribution to support the campaign’s efforts. With your help, we will end marijuana prohibition this November.

courtesy of the Marijuana Policy Project


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  • Steven A. Learn!!

    Us heads would make up so much revenue/jobs/ease our dependaces on ALL of te drugs that ARE actually killing us! Plus ALL the $s saved could be put into somethings this country NEEDS to b on TOP of this world again! Namely EDUcation would be a GRREAT Start!,,NO??

  • Bstinkymeyer

    Helllll yeah looks like I’m headed to colorado

  • fernz702

    One way ticket here I come!

  • Jakefnw

    Amazing! We need this out in the NW pronto.

  • eating_sunshine

    I hope the medical marijuana people see this as an opportunity, and not as a threat. 

    My prayers are with Colorado, as I’m sure, a shit storm of propaganda will be rained down upon them by the corporatocracy.