Dec 162015
 December 16, 2015

marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsLate last night I received an e-mail from Tom Angell (who by the way doesn’t seem to sleep!) regarding the federal omnibus spending bill. The spending bill includes riders pertaining to marijuana. Some of the provisions include (provided by Tom and Marijuana Majority):

* Prevent the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from spending money to interfere with the implementation of state medical marijuana laws. (Similar language was included in the FY 2015 budget and is current law.)

* Prevent the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from spending money to interfere with the implementation of state industrial hemp research programs. (Similar language was included in the FY 2015 budget and is current law.)

The omnibus spending bill is expected to pass, which would obviously be good from the standpoint of preventing federal interference with medical marijuana and hemp. Unfortunately the riders don’t go far enough. There are no provisions for fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs prohibition its doctors talking about medical marijuana with patients, even when they know that it will help the patients. Also, there are no banking provisions, which are desperately needed for the emerging cannabis industry. The omnibus spending bill also includes language from previous years’ spending measures that has prevented D.C. from allowing taxed marijuana sales. Currently possession and cultivation of marijuana is legal in D.C., but selling it and taxing it is not.

Below is a statement from Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority. Please consider making a donation to them so that they can continue their amazing work:

“While marijuana was once treated like a dangerous third-rail by most elected officials, the inclusion of these provisions demonstrates how it has now become a mainstream issue at the forefront of American politics and policymaking. Polls show that a growing majority of voters support ending prohibition, and lawmakers can’t help but listen.

“This is the second year in a row that Congress is using the appropriations process to tell federal agents and prosecutors not to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. But so far the Department of Justice has taken the absurd position that these spending provisions don’t actually prevent them from going after patients and providers who operate legally under state policies. The intent of Congress is clear, and so is the will of the American people. Since the Justice Department is being so stubborn, the next step should be for lawmakers to pass permanent standalone legislation that goes beyond these temporary spending riders. Then the DEA will have a much harder time undermining Congress and voters.”



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  11 Responses to “Congress Includes Marijuana Riders In Omnibus Spending Bill”


    Until weed is moved from schedule 1 anything Congress does is meaningless fluff


    Wondering how many hundreds of thousands of Americans will continue to have their reputations assaulted have criminal records, back up our courts and are even sent to prison because the RECORD-BREAKING, DO-NOTHING, REPUBLICAN CONGRESS refuses to remove marijuana as a Schedule I drug?


    They are just giving the sheep a pacifier! What Crap! These lying scum including the ones sponsoring these bills are ALL liars and not to be trusted whatsoever. The real change comes from US and always has. Hence the need for the citizens across the board to initiate Constitutional amendments since the corrupt governments refuse to do as their constituents desire.
    We need to continue sending a clear message to the Feds such as we did with the petition to FIRE the head of the DEA Rosenberg for his Medical Marijuana is a ‘joke’ comment. however I wouldn’t expect much change on the federali regime level until more States pass Weed legalization of some form. We need to focus on our respective states and stay very vocal about this until we get our way. The lying murdering drug running and selling Feds will NEVER back down from any Drug prohibition until they are forced to by the people over time.

    Check out a good book to start you off on your road to researching government drug running called ”

    Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War” by: Celerino III Castillo


    Just legalize it already! Why the hell do I get to go to prison for life because I have a plant and live in the wrong zip code?


    NEWS ALERT: Congress DID NOT end (or cease fire) the war on MMJ (quietly or loudly) – not last year and this year– no language was changed from the spending bill last year when Jacob Sullum at and Forbes explains why the language passed does/did nothing. This nonsense is going viral for a second year in a row and it has to stop…

    Americans: YOU will still be BUSTED for MMJ under federal law–don’t believe otherwise. And anyone who tells you otherwise is setting you up for harm. ASA’s money comes from George Soros, largest shareholder of Monsanto. ASA knows this president has seized, raided and prosecuted MORE cannabis patients and businesses in 6 years then gw bush did in 8. ASA wrote the useless language and used their fake win to fund-raise.


    laughing my fucking ass off.. the government just gave a BIG motherfucking middle finger to big marijuana

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