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Decapitation Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


‘Decap’ Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

I’m told the Decapitation (or Decap for short) marijuana strain got it’s name because it knocks your head off due to it’s strength. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure, this marijuana strain is extremely powerful and will not disappoint. I’ve seen a lot of strains being sold as the Decapitation strain, but they are imitations. If you got the real thing, the proof is only one hit away and undeniable. The decapitation marijuana strain is a cross between Bubba and White Mustang. The trichome coverage is almost unparalleled with this strain. The smell isn’t as pungent as one would think, but the taste packs a lot of bite. Be careful when you inhale, as this strain will ‘grab your lungs’ fast and fierce.

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decapitation marijuana strain


decapitation marijuana strain


decapitation marijuana strain


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  1. jessicahughs on

    love this strain and i got it from this guy Eduardo Luis. he is the best and he supplied as promise . if you are interested in the strain you can email him via eduardojoseluis2001@gmail .com ,contact number (234)-2051103,skyp eduardojoseluis

  2. I have to say, it looks interesting. Not that I’ll ever have the chance to sample it.

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