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Ending Marijuana Prohibition Medical Marijuana Policy

Demand Full Impeachment Of Ginny Burdick And Jeff Kruse

oregon marijuanaWhen the voters in a state cast their ballots and an issue is decided, it is to become law. We must have some way to check and balance rogue politicians who pay no loyalty to their constituencies or respect to the fact that they are officials that represent and implement the voted upon the will of the public.

Measure 91 aimed to end prohibition of marijuana for adults over 21 and end a war on the civil liberties of many. This was the intent of the 56% of voters. Senator Burdick and Kruse are using this monumental opportunity for the state to further unethical treatment of medical patients and perpetuate the failed War On Drugs in a manner inconsistent with their voter base. It time we take action together and stand against this tyranny.

Click here to sign the petition to demand the full impeachment of Ginny Burdick and Jeff Kruse.

We signed: Demand Full Impeachment of Ginny Burdick and Jeff Kruse

Write or call these snakes here:

Ginny Burdick and Jeff Kruse:
900 Court St NE #213, Salem, OR 97301
(503) 986-1718


  • Mike Johnson

    This is democracy at work..so let’s do some work! I signed..you should too!

    • David Warner

      Me too! I’m on board…as good citizens we need to get rid of these horrible politicians and the policies that continue retrict people from access to mariuana. Listen up people, please and this war now and save the public from these harmful laws that incarcerate innocint users of this harmless, health giving gift from nature. Most politicians are only motivated by greed power and money and have no interest in us as individuals and this is a prime example.

  • Scott Eaton

    I called and told her she needs to leave office

  • John Heiss

    Impeachment may be to good for these scumbags.

  • Sinclair

    If any politician can not follow the will of the voters, they need to be terminated from office

  • sluicebox

    These low life scum bags disgust me. They are obviously just trying to make it harder on the growers and the patients to force them into buying from OLCC. OMMP has always been a cash cow for the State. I remember when headlines were saying it was the only State Program running with a surplus. Then Gov robbed out of it for the general fund and raised fees. This new legislation is absurd. All our leaders who support this should be thrown out. They are not looking out for us, they could care less. Isn’t there another legal avenue that the voters could take? Sue them for changing the law? It is quite clear as to what and why they are doing this. The real criminals are in the Capital.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    I can’t wait to see how the DA’s and cops set up the so-called legal 4 plant grow scheme. I hear that anybody living near a school (1,000′),public or private is disallowed from growing. Looks like Oregon is going bass ackwards on this issue.
    Legalize on the tomato model. If it is sold to the general public put a small tax on it. Otherwise leave the potheads alone!