Nov 072012
 November 7, 2012

michigan cannabisProposal to decriminalize up to one ounce of cannabis passes with 65% – 35% margin

Detroit voters approved a proposal that would amend the city code to remove criminal penalties for possession of up to one ounce of marijuana on private property. With two thirds of precincts reporting, Prop M was enjoying a healthy 30 point lead late Tuesday evening.

Specifically, the code amendment that Detroit voters approved reads:

Division 1 – Controlled Substances

Sec. 38-11-50.Applicability.
None of the provisions of this article shall apply to the use or possession of less than 1 ounce of marihuana, on private property, by a person who has attained the age of 21 years.

A big congratulations to The Coalition for a Safer Detroit, who had to battle every step of the way to get the issue the ballot.

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  • Bob Townsend

    This was an outstanding victory for cannabis and part of a national move away from prohibition. Let’s show we deserve the trust the voters gave us…

  • Lesley

    Now does mean that whole state of Michigan is allowed for this???

    • Ric Bachman

      No, just Detroit.

      • facebook-656253622

        And Grand Rapids, who also passed this on tuesday. Also, Ann Arbor has been decriminalized for 20 some years. Cheers!

  • frankenbud

    you go guys!

  • Ron Allen

    so they vote for Obama and smoking pot what a bunch of screwed up humans.

    • James T Aleck

      i see a bunch of peacefull humans trying to peacefully say Eff you to the govt.

      • James T Aleck

        which is effed up to begin with

    • ~wounded Warrior~

      So you drink and drive and crash into people but that is OK because alcohol,is approved by the uptight,and it sure can help screwed up humans too.Do a little research before you say ignorant things.

    • Jason Sammut

      Pots proven harmless. it’s solid fact. your own country has done the studies proving it. not one study was done that was proven not to be fake has shown otherwise. Nixon’s was proven a fraud 6 month’s after it came out. that was the one they used to pass the illegal pot laws in the first place. so the U.S. has 1.5 million people in prison illegally for one reason only. so your privatized prison system can make more money. nothing more.

    • Me

      Seems to me you are the screwed up human. Eff off you judge mental coon

  • James T Aleck

    good win detroit. now lets get the whole state to just legalize it already

  • Courtney Strange

    I was born and raised in Detroit, but now live in DC. I have followed this closely and think this has great implications. Marijuana use is responsible for a huge number of incarcerations and is damaging as a whole. Similar measures were considered and passed in Ypsilanti, Flint, and Grand Rapids as well.

  • Asantez

    So do this mean weed can be sold in stores in detroit

    • The Weed Blog

      Unfortunately no it does not:(

  • Cannabis Chris

    Great news! I know several people who will be spending a lot more time in the City of Detroit, myself included! Thank you to all those involved who worked to make this happen, not only in Detroit, but the other cities that passed similar laws in Michigan! Thank you voters!

  • Dawn

    I am (57) and have smoked pot for over (40) years. I work full time, own a home and pay taxes, go to church regularly, volunteer and support many charities. Ron, I take exception to your comments associating pot and Obama and being a screwed up human. First off, I did not vote for Obama. Secondly, why are you on this site if you have such a negative attitude toward pot. It is obvious you do not know what you are talking about. I have survived breast cancer, walked around for 45 years with 3 ruptured disks and recovered from (5) vertebrae being fused in my low back. I could not have been able to do so if it had not been for pot. Your opinion has no validity, now that is an example of being a screwed up human!