Aug 122016
 August 12, 2016

Starting Friday August 12, Dockside Cannabis will be celebrating their customers by offering free coffee from 8-10am and massages in the evenings from 4pm to 7pm!

Kicking off the weekly massages will be the Drift Mobile Massage, most prominently featured near the 3rd Ave Tower and the Seattle Bouldering Project, and now Dockside Cannabis Shoreline!

Awarded Seattle Weekly’s 2016 “Best Cannabis Retailer,” Dockside Cannabis is committed to providing a safe, legal and enlightening experience for first time customers to returning faces. From free coffee for morning commuters to free massages for the after-work crowd, there’s something for everyone!

Additionally, Dockside Cannabis now officially has a medical marijuana certified staff member from 8am through 8pmevery day of the week. Dockside Cannabis is committed to supporting their employees and customers from free massages, membership programs to total support of our medical marijuana patients.



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