Nov 272010
 November 27, 2010

brick weed bammer marijuana cannabis schwagI ran into a person that I grew up with over the holidays, and we were talking about how we used to smoke brick weed when we were in middle school. For those of you that aren’t sure what I’m talking about, I’m talking about compressed, low-grade marijuana that comes from Mexico. You might call it budget, bammer, mex, etc. If it has seeds and/or looks brownish, then that’s the stuff I’m talking about. When I was a young teenager, I used to smoke it because it was readily available. My dad had it, friends had it, and it was CHEAP.

My, how things have changed! As my friend and I were discussing, neither of us have even seen bammer in over a decade. I vividly remember taking a stand when I was 15, and decided to never smoke bammer again. It seems like most of the people in Oregon took the same pledge in the mid 1990’s, because I haven’t seen a skunky brick since then. However, from researching forums and blogs online, it seems that the ‘Charlie Brown’ nugs are still working their way around the nation.

Consider this blog post a public service announcement. Please America, DO NOT SMOKE BRICK WEED. I have several friends that worked in the MJ fields in Mexico, and they assure me that bammer is riddled with pesticides, herbicides, and in some cases, actual human waste. Also, every gram of the budget menace is sold for the purpose of making cartels money. Could you imagine a debate about marijuana legalization that didn’t involve cartels? That is an argument that neo-cons cling to, despite the fact that it is significantly flawed. True herb heads know that their nugs have nothing to do with cartels. But, with Americans smoking bammer, neo-cons always have something to point to.

If you are looking for a New Year’s resolution, take a suggestion from me; cut brick weed out of your marijuana diet! There is so much good weed available on the West Coast, that there is virtually no reason to smoke bammer. Make a trip today!

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  • John Bethke

    There is a reason to still smoke brick! Affordability! Unless you’re willing to pay for my weed, please don’t tell me what to smoke or where to get it! I live on $465.00 a month! That and Food Stamps are not a lot to survive on and no, Medicaid does not cover medical marijuana in Connecticut, which doesn’t even have a place to get Medical Marijuana yet!

    • Jerry

      Why the fuck are you even smoking weed if youre on food stamps? You probably wouldnt need the food stamps if you werent buying weed you fucking leech

      • Jennifer

        He said medical marijuana you dipshit. Would you say the same to someone who’s having trouble affording his Vicodin or antidepressant?



  • Frank

    They should try to make kush more affordable i smoke it when I can afford it but you got to admit its a little pricey instead of 40 for a 1/8 maybe 30 or even 25 sounds better

  • Luiz Cesar Leite

    As a brazilian, I´m jealous of our brothers in Uruguay … Here we only smoke bricks, growing culture didn´t arrived here.

  • Henry Ganesh

    Brick weed from Thailand range from bad to very good. it depends on how good your contacts are. Hard tell the difference, but there are some very good brick weed out there.

  • Renee Horwath

    That’s all they get here! Still illegal

  • Avera Tea

    It will make you feel sick and put you to sleep when you were not even high…stay away from this cruddy junk!!