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Does Hillary Clinton Support Marijuana Legalization?


hillary clinton marijuanaIt wasn’t that long ago that Hillary Clinton was clearly opposed to marijuana legalization. In 2007, then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that she was against marijuana decriminalization. In 2012 Hillary Clinton stated that she didn’t believe legalization was the answer to fixing the failed war on drugs. Her reasoning at the time was that cartels would figure out other ways to make money, such as through kidnapping or extortion. Her logic at the time was clearly flawed, but I’ll save that for another article.

In an interview this week with CNN, it appears that Hillary Clinton has changed her tune a bit. She stated that she is ‘open to trying marijuana legalization at the state level.’ In the same interview she expressed concerns about medical marijuana, claiming that she wants to see more research first. If the interviewer had more brain power, she would have pointed out that the reason there isn’t more research is because the federal government will not allow it. It was a poorly played political tactic to say the least.

Medical marijuana supporters agree with Hillary Clinton – we would LOVE to see more research. Does this mean that we can expect Hillary Clinton to help us fight for rescheduling so that the research she is referring to can happen? Or was that just a not-so-clever way of dodging the question? I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out which it is.

Even Hillary Clinton’s answer about state legalization is a duck and dodge maneuver. If Hillary Clinton truly supported marijuana legalization, she would directly state so. The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton is gearing up for yet another run at the White House, and kind of supporting marijuana legalization while not fully supporting marijuana legalization is a convenient way to stay on the fence. Then, when there is a landslide victory in 2016 for marijuana reform, she can state that she was in support of it and try to look like a genius. But in the meantime when she gets criticized for marijuana comments, she can say she didn’t support it. Don’t believe the hype. Hillary Clinton doesn’t support anything except war mongering and doing whatever it takes to be elected President of the United States in 2016.


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  • Mike

    If he wins the nomination I’ll vote for him but he’ll lose the general election, you want Bush3 as President then go ahead and vote with your heart in the primary instead of your head.

  • Jerry Eldini

    “Friendly with wall street ” is putting it a little too softly. How about owned by wall street? That is a more realistic statement. What exactly is it about Sanders that you are so afraid of? This minority consensus about Sanders having zero per cent chance of being elected is wholly unrealistic. Have you not noticed that 80 per cent of comments in articles speaking about Bernie and Hillary (ones that still allow comments that is) are favoring Bernie? Do you really think all those people are twenty somethings? As of right now you really have to see that support is shifting to Bernie. As for cannabis reform, Hillary will not do much, that would not be good for big pharma, insurance companies of federal law enforcement looking for easy work. Hildabeast is on the wrong side of history. Don’t be afraid to vote for Bernie!!!!

  • Mike

    Who do you think elects these people? You think a bunch of 20 year olds who can’t be bothered to vote more than once every 4 years will push him over the edge? Yeah, Hillary is friendly with wall street so is the GOP, but at least Hillary will do most of what Bernie talks about. I’d rather get 80% of promises from Hillary cause she’s President than 0% from Bernie cause he’ll lose.

  • Jerry Eldini

    68 year old corporate boot lick…….74 year old socialist, hmmmmm
    68 year old zero point one per center…..74 year old socialist ninety per center, ummm
    68 year old who gets “often confused”…..74 year old socialist who is sharp as a tack, well, uhhh
    68 year old square who says she will be so gracious as to possibly, maybe change cannabis from schedule one to schedule two…….
    74 year old rebel who wants to remove cannabis from the schedule altogether, yeh, OK give me the socialist!!! GO BERNIE!!!!!!!