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Does Holding In A Hit Of Marijuana Longer Make You Higher?


hold in marijuana hit gets you higherI think we all have that friend that tries holding in his/her hit of marijuana as long as they possibly can in an attempt to get higher. They swear that if you hold in your hit of marijuana longer, it will make you higher. I have always gone back and forth in regards to which side of the equation I fell into – whether or not I believed holding in my hit of marijuana longer would get me higher. I have many memories of smoking marijuana, hanging out with friends growing up, and watching my friends try to hold in their hit as long as they could. I even witnessed a couple of friends pass out because they held in their hit so long. Luckily, none of them were ever hurt.


We always debated whether or not holding in a hit of marijuana longer would make you higher growing up, and we didn’t have the internet to research things. Everyone’s arguments were usually based upon ‘a guy they heard it from’ which is not exactly a good source. These days we have the internet to shed more light on the subject. I found some

According to Steve Liebke’s 2001 ‘A Cannabis User’s Harm Reduction Handbook,’ “Take small, shallow tokes or pulls. About 95% of THC in cannabis smoke is absorbed in the first few seconds so breath holding is quite pointless. All it really achieves is a far greater amount of tar being deposited in the lungs.”

The excerpt from Steve Liebke’s book didn’t have citation itself, so take that information for what you will. It seems much more reliable of a source than ‘some guy I heard it from’ though. What do readers think? Do you hold in your hit of marijuana longer because you think it makes you higher? Or do you think that it doesn’t matter? I invite others to post links in the comments to other research if they have something good to share! I would like to see a study done about the difference between smoking dabs versus smoking flower, and how holding it in is different (if at all). Because I know when I hold in dab hits, that shiz has some bite!


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  1. Someone did the math. If you want to quote anyone, quote this mothafucka!

  2. TryUsing Punctuation on

    That’s not you getting higher, it’s you depriving your brain of oxygen. Try and hold your own breath for 20 minutes. I bet you get pretty high ;)

  3. SomeGuyIHeardItFrom on

    That just made me disdain from EVER holding it in. I never did it in the first place just due to some people passing out from it. It obviously didn’t work for them so why try it yourself?

  4. shot gun a j or blunt true but shot gunning the entire hit someone took without it moving through a j or blunt all ways got me baked in the past tho it was 10 years ago in my first year smoking but recently every time i started holding cannabis hits in longer again i have been twice as baked. try it out ^_^

  5. I’ve spent almost 55 minutes to read all this whole shit ’cause I’m high and I couldn’t read clearly, and the time flight.

    …Oh, and now what da f**k is my Disqus’s password?

  6. Because if you shotgun it you don’t inhale, you just suck the smoke into your mouth and blow it out. The lungs are where the THC gets absorbed.

  7. Stephen Lucas on

    That makes no since saying most of the the is absorbed right away if so then why can you take a hit hold it and shotgun it to another person and that person gets high?????

  8. James Densham on

    thc absorbs into the lungs at different rates at different temperatures, best way to describe the rates is on a bell curve, but thc at the minimum temperature for vaporisation absorbs 65% in the first 3 seconds, 85% in the first 5-6 seconds and 95+% at 7-8 seconds, although the longer you hold the smoke the more tar is deposited. ideal situation is to use a vaporiser and hold your “hit” for 6-7 seconds and release, you should see almost no vapor released, although the volume of vapor inhaled affects absorption and exhaled visibility, idea for efficiency is small hits to half fill your lungs held for 6-7 seconds to achieve the best balance of thc absorption, oxygen deprivation levels and tar deposition.

  9. I have this problem too. My best advice is: Leave room in your longs, and take a long breath of normal air after you’ve inhaled. If you still have problems (Which I do, but it helps), suck on some kind of candy lozenge. It helps the throat, and almost more importantly distracts you from it so it doesn’t drag you down. I’m pretty new to this though, so my advice might suck.

  10. I think holding it in works great if you like the smoke its actually quite relaxing. And I have heard 10 seconds is the best. Look if its smooth tasty nugs you just enjoy holding it.

  11. I spent about 15 seconds creating an account to see what the fuss was about. I’m vaping with an arizer air with pvhes turbo stem and holding it in for about 10 seconds or until i have a coughing fit that makes me see black and white or colors and shapes and fractals. Kinda like almost passing out. Then i realized i had to verify my email and find this page again so like another 15 seconds

  12. Emily Chandler on

    i agree, so much scientific research has been dis-proven after people lived by it for 30+ years. Just like we thought cigarettes didnt used to be harmful to any part of our bodies.

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