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Does Marijuana Increase The Female Libido?


Purple NugIs Marijuana ‘Viagra’ For Women?

by Kelley Chronic

When Viagra hit the market back in the late 1990s, it was hoped that a women’s form would be close behind. Many different experiments… and quite a few failures later, the trial and error process continues with women waiting anxiously for their version of a relationship enhancing pill.

While the ladies pill seems to be held up in pharmaceutical limbo, there is one way of loosening up the female libido, the use of marijuana. Throughout human history, pot has been shown to have the ability to heighten the females sex drive while, heightening their sensual awareness.  The close association between marijuana consumption and a female’s sexual arousal is hardly new. Throughout human history many early societies consumed marijuana specifically for this purpose. As marijuana is researched and dissected for all of its potential health benefits, the study of marijuana use and how it may benefit a female’s sexual satisfaction has yet to receive the clinical studies that it’s so righteously deserves.

With a life that is bombarded by bills, responsibilities and time constraints; many psychologists believe that it is these life stressors which rob females of a healthy sex life. As females get older, the variables which have a bearing on their sexual dysfunction tend to increase. Sexual dysfunction is a broad-based term for which there is no single reason, nor magic bullet to cure. Pain during intercourse, spousal conflicts, childbirth, and a host of other ailments all play a role in the female libido and her ability to feel “turned on.”

Jill Lopez is a newlywed who works in advertising sales. She also recently started a master’s degree program. The course load coupled with her regular work schedule has her feeling “stressed and tired.” That stress has overflowed into her sex life. Jill openly admits that using marijuana helps her feel less anxious about her day-to-day routine and increases her libido. ” I feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time,” she says. [Source]

As both a female and one who carries a large amount of responsibility, Rihanna has been doing her own studies on marijuana and the female sex drive. In the news over the last few days, “pot’s Princess” has been using her social networking skills to inform any and all who might listen that her new favorite book is “sex pot:  the marijuana lover’s guide to get it on.” The author, who goes by the name of Mamakind, states that marijuana is a known aphrodisiac of the gods and on that point, I would have to agree.

Not surprising…the few scientific studies on marijuana and the human sex drive, which does exist, tend to be myopically focused on testosterone levels, and how they are affected in men.

Here’s a quick video showing professional women and the role marijuana plays in their daily lives.

This post originally appeared on Marijuana.com and was republished with special permission.


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  1. I came online to try to find some answers. I am now 40 but have never really been able to have pain free penetration. The only time I get turned on at all is when I am stoned. I usually smoke an indica as I have it for sleep and pain issues. Without it I would have no interest in sex at all, it is the only way I can get turned on but not going all the way to penetration. It has caused issues with my husband as understandably he is upset that I am not interested unless I am stoned. He also feels that when I am stoned I am not really present and my mind is elsewhere. We tried the other night when I was not stoned and it was a bit of a disaster. I have never smoked Sativas as my mind goes a little frantic, but I have been reading that a 30/70 split maybe better. It is an issue with the indica not drifting off to sleep in the middle of things. Without it I would have no sex life what so ever. The issues I find along with my mind going to very random places it the dryness, my mouth is so dry I have to drink every few minutes which is a bit of a passion killer in it’s self. I have no idea why I have no sex drive without it, I am terrified that it will cause problems with my husband, for the record he does not touch cannabis as it does nothing for him. I must also point out that orgasms whilst being stoned can often be mind blowing.

  2. BearSlayer338 on

    20% minimum if you want to arouse chicks or if you are chick soon to be aroused.
    I’d also recommend an indica so you get the body high,I’ve noticed the women I’ve been with really like the effects of a strong indica(25%-29%) such as Obama Kush,Purple Elephant,or Power Kush.(though there are a lot of other really good indicas as well,but the ones I mentioned are usually instock at dispensaries.

  3. all good things in moderation.I had a girlfriend who smoked constantly like yours. It’s like a few drinks can keep a man hard and counter premature ejaculation, but too much alcohol and he won’t even get it up.
    When she smoked once a week she was a total horn bag, but when she started going all day every day her sex drive died and she started becoming a utter bitch who was always looking for her next cone.It became all that mattered to her.

    All good things in moderation. If your girl is smoking that much every day she’s the pot equivalent of an alcoholic.
    If she was say smoking it once a day once a week, you’d notice the difference.

    I bet she has a high tolerance for weed now smoking more than one should or needs to get high. Get her to take a break for a month or two. Then just a cone or two should get her ripped for most of a day and the pleasant effects will return.

    Seriously if she was drinking scotch from 8am to 10pm would you not see a problem with it?

    Oh and unlike shit like booze, weed is not addictive. Any ‘withdrawals’ are in peoples heads and such effects will pass in a few days.

    So the article is accurate, it’s your GF who is bullshit. Make her clean up her act.

  4. It’s all about the quantity: I use a vapor pen for arthritis and I never get high, just enough to take care of my pain. I am 41 and my libido has suffered for 15 years due to pain, raising children, etc. Marijuana has been a game changer and I love it (my husband is also very ecstatic).

  5. homeboy johnson on

    Certain strains of pot increase my libido and the orgasms are off the chart compared to not using pot. Also at 61 now, I can easily go for sessions with the ole lady that last up to 3 hours without Viagra or Cialis we sometimes have as many as three sessions a day.
    Obviously I am sold on it being an aphrodisiac.

  6. Love your story. I was a little apprehensive about mentioning pot smoking in my book but life after 40 has been gr8 since I started back. I hadn’t smoked in over 20 yrs. I believe I just appreciate the experience more. I suffer from migraines so I do smoke to lessen the pain. I just wish I had a more peaceful place to get…sneaking and smoking is no fun at all. I get a lot chores done tough. P.S…only squirted once and it scared the hell out of me. JEALOUS

  7. J.d. I love having sex with my husband while high…I just wonder why it takes me so long to orgasm? I love the feeling but it can get intense!

  8. I’m a 39 year old female. Sex has been good for me, but not as good as I would like all my life. As I hit my 30’s my sex drive decreased…. a lot. Just lost interest. I was never able to orgasm during sex without manual stimulation, or a man going down on me for at least an hour. I started smoking weed about 2 years ago, but only to manage pain. Ended up having a total hip replacement at 38. Dr.s could not figure out why I was in so much pain. Had me maxed out on medications, so a friend told me to smoke some weed to help with the pain. So I did it only on weekends until my surgery 6/2014. Around March 2015 a friend told me it helps him with his anxiety, which I do have. I pondered on it. I mean what would happen if I got caught??? Ehh…I gave it a chance. Lets just say I’ve been a regular smoker now for the past 6 months. BUT….the kicker, things have changed…LOL. I noticed about 3 months ago that if I think about sex, I get so hot. So I dabbled in masturbating. HOLY SHIT…..I didn’t know I could feel the things I did. And even got myself to squirt. Yea..hid that from my husband for a while. Now when I smoke, everything seems to turn me on. Driving in a car, staring out in the woods, staring up at the sky, a certain touch. My legs always seem to go numb first from my feet to my knees…just such an intense feeling. And even when I don’t smoke, I stay horny as hell. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Just sharing my story. I truly believe that weed has changed something in me….for the better!!! My most favorite spot to smoke is a little swimming hole up the road from me. Quiet, peaceful, and the sound of the water is so intense!! Drives husband nuts I go there a lot, but Im hoping he will understand in time.

  9. When I smoke I can imagine all sorts of things happening to me when I lay down with my husband. Euphoric is the word.

  10. One of my ex-partner was doing her studies at while she was with me, therefore under big stress and had absolutely no interest in sex. Sometime she took space cookies and then she is relaxed and can enjoy sex. Under normal circumstances she was not able to come during normal intercourse, when she was high she did without being touched. I think here it helped, in other cases it doesn’t. It is like all medication, everyone reacts differently.

  11. This article reminds me of part of a chapter from Author Taylor Marie “Loving Infidelity”
    The kush began to fondle Infidelity as she
    felt the seat of the Jeep move beneath her.
    His body weight upon the Jeep caused it to rock as he thrust his fingers
    deep inside her pussy. Her vaginal walls
    lovingly caressed his fingers as he fingered her hot, juicy walls. He began to push downward as he kissed her
    harder and held her hand in his tighter.

    “Mmmm,” Infidelity moaned. She opened her eyes to see him staring into
    hers. His grin seemed to say, “I told
    you this is like nothing you’ve ever had before.” Infidelity placed her feet upon the dashboard
    and looked up at the rooftop. She felt
    utterly euphoric as he fucked her with only his fingers, all five of them. She met his thrusts by raising her buttocks
    and pressing with her feet firmly against the dashboard. In. Out. Back and forth, they swayed. It wasn’t long before the sensitivity of the Kush
    caused Infidelity to feel like his mouth was devouring her love box. She actually thought that he had moved down to
    taste of her sweetness but that was until she looked down and saw that he still
    had his fingers in her. Never had any
    man fingered her so delectably and sensually.

    Occasional had a way of making her body
    respond like it never had before, and he didn’t mind satisfying her and walking
    away with his dick still hard in his pants. He knew that if he satisfied her
    today, she’d be back tomorrow.

    “Oh my God. I am about to cum, baby. Yes, yes, yessss, ye….,” she stammered as she
    reached climax. Her orgasms seemed to
    betray her as she felt what seemed to be her bladder releasing.

  12. The new pill addi is out but seeing how expensive and full of side effects it is my own advice to any woman I know would be try a glass of white wine or a glass of marijuana milk instead that are natural things and not a chemical with further possible unknown harm that may be discovered after many years. There are also a huge range of other herbal products such as horny goat weed, safed musli, balsam flower tea etc. that may be examined

  13. I agree I smoke it all the time me and my husband and every time I smoke it I am horny as fuck

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