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 July 15, 2014
marijuana plant music

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Once upon a time I watched an episode of Myth Busters that explored whether or not playing music for plants helped them grow. When the episode started, the hosts of the show seemed skeptical, as was I the viewer. By the end of the episode, it seemed pretty difinitive that playing music for plants did indeed help them grow, and that heavy metal music in particular worked the best. One of my good friends starting playing heavy metal music for his marijuana plants from that time on, and swears it has helped his plants.

The Myth Busters episode stopped short of providing a solid explanation for why music helped plants grow. An article recently published by Science World Report gives a good explanation about how vibrations, which can be caused by music or other things, help a plant’s photosynthesis process:

“What we’ve found is that when the gaps in energy level are close to vibrational frequencies, you can have enhanced charge separation,” said Ogilvie. “It’s a bit like a bucket-bridgade: how much water you transport down the line of people depends on each person getting the right timing and the right motion to maximize the thoroughput. Our experiments have told us about the important timing and motions that are used to separate the charge in the photosystem II reaction center.”

Certain vibrations help plant’s photosynthesis process. I find this absolutely fascinating. Whether or not marijuana plants prefer heavy metal versus Snoop Dogg is still up in the air, but I think it’s good to play some type of music for them none the less. As with most studies like this, there needs to be more research. If I come across more info, I’ll either modify this article, or post another one. In the meantime I will be creating a 420 friendly playlist for my marijuana plants!


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  • Choom Gang
    • Ken

      Reefer Woman by Liz Mandeville Greeson is great. I’ve never found it on youtube, though. Line from lyrics: I ain’t no skinny little coke whore, I got fat in all the right places! I saw her live, she wasn’t lyin’ about it :-)

  • mlc

    The reason why music helps your cannabis, is , because you like the music your plants are vibrating to,and you spend more time with your plants because of the music. ..your plants take in more Co2 when your around, this works really good in greenhouse . So yah play music to them .I found jazz works best , produces more female and a psychological effects from my plants. ..rock on !

  • Adam L.

    If you are growing marijuana and are hoping to let the plants flourish into buds, then it is important to take proper care of these plants. They are very sensitive and require maximum care. Cannabis cannot be over watered or over fertilized. Also, marijuana seeds are not easy to find depending on which state you live in, so take good care of your plants. Thanks.
    Adam L

    • Humboldt Star

      You know nothing about growing cannabis, i have a indoor set up using straight pro mix and guano teas, in this auto watering system the plants received water every 30 minutes over a 12 hour cycle during flowering. With only 1000 watts of HPS on a light mover I yield 3 pounds plus from 12 5 gallon buckets, the plants were flipped when they were a foot tall, they topped out at around 3 feet. Save your ignorance for yourself

      • fred

        Dude I wouldn’t boast on them kinda yields lol.average in rooms I maintain they get 2lbs off 4 plants every 2 weeks lmao

        • anon

          You are so full of shit

      • Brickcityy

        Ayo humstar

    • Kenny McCormick

      Stfu u copy n paste bitch

  • http://www.onlyweedpens.com WeedLover80

    I saw that episodes of Mythbusters a few years ago too and I wondered the same thing about my plants. I always wondered what effect my music has on them, because I play piano and guitar. I also listen to a lot of music, too. I wonder what type of music my plants prefer? I’m gonna guess that they like stoner rock!

  • millhills

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  • Crackspackle

    Robert Bergman is a homophobic idiot

  • Inna

    I’ve actually seen on Mythbusters I think a similar experiment with bean growth depending on the type of music played.

  • JohnnyGreenThumb

    I did a FULLY CONTROLLED STUDY on this subject, used several climate controls as well as strain controls 3X climates, 3X male, 3X female, 3X strains (Skunk #1, N. Lights, Jack Herer), 3X sativa and 3X Indica and ALL outcomes were the same EXCEPT for the fact that it not only did NOT aid the growth but caused so much stress on some strains they Hermied (turned into hermaphrodite instead of female) the BEST things I have found by far is watts of light per sq. Ft, temp, and air circulation, followed by supporting Nutrients more organic the better (Bat Guano bein one of best). I have been setting up grow rooms for 20 yrs, above and below ground, from closet to industrial sized, all great fun and learned a LOT of great tips and tricks along the way. Music being the least it’s likeness being havin a grow plot next to railroad track.

    • Chip Dooley

      Amen, thought it was just me, did with first few grows and plant’s dying, smaller and just didn’t look right(deep water grow) stopped the music and plants went to 8 feet and buds bigger than my hand and music was only thing I stopped. What something like 1 gram per watt is that per plant or for all? I have a grow room about 20×20 but 5 plants in a 8 by 8 running 400, 600 and 1000 watts lights. Should I get rid of or add 1000 watt bulbs or way set up ok? Thanks, chip

      • Brickcityy

        Chip where you from

        • Chip Dooley

          Brickcityy I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, why?

        • Chip Dooley

          vegas but now plants are 8 feet and about 1 to 2 pounds of chronic. The heat killed in summer and bill was 900 a month, got solar so got the shit going now

          • Brickcityy

            Trying to get a idea of your climate for yeilds

          • Chip Dooley

            my house stay’s between 76 to 80 year around. Have a few more people that grow and we all are pulling a 1 lbs to 1 1/2 with 1000 watt light’s. There in a 400 square foot room so the heat from light’s don’t mess with the plants. Others have in smaller rooms with 8 ft ceiling and the top of their plants getting burned. Taking 90 to 120 days to grow that bi. But can grow 1/4 pound in 60 days

        • Chip Dooley

          vegas, it was 117 the day they died. But getting solar panels in the next month or so and I will have 8 1000 watt light’s with about 15 T-5. Only allowed to grow 12 but I also grow my food inside, hydroponic, aquaponics and meds in dirt.

    • OTOTL

      What music did you play and how loud? The study on Mythbusters depended on the type of music. If it’s being grown near a railway track, are you sure that it is not the vibrations from the train hurtling past that has not shocked them. Apparently from a documentary i saw by Jorge Cervantes mary likes Bach, probably any soft piano, strings etc.. in low volumes, low bess, medium treble. They would probably enjoy spanish guitar music too.

    • stropssports

      Playing metal,rap or country is not going to make your plants grow better

      Play the right type of music.. Play your plants some Ambient or isochronic tones .. Do your controlled test on that . You’ll see a difference.

      Vibrations and enviroment make a huge difference . For example with humans if they are in an enviroment with love and positive affirmations he/she will be a happy person. If a human is in a negative/ hateful enviroment most likely they will end up being a unhappy person…Same goes for the plants. Look in the forests that the sounds of nature stimulate growth…

  • Mary Miller

    Back in the 1970’s Chris BIrd wrote a book, that became the movie called “The Secret Life of Plants”. It was actually a good scholarly piece, and I am fairly certain that “Myth Busters” got their idea from folks who wanted to “poo-poo” this concept. Of course plants react to emotions, to music, to light, to their environment. But then again, we are in the “Woo-Woo” business, so we tend to believe in some things everyone else scoffs, and that ‘s okay. But yes!

  • stropssports

    You guys have no idea what you are talking about. Classical (Hayden, Beethoven, Vivald, Brahms, Schubert, Maher) have been proven to increase plant density and growth. Also, Raga, flute, violin, isochronic tones increase growth . Its the vibrations of the music that stimulate the grow. You have to play the right kind of music.

    • Experiment@420

      Stops sports is right, not so much the wind instruments but the string instruments voila, violin, chelow etc.
      Produce vibrations with the right frequency to stimulate photosynthesis . I read a story about a man in Italy with a small 23 acer vineyard. He put speakers in one small area. Vines within 16 ft had a 30 % yield increase, and those within 8 ft had 50 % increase.

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  • mannybakshi

    I think yes. Plants are also living creature and music does effect on them, like on us.

  • Tim

    When I leave for work, I play things like Mozart,,,and I am a salesman that studies energy and and andenergy,,,it makes a huge difference,,,try Valerie Williams,” surrounded by love”…and I’m old school rocknroll,,,guess I shoulda combed my hair before this pic!……. BTW,seedsman seeds are the best..

  • Hurley2793

    I think it works. I recommend Frank Sinatra personally. They seem very happy with it.