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 March 23, 2013

I haven’t really watched Dog the Bounty Hunter’s show, but it’s always nice to see someone who is recognizable in the public arena come out and talk about marijuana reform. Keeping the conversation going is a big part of the fight to end prohibition.



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  10 Responses to “Dog The Bounty Hunter Talks Marijuana”


    GREAT INTERVIEW! I don’t watch his show and never have. But I must say it’s NICE to have people of HIS stature speak out about the HARMLESS nature of marijuana and acknowledge it medical efficacy as well!

    Thanks Dog!


      “His stature…” That made me lol! This guy, with his flowing golden mullet, doesn’t mark high on my list. Then again Obama may listen to a fellow Hawaiian. Joking aside, free the weed!


    Dog making sense ! Ice is evil ! cannabis is a gift from nature! most of dogs collars are drug retated

    Hawaii has lost many individuals to meth and ice !

    I finally got a peek at “house i live in”

    looks great for ending the DRIUG WAR


    Props to Beth and Duane…..why thinking this clear headed can’t catch on is a mystery to me!!


    Glad to hear that Dog and Beth are on the side of cannabis freedom. They have just warmed my tired heart.


    My favorite compliment so far after one of Lonnie’s cuts

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