Feb 142016
 February 14, 2016

heart marijuanaI received the following heart felt e-mail from the Florida medical marijuana campaign. Please donate if you are able:


For many people on this list, Valentine’s Day isn’t sweet at all—and represents a reminder that the person they’re closest to is suffering or has passed.

This campaign is singularly focused on making sure doctors have the right to help the people you love, when they decide medical marijuana is a good option.

Marijuana can prolong life by reducing seizures, helping with pain and hunger, and serving as an alternative to addictive and often deadly opiate medications.

Our opponents made sure that the suffering patients of Florida had to wait two more years to get relief. For too many, that delay was too much.

Please help us strengthen this campaign by helping us reach our February goal of 500 donors. We only need 398 more:

Contribute here to be one of them.

Thank you.

– Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

Donate to United for Care Here



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