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Donor To Match Oregon Legalization Campaign Contributions Up To $10K


new approach oregonAfter months of gathering signatures, New Approach Oregon is on the brink of qualifying a measure for the November ballot that would regulate, tax and legalize marijuana. Now, with just over four months to election day, the campaign is building a fundraising and voter contact operation to ensure victory in November.

New Approach Oregon is announcing today that a donor has agreed to match all campaign donations from now to July 3, up to $10,000. And if New Approach reaches the $10,000 goal, the donor will give an additional $10,000, matching your dollars two to one. New Approach Oregon asks that you triple your money and donate today at www.newapproachoregon.com/donate!

The New Approach Oregon initiative offers a smarter and safer approach that will legalize a regulated system of marijuana, create new business opportunities, protect children and communities, and generate significant revenue for important public services. The measure would regulate marijuana in Oregon in a manner substantially similar to beer and wine.

“We are poised to make history in November,” said Dan Mahr, New Approach Oregon’s campaign manager. “But campaigns require a significant investment of time and money. And to succeed, it’s critical that everyone who is passionate about legalization invests.”

New Approach needs you to fuel the campaign with a donation of $100, $50, $35 or whatever you can today at www.newapproachoregon.com/donate. Remember, every dollar you give will be matched, and if New Approach reaches the $10,000 goal, your donation will be tripled!

For more information on the campaign: www.newapproachoregon.com.


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  1. Thanks for the push. Done. We have to support each other in our quest for legalization. I hope it’s on the ballot here in 2016.

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