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Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Drug War Chronicle Seeking Writing Interns

drug war chronicle writerBy David Borden

Would you like to spend your internship writing for this publication? Drug War Chronicle is a high-quality newsletter covering the full range of drug policy. Marijuana legalization, sentencing reform, harm reduction, the drug war in Latin America and Asia, are just a few of the issues we follow and report on for our informed and engaged readership.

Interns will assist longtime Chronicle writer/editor Phillip Smith in researching material for feature stories, writing news briefs, and compiling the daily “Chronicle AM” roundups. Interns could also get involved in writing for our blog and with our work.

To apply for an internship with Drug War Chronicle, please send your resume, and writing sample if available, to psmith@drcnet.org and borden@drcnet.org. Internships can begin at any time. Thank you for your interest.

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  • Jetdoc

    This would be a great opportunity for someone. I hope the write ;-) person takes this internship. Wish I was young enough to do it. ;-)

    • Sarijuana

      Me too, Jetdoc, me too.

      • jimheffner

        At 71, I still have not decided what I want to do when I grow up.
        Wordsmithing has an appeal.
        By the way, Cannabis never should have been made illegal.

  • Johnny oneye

    I can send a pack of rolling papers
    that’d be my resume

  • Mongo

    We dont make a good enough points of the industrial and commercial benefits of cannabis, recreational would end up just a small part of the canbabis economy.I believe it could end being bigger than the corn crop

    • betterlivingthruchemistry

      I think the numbers in CO, CA, and WA are showing numbers that eclipse anyone’s imagination. Hemp is, and will continue be important, and equally needed; however, the real tax money comes from the higher percentage taken for recreational use.

      • Mongo

        While robust,It didnt eclipse my imagination. the taxes are too high and the black market still too strong

        • betterlivingthruchemistry

          Never said I liked the taxes, and personally, I don’t think it will ever stem the black market, they can go real cheap. They don’t pay their Master Grower’s 250K a year. But with the taxes, I do believe it will be the only way to get it legalized in the first place. Money has to be an incentive here, or it will stay status quo, until well after I’m dead. I want to do it legally, and realize that will require paying taxes not unlike “Hospitality”, or “Entertainment” taxes. It would be really nice to have a system that only expected sales tax; but that isn’t available with alcohol or cigarettes, either. I am willing to pay the price to get it legalized, that’s all.

          • Mongo

            Ill pay the price too! Once hemp becomes part of the economy medicine, food, fuel, paper, clothing, plastics, building materials and on…itll dwarf recreational cannabis its somewhat comparable to the wine industry vs. the whole alcohol industry industrial included except cannabis is more uses than alcohol and thats what people dont understand.