Easy Marijuana Butter Recipe

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Jun 152012

finished marijuana butterHow To Make Marijuana Butter

Marijuana butter is the backbone of many edible marijuana endeavors. Learn how to make marijuana butter, and you will be very popular. There are SEVERAL ways to make marijuana butter, and this article is by no means the ONLY way to do it. However, this is the marijuana butter recipe that I have refined over the years, and anyone who knows me knows how strong Johnny Green’s marijuana butter is. If TWB readers have a solid marijuana butter method, feel free to post it in the comments so that others can try it out!

I personally make my marijuana butter out of clippings/trim from my friend’s harvests. You can use crushed up marijuana nugs or shake, but I have found this marijuana butter recipe to be as strong as anything out there, so I don’t see the point in using marijuana that I can smoke when I can use marijuana leaves that other people were going to throw away. I use the leaves, not the stems. Stems have far less cannabinoid oil than the water and sugar leaves. Of course, if you want to throw stems in, there’s no reason not to – it’s up to you.

I don’t know how to cook or bake, but I am definitely a science nerd. I once consulted my community college chemistry professor about this marijuana butter recipe, and he pointed out that it’s essentially a chemical reaction. He instructed that we are bonding the oil from the butter with the oil from the marijuana. The more oil you can bond, the stronger the final product. Some things to keep in mind when performing a chemical reaction are surface area, duration, intensity, and the use of a catalyst (in this case heat).

marijuana trim butter food processorI start the process by preparing the clippings/trim. I get all the debri and stems out of the mixture to where all that is left is the sugar and water leaves. Throughout the years, I have found that running the clip/trim through a food processor is the best way to ‘mulch up’ the clip/trim. This is where surface area comes into play.

If you boil a full marijuana leaf, only the outside of the leaf is being reacted upon. But if you turn that same leaf into something as fine as sand, there is more surface area on each little piece of marijuana flake, which unlocks more oil from it. I have used a blender and other means to try to mulch up the marijuana leaves, but a food processor allows you to push the leaves through the blade more efficiently. I can mulch up a huge bag of marijuana trim in no time flat, whether the leaves are dry or fresh.

The next thing to do is fill your pots with the mulch. Whatever size pot you use, fill it about a third of the way with the mulch. That’s what I like about this recipe – it allows you to make marijuana butter out of whatever you can get your hands on. If it’s a small batch of trim, use a small pot. If it’s a good harvest and there’s lots of trim, use multiple pots. Either way, whatever you are using, fill it one third of the way with mulch. From there add sticks of butter and water at a 1/4 ratio, meaning for every stick of butter (4 oz) you add in, put in 16 oz of water. Do this until the entire mixture is filling 2/3 of the container. You don’t want to fill it up all the way, because when it starts boiling it will boil over, and the situation gets serious, trust me!

boiling marijuana butterNow that you have a big pot of floating marijuana flakes and sticks of butter, it’s time to introduce the heat. I like to turn the burner up all the way, and monitor things, stirring as needed. This allows the mixture to get as hot as possible, which is one of the things I talked about with my college professor. Some people will say you need to bring your mixture to a low boil, such as in a crock pot, and let it go for a long, long time (an entire day in some cases). I boil mine as hot as I can get it, then lowering the burner down to about half to 3/4 after things get going. I boil it until about half of the water evaporates from the violent boiling (about 1-1.5 hours). I then add more water until the water level is back to where it was when I started. I will repeat that once or twice. I will put my quicker method up against other people’s slow boil method any day of the week – time tested, veteran approved.

After about three to four hours, there will be a lot of oil floating on top of the mixture. That’s when you know you’re done (if time allows). From there I strain the mixture through a flat strainer that is placed on top of the container that will ultimately go into the fridge. After the water has passed through the strainer, there is a pile of mulch on the strainer. In the past, I would press the mulch up against the strainer to get the rest of the liquid out. I thought I got most, if not all of the valuable oily liquid from the mulch.

marijuana mulch and strainerHowever, one day curiosity got the best of me and I decided to put on some gloves and squeeze the mulch that was left, by hand, to see how much was oily liquid was left after the initial spatula press. Wouldn’t you know it, there’s A LOT more oil left in the mulch, and angry looking oil at that. I can squeeze down a ball of drained mulch from the size of a grapefruit to the size of a plum. All of that is liquidy goodness, and some of the most potent stuff on the planet.

After all the liquid is drained into the container, you will instantly see the oil (on top) separate from the water (on the bottom). Place the container in the fridge overnight. When you wake up the next morning, the oil will have become a solid chunk of marijuana butter. Be careful when taking it out of the container. I’ve had the nasty underwater spill all over my kitchen before, which was not fun to clean up!

Store the marijuana butter in the fridge, but monitor it for mold every couple of days. It should last a couple weeks at least if it’s stored properly in the fridge and moisture is removed from the butter. If you want to avoid the mold problem altogether, put the butter in the freezer. It makes it a little harder to bake and cook with because you have to de-thaw it, but it lasts a lot longer. That’s it!

Now that you know how to make marijuana butter, use it in cookies, brownies, frosting, BBQ, or just about anything!

marijuana butter with water

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • that guy

    If you want to avoid the mold problem altogether, put the butter in the fridge*.

    I think you meant freezer

  • Dan

    Will this smell of cannabis when boiling, or at any other time during the preparation? If so, how strongly?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589318420 Rhea Graham

      YES! It will smell strongly. If neighbors can smell your … dinner cooking, they will be able to smell your Cannabis cooking!

      Johnny Green, I’m curious, do you wash the Cannabis before making the butters?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Boots/100002350610082 Jim Boots

    Good article, ty, I’ve been making this for years. I do prefer a slow cook method though, there is a much greater chance of burning it at the higher temperatures (and if that happens you just wasted the batch and it smells horrible. I’ve done it. lol.) I do use the stove to so I can keep my mixture right at a simmer just below a full boil and under 400 degrees F. I will say this if yore reading this and never cooked it before start small at first get your procedure down then go for a larger amount. As to answer Rhea’s question I do not wash the leaves. You will loose valuable trichomes off of your base material and most of what you want is in them. However I grow mine too, so I know exactly where it comes from and whats on it. If you get it from any other source or use any harmful pesticides then yes it’s better to loose a little than get sick or worse. I also use a coffee grinder because I use all the spare non-smoke able parts of the plant (except for root material that’s only good for paper or rope and i use the seeds to grow more when I let my plant seed a little) The stems can be really difficult to grind though so get a powerful grinder, if you cheap out it will die quick. I love the food processor idea i will try that next time and compare.

    Thanks again for the fresh perspective and the more tips and cookers the merrier In say.

    • Grow Head

      Why do you use mulch?

  • http://twitter.com/GreenThumbcat Green Thumbcat

    I like to clarify the mixture by washing as much chlorophyll out of the plant matter as possible before mixing it with the butter (or coconut oil, margarine, whatever). Water boils at 212F or 100C at sea-level. Any higher, and it evaporates. But the liquid water will never get any higher than the boiling point, so you’re not going to burn your plant matter. If you’re worried, simply simmer it; the main point is to wash the plant matter.

    1. Put your herb in the pot; fill with water; mix well, and turn the heat on. DO NOT COVER the pot or it’ll boil over and then you’re going to have a stinky mess on your hands.

    2. After boiling for about 10-15 minutes, strain the plant matter, discard the dirty water, and put the plant matter back in the pot.

    3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the water you strain out comes through as clear as possible. I’ve done this purification routine 3 times, and that usually washes all the bad flavors out.

    4. After you’ve cleaned your plant matter per the above, put it all back in a pot, fill it with water again — but use less water, because NOW you’re going to add the butter or coconut oil.

    5. Bring the above mixture to a boil and let it go for a couple of hours on a low boil or high simmer.

    6. Now, when you strain it, you’re going to keep the liquid and toss the plant matter. Squeeze every precious drop out of the plant matter, and pour the still-hot liquid into the proper-sized Mason jar for your purposes, seal them tightly, and then TURN THEM UPSIDE DOWN and put them in the fridge once they’ve cooled down to the ambient air temperature.

    7. When the butter has entirely solidified, take each upside-down jar out of the fridge, hold it over the sink, open the jar, and dump the remaining water out. Put clean, cold running water in the jar to rinse the top of the butter well, cover it, and swish it around to clean the inside of the jar, then pour the clean rinse-water out, put the cover back on the jar, and put it back in the fridge. You can keep extras in the freezer. =)

    If you’re only making a couple of pounds of butter, use short, wide-mouth jelly jars no bigger than 8 fl oz or 12 fl oz., and you’ll get like 4-6 gift-size jars. If you’re making like 5-10 lbs of butter and you plan to keep it around for awhile, use wide-mouthed 16 fl oz (pint) jars or even the larger liter jars. Anyone attempting a bigger batch than that should already know wtf they’re doing. =)

    All hail Chairman Meow!
    Green Thumbcat, Head Kitteh in Charge,

  • Roncy lwies

    I will make this with my Cannabis Coffee which will make it more energetic.


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1699196727 Stacie Webster Adams

      you brew the herb with your coffee? how does that taste? and does it work?

  • Tbizzle

    Can you use ditchweed? I got like a pound of it lol

    • Johnny oneye

      yep it comes out brown n nasty ! but it works

  • Dirtydux

    Best recipe I have found. Now I can make use of all the leftovers from Harvest. TYVM!

  • Carisa

    I made this butter it is crazy insane….love it

    • weedgirl

      I tried this and then baked cookies and didnt get high @ all can someone tell me if maybe this has happened t9 them ? What did I do wrong (( and I used ACTUAL marijuana))

  • http://www.facebook.com/georgina.oikawa Georgina Oikawa

    Can I add sugar and use it as a cookie spread?

    • Stephen Kelland

      i mix butter, coconut sugar and rum ,mix well and spread on crackers, nutmeg or cinamon is nice if you like that

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Wright/537584789 Larry Wright

    “Store the marijuana butter in the fridge, but monitor it for mold every
    couple of days … If you
    want to avoid the mold problem altogether, put the butter in the fridge.”

    Only a stoner could write this.

    • Johnny oneye
      • Angela

        Stupid. Learn how to dance

    • pompomk

      however….. you said that you should fridge it while monitoring for mold…… so if i fridge it do i have to search it for mold? cause u basically just said no while saying i should at the same time.
      …….. confusing.

      • OGRastamon

        Exactly my point. Why are you addressing your question to me?

    • roberto

      He meant freezer…hence the “de-thaw” (sic) comment. I agree with your final sentence!

      • OGRastamon

        Aha! Excellent deduction, Holmes.

  • manumoka

    it’s nice that you have lbs. of trim to play with, but what about a recipe (with actual measurements) for those of us who don’t.

    • Johnny oneye

      ounces of shake 2 – ounces 8 brownies

      1./2 oz of excellent bud- 8 very strong brownies

      how many slices out of a pizza pie?

  • Shaggy

    As a chef, I found it interesting that duration was part of your equation, yet you chose to shorten the time frame. Doing this for the first time and following your instructions, but lengthening the duration (cooking time) and doing it low and slow. Will be interesting to see how this comes out. (( Please, let it help my pain… that’s really all I care about! )) I do have to say… of all the recipes I’ve seen, yours makes the most sense chemically. The only difference that I’ll make is the duration. ;-)

    • Johnny oneye

      1 drop of simpson oil on your toungue will eliminate pain and CANCER

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1699196727 Stacie Webster Adams

    Couple of questions :) If you burn it would you know? and when using it for baking for instance cookies, do you use the same amount of butter/oil as the recipe calls for? Should you cook the cookies less or does that matter?

    • Rhea Graham

      1. If you burn it, it’s ruined. You should know by the horrible taste, and smell – and the fact that it doesn’t end your pain or make you feel better.

      2. Yes, “butter is butter” but if you have made it exceedingly strong you could of course use 1/2 medicated butter (organic coconut oil) and 1/2 non-medicated.

      3. No, cook the cookies so they are done. The oven gets to 350, the inside of the cookies doesn’t, so it doesn’t burn the butter/oil. You can cook them lower and longer if you like, but there’s really no reason to.

  • http://twitter.com/JetCityOrange JetCityOrange
  • sunflowerchick

    what happens if it doesn’t solidify in the fridge overnight and stays an oil?

  • justin

    Very very informative, I will give it a try. Thank you

  • that man

    put it right in the freezer for best quality

  • jgirl

    Im making my butter as we speak! 40 grams to 4 sticks of unsalted butter! First time making it, but I have ate many cannabutter goodies. Hope all goes well!!

  • jim jackson

    Please get back to me asap as im trying to make this asap…
    When do you reduce the heat? And when you say you repeat the cooking process, do you mean you boil on high or on medium to medium-high heat?

    • Stephen Kelland

      sorry i was looking at the wrong recipe, i like the slowcooker method best

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003284307084 Muzzy Lu

    There are much easier, less wasteful, and tastier ways to make marijuana “butter.” Don’t use butter; use canola oil or coconut oil. This book has easy ways to grow, harvest and make marijuana edibles that are small and cheap to make, all for only $2.99: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. Learn to make marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints. goo.gl/iYjPn goo.gl/Jfs61

    • JoBob

      canola oil is HORRIBLE in comparison to many others. (COCONUT OIL!) Health, and taste wise.

  • huckforjesus

    Can you use the left over water for anything and does it get you high if drank?

  • Justin

    My question is how much butter to oz of weed ratio do you use for your recipe

    • Rhea Graham

      Pound of butter to an ounce of leaf.

  • 420dad

    Well sounds good to me John,I’m going to make a batch for the trimen party,try to keep the back pain away;-)

  • bill thomas
  • Alex

    Hey Johnny, I’m not a huge baking expert either, but I’m very confident in my physics knowledge.
    While I agree with your ideas about higher heat promoting bonding, I see an issue in your chemistry.

    As Green Thumbcat stated, water boils at 100C at sea level, and any higher it evaporates. The liquid water will always be at 100C if it is boiling. So with the rinse water method the maximum temp and available heat seen by the reaction will never exceed 100C, regardless of how violently it is boiled. So i believe that effect negates your justification.

    In addition, boiling water so violently gives it a lot of kinetic energy, which is transported to the vapor. I would imagine that at this high boil some THC particles may be lost before they are bonded as they can be carried away in this high energy stream. I would think any vapor leaving has the potential to take cannabinoids with it (this is where I’m not sure, as they aren’t water soluble so i think large energy is needed for it to actually launch particles with the steam, think of the extreme case of a water droplet being fired out of the boil).

    As I said I am no expert in biology or cooking with weed; I am a simple physicist, so I hope someone will correct me if i am thinking about it wrong. I am currently trying your method, except keeping it at a minimum consistent boil and keeping it mostly covered so that steam loses energy and deposits heavier particles on lid before escaping. Also I use coconut oil as its healthier and i like the taste!

    • MacBloo


      Yes, all liquid water, at 1 atm of pressure, will boil at 100ºC, but bear in mind that at that temperature & pressure, all gaseous water will condense into liquid water. 100ºC is the transition temperature between the two phases. Further, in a pot of boiling water, not all of the water is 100ºC, that is the average temperature of the water overall, which is why some of the water boils off & some of the water stays liquid, rather than the entire pot of liquid water turning instantly into gaseous water.

      The bubbles that you see coming to the top of the pot are the gaseous water that were formed at the bottom of the pot (closest to the heat source). These bubbles of gas can & will be hotter than 100ºC. Further, when you turn the gas up higher, more heat energy is delivered to the less than or equal to 100ºC water at the bottom of the pot. This, in turn, causes more of the liquid water to more quickly convert to the gaseous form and is why the pot of liquid water boils more rapidly.

      As the bubbles of gaseous water travel to the top of the pot of liquid water, they loose some of the heat energy to the liquid water around it, there by cooling off some, but bringing the liquid around closer to 100ºC. The liquid water at the top of the pot is less than 100ºC (although not by much) because it is exposed to the much less than 100ºC air. As such, the average temperature of the liquid + gaseous water is ~ 100ºC, but the individual molecules of water are not all vibrating at the kinetic energy of 100ºC. And because more heat energy is being delivered by the stove than is being removed by the temperature of the atmosphere, the pot of liquid water will eventually boil off.

      Since the cannabanoids are not water soluble, they can’t be carried off by the gaseous water. I agree though that this would not accelerate the extraction process

      • Dr. B

        And people think stoners are dumb lol BAM

    • Fred

      I use a similar method to make my butter. I have a pot simmering as I type. First of all I use the shade/sugar leaf only. I grind it to a fine powder/flower. I also sift it several times to remove anything that didn’t get pulverized.
      I melt 5 sticks of butter, add five cups of water (one cup per stick) and bring to a boil (not to high, don’t burn the butter!).
      Reduce heat and add the cannaflower slowly (because I use the leaf I add a monster amount of cannaflower, in this case 15 ounces. Yes 15 ounces! You can use less but remember we’re using leaf.) Mix thoroughly, and simmer for at least four hours. You should check your mixture and add some water if needed. After the cooking is done strain the mixture through cheese cloth into a container. Use tongs to squeeze cause its kinda hot and you want to get all the product possible. Put the container in the refrigerator until the butter has separated.There will be some nasty water under that butter so remove the butter carefully. You might also find some residue on the bottom (that’s what all the sifting was for) of the butter. Just scrape it off.and you have your finished product.

  • Astrid Blue

    can you smoke the weed after you use it to make the butter

    • bryan

      the majority of the thc would have coupled with the oil from the butter, if you could get it dry enough it would be interesting to see what it would taste like, but you wouldnt get high from it for anything

    • Marty Hackler

      I certainly wouldn’t try to …. it’s really nasty and you would essentially be smoking grass clippings.

  • medicalbud


    • Dani

      tell that to my cookies……they are the best!!

  • Cannabutterbuddy

    If that’s the case, how do people bake with it? You gonna bake brownies under 200 degrees? Or are you talking about the initial cannabis oil extraction process? I find it hard to believe that submerging Miss Jane in any liquid especially a combination of water and butter, would give her any chance of losing her juices to evaporation between said temperatures.

    • Rhea Graham

      It starts decarboxilating at 222. Decarboxilation activates the THC which is usually considered to be a good thing. The inside of the cookies do not get up to temp, only the oven does.

  • danyrae

    I have a ton of oil, we made. How can I bake with this? Very strong …
    Wanting to make caramels, suckers..etc

    • Rhea Graham

      Mix it with coconut oil, butter, etc. Naturally occurring fats.

  • ;)

    Does it matter if its fresh or does it have to ne dried first?

    • Rhea Graham

      Needs to be dry first.

  • storm raindrop

    This is my first time making butter.. I had a plant! so here I go!!
    Do i need to frig it??

  • storm raindrop

    how do i make a pic for profile ???

  • harro007

    you say its strong stuff, and by that I understand its got strong effects, what strain of weed you use and what amount of butter would you use lets say only over a piece of bread, and get a very strong high?

  • Robin

    That is how I make it too. Except I line a bowl type meshed strainer with cheesecloth. After a couple squeeze downs i lift the cheese cloth out and use a pair of tongs to squeeze the rest out. I am gonna invest in a pair of oven gloves soon ;) I have only been doing this for a few months. I do have a question for ya though lol. You know after you dump the butter out and flip it over, it has that NASTY, what I call bong water butter? Is that any good? lol I scrape it off and dispose of it.

    • Pxy Cris

      NO NO! sont throw it out… FREEZE it and use a spoonful of it in your medicated breads and cookies! I also made awesome salad dressing using the remnants. USE everything but the water itself!

    • https://www.facebook.com/IamHasher Hasher

      Some people refer to that as the cream and its supposedly where the most potent quantity of THC will be found. I save mine each time then test it each time I make butter. So far, every single time the cream is stronger than that actual butter. I would start saving that. Just remember that the oils do not mix with the water so when you pull your butter, use a strainer and get ALL that extra stuff that is floating around. Only dump that swamp water out, keep the rest. Also don’t confuse the layer on the bottom of the bowl as the good stuff. That’s usually left over plant matter than can safely be discarded.


    • https://www.facebook.com/IamHasher Hasher

      Some people refer to that as the cream and its supposedly where the most potent quantity of THC will be found. I save mine each time then test it each time I make butter. So far, every single time the cream is stronger than that actual butter. I would start saving that. Just remember that the oils do not mix with the water so when you pull your butter, use a strainer and get ALL that extra stuff that is floating around. Only dump that swamp water out, keep the rest. Also don’t confuse the layer on the bottom of the bowl as the good stuff. That’s usually left over plant matter than can safely be discarded.


    • Rhea Graham

      What works really well is to clarify your butter first… get rid of all the milk fat (white) so you have only butter fat. Use good butter, unsalted. It works best when clarified because you can get it hotter. It has a wonderful flavor as well. Here’s a simple recipe for preparing the butter (which you will then infuse with the Cannabis). http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2010/03/how-to-clarify-butter-recipe/

      • animalbag

        Finally someone who seperates the butter first ! warm the butter till melted pour in glass container,you will have 3 layers after cooling in frig. for a few hours the top 2 layers is what you want ! the bottom layer should be tossed away. That’s getting more THC into your product that would have been wasted if this step was skipped.

  • southern California

    hey my name is angel im from California if you need top shelf bud email me at firecalibud@live.com

    • tonya

      Hey angel! Lol! I was lookin4a butter recipe:)this is uour aunt tonya

  • Valekyrie

    Thanks for the chemistry lesson. I’ve been making my butter in my slow cooker, I call it the lazy way :D
    I use coconut oil instead of butter. Will the fat bond the same as with butter?

    • Rhea Graham

      Coconut oil is the very best oil for Cannabis infusion.

  • Strumpet

    Is there an actual ratio of fresh/frozen leaves to butter that you use?

    • Rhea Graham

      1 oz leaf: 1 lb butter.

  • Joshua ThunderHeart Mazingo

    The top looked like an EMERALD Gummy Biscuit when I put it in the fridge. I did 2 sticks of unsalted butter, like 1/4 tsp vanillin, and a half. Vigorous rolling boil for 3.5hrs, boiled down 2/3rds and toped off with water 4 times. ^_^ gloves ^_^

  • Chey

    Do you have a video on how to make this

  • Guest

    Can you do this method with leftover vaped

    • Rhea Graham

      Yes, butter can be made with vaped “exhaust”. It makes wonderful pain relieving meds!

  • Lo Bar

    everytime I read an article here on this site, I leave with more insight,,surprised? yes,,but very grateful it exist. gracias!

  • sgarcata

    In the 2nd to last paragraph, you wrote ” If you want to avoid the mold problem altogether, put the butter in the fridge.” I think you meant “freezer” instead of “fridge”.

  • Gary Hickman

    if you sift the shake through a silk screen or even a unscented nylon you will get the resin and not the green leaf, like you are making hash and use the resin melted into just butter and strained through a silk or nylon the butter wont be as green and really potent

  • Bob Peel

    ” I boil mine as hot as I can get it, then lowering the burner down to about half to 3/4 after things get going. I boil it until about half of the water evaporates from the violent boiling (about 1-1.5 hours). I then add more water until the water level is back to where it was when I started. I will repeat that once or twice. I will put my quicker method up against other people’s slow boil method any day of the week – time tested, veteran approved.”

    Seriously, boiling is 212*F for water. If the water is at boil, it is 212*F and can get no hotter no matter what you do.

    • cheezydope228

      the oil can get hotter than 212*f therefor raising the temperature of the water

      • LightningFrazier

        During a state change, a substance cannot increase or decrease in temperature. Boiling is a transition phase from liquid to gas, and the temperature will not increase during the transition.

    • Marty Hackler

      oil maintains a different boiling point

  • Tosca Watson

    what if you don’t have access to trimmings? How much/what grade of weed would you use to get half a pound of butter?

    • Rhea Graham

      An ounce of trim to a pound of butter is typical.

      • jonny2times

        fuckin week sauce dude get potent butter… 5-6 oz of trim per pound

  • MonyMony

    ”de-thaw” hahaa as in ”un-freeze” cute Thanks for the laugh & the recipe :O)

    • Lol

      Lol thats a real word douche

      • Zeeebra

        to de-thaw would be to un-melt… thus to de-thaw is to freeze….

    • Lol

      Lol thats a real word douche

  • optoutter

    Seeing all these recipes for oil & butter have me a little perplexed. They all seem over-complicated or I am seriously missing something. I am a little older & so prefer to ingest, my smoking days are done now, and I enjoy the gradual & extended more subtle experience. I am experienced cook so I make a variety of cookies; recipes using ingredients like big chunks of ginger, dark chocolate, himalayan pink salt, black cherries, etc. Heck, they might as well taste great. Anyway…have been ‘baking’ for a few years from our ‘Own grown’. I take a mixture (shake, bud) grind in a coffee grinder until powdered. Remove any really nasty hard stem bits. Then I take the amount of butter that is required in the recipe, i.e. 1c . I put it in the frying pan on low. When it is melted I add the green. The amount depends on the strain & how strong or mild I want my cookies. From a couple of buds to 3/4 C of the powder. I cook this on low heat for about 2-3min. Then I simply add this to my recipe. Proceed to bake the batch.
    I provide my cookies to MANY people, ALL of whom have had many types of cookies from various sources. ALL maintain that mine are the BEST cookies, in every way. Honestly, they are magical cookies.
    **So here’s my question (apologies for that rather lengthy lead in)**
    WHY all that slow cooking for soooooo long? I have seen many variations of your method that you have shared , ~ps. yours is by far the best, and have not found one method the one I use. I actually just started it myself, I guess as a cook, kind of instinctively. I am genuinely amazed. It is so much quicker the way I describe & they are often too potent, have had to really tone them (some) down. So it can’t be a question of potency.
    Would so appreciate your input.
    Peace _/_

    • Rhea Graham

      Cooking it longer will usually give it better flavor, less of a “green grass” and more of a “mellow cannabis”. Some of us don’t leave the Cannabis leaf, etc in the butter after we process it …

    • Marty Hackler

      THC is a fat soluble molecule. Adding heat allows the oils to escape from the mulch/clippings. These molecules will then bind to the butter fat. Try to think of it like soap and dirt/oil. The soap binds around the outside of the oil molecule and allows it to be removed/washed away. In the butter instance you have the butter acting as the soap and the oil acting as well… the oil. Butter and water don’t mix and will separate out in the cooling process… maintaining a very large portion of the oils released in the heating process.

    • Helen Highwater

      I knew someone who used this method and their brownies were the best I’ve ever had. Like you, I have not seen your recipe in the many I have seen. Thank you for posting this here. It is exactly the recipe I needed. I do not have time to cook something for 24 hours then cool for another 24. This is perfect and tasty and potent. Thank you!

  • optoutter

    Can ANYONE respond to my query below…I am no chemist or physicist, but I am still scratching my head as to WHY all the boiling & such a long cooking time. If you read my recipe, it is very quick & my cookies (often using just leaves) are very potent! Really curious bout this. Is my Own Grown just THAT good..?? Thanks. _/_

  • John

    I would put the finished butter in a ice cube tray, then put that in the freezer. that way you can just take out a small cube of butter, throw it in! no mess, no hassle of thawing it out, and easy to measure out for recipes!

  • crispy_critter

    Actually in 40 years THIS is by far the fastest, easiest way to make butter, oils, and tinctures. http://magicalbutter.refr.cc/DPTQ9MN