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Emails May Reveal Obama’s Motive in Medical Marijuana Crackdown


Latest Emails Show the Extent Of Obama’s Ties To The Pharmaceutical Industry

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On the campaign trail Barack ‘Blaze a Blunt’ Obama promised not to sell out to special interests, but to stand up for change. Yet when big pharma came knocking at his door with a pile of money, he quickly changed his tune. The latest batch of emails released by House Republicans prove Obama will give in to any industry, so long as it serves his personal political purpose regardless of promises made to the contrary.

Back in 2009, drug industry lobbyists sought to stop Obama from supporting a bill aimed at lowering medicine prices by allowing the reimportation of certain pharmaceuticals. The obvious lever: support for his plan to overhaul healthcare. On June 3, 2009, a lobbyist sent an email to the presidents chief healthcare advisor, Nancy-Ann DeParle. Her response was that the administration had “made a decision, based on how constructive you guys have been, to oppose importation on the bill.”

During his campaign, Obama attacked the pharmaceutical industry, but as we all now know, when the chips are down, Obama folds like a wallet. The emails also detail Obama’s deep reliance on big pharma to finance the adevertising campaign in support of his healthcare overhaul. With Obama on the end of big pharma’s leash, no wonder he continues to crackdown on medical marijuana.

Basically, the prescription drug industry gave Obama 80 billion dollars in support of his healthcare plan in exchange for favorable treatment on other issues. From the beginning Obama promised to open up the decision making process to public view, but when the big drug boys came calling, all bets were off, and Obama starting making back-room deals. I wonder how many back-room deals he’s made with respect to cannabis?

As an example of Obama’s two-faced dealings consider this email sent by a union boss after meeting with Jim Messina, Obama’s then Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, to discuss financing the healthcare overhaul advertising campaign, “They plan to hit up the ‘bad guys’ for most of the $, they want us to just put in enough to be able to put our names in it – he is thinking @100K.”

Ultimately, the deals were made, and Obama gave up his principles for dough. Bryant Hall, then senior vice president of the pharmaceutical group, said it best, “We got a good deal.”

Democrats have rushed to the President’s defense claiming it’s just business as usual. Hold on just a minute. I seem to remember something about change. Beyond his general statements, Obama specifically attacked big pharma on the campaign trail stating:

The pharmaceutical industry wrote into the prescription drug plan that Medicare could not negotiate with drug companies. And you know what? The chairman of the committee who pushed the law through went to work for the pharmaceutical industry making $2 million a year. That’s an example of the same old game playing in Washington. You know, I don’t want to learn how to play the game better. I want to put an end to the game playing.

Yeah right bud. We now know that was just the sort of double talk we’ve come to expect from Obama. I hope when his head stops spinning it’s still facing forward, or ‘Million Dollar Mitt’ might beat him in November. Obama had better snap out of it before it’s too late. I really don’t want see how bad things can become in this country under another dunderheaded Republican–do you?

Source: http://republicans.energycommerce.house.gov/Media/file/PDFs/20120531ObamacareDeals.pdf



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  1. It absolutely does however as a realist I must take into count the odds of him being able to do anything about it. His son reluctantly supports our hemp bill here in KY but not a word about the med mmj bill sb11. With that in mind, i must throw my support where it is most likely to have the outcome i want. Cool Barry at this point dosen’t have to do anything but let the States make the change. Best odds, support Dems and Rep Polis’s bill to end mmj prohibition.

  2. Thereby guaranteeing that he would not be re-elected. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t do that to support maybe 10% of the population that uses marijuana and fails to vote in every election. You believe in your own importance, don’t expect others to follow suit.

  3. Well, mindless zombies and anyone with a memory will see that under Republicans the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why poor people continue to vote for Republicans is beyond me. Perhaps ‘mindless living’ describes those? We do agree on incremental change being the path of reform but the road probably does lead to Big Pharma controlling all the drugs through their buddy the FDA. Me, I want Big Grocery to win the battle and put it in there next to broccoli, where it belongs.

  4. Romney/Obama are both the exact same.  I’m astonished that either still have support, especially within this circle.  Watch Ron Paul argue for drug law reform infront of a bunch of douchebag “conservatives” and tell me that doesn’t move you..

  5. “They who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 to prove they were not a
    racist,will have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove they’re not an
    idiot.” ~ Anonymous

  6. Except that Romney will not legalize mmj.  Our best chance is with the Dems whether we like it or not.  Could it be he’s playing them till after the election?  He really needs that money to get reelected.  With out reelection nothing will happen at least on the national front.

  7. Whoopingwhirl on

    The dunder headed republican will do a much better job managing the country and economy than Obama.  Obama is just as rich as the people he demonizes. The only people that dont see that are the mindless Obama zombies that are clinging to the fallacy that he actually gives a shit about them. Marijauna reform is slowly coming about. It is not going to change overnight. Whether there is a democrat or a republican in the white house the reform will keep happening. It is a movement that cannot be stopped by any political party

  8. Here is my source. See for yourself:

  9. I refuse to coddle Obama simply because he’s the lesser of two evils. I’m a former Marine, and know this: I love this country. Come hell or high water I’m not leaving. Heading to Canada is not a solution. We must stop picking between dunce one or dunce two. I pretty much despise all politicians equally. I will not throw my hat in the ring with a man who makes back-room deals with the devil. Will you?

  10. Ha ha …The LUNATIC has been at the helm for the last term as president.


  11. All marijuana consumers, and lovers of freedom, should not allow themselves to be fooled again. Obama will NEVER spend any “political capital” on marijuana reform. Both major parties are totally corrupt on this issue ( as well as other issues, of course).
    The best candidate is Governor Gary Johnson, in the Libertarian Party. Not only did he save New Mexico from financial disaster, he was the driving force behind that state’s implementation of medical marijuana. He is also that rare, HONEST politician. What he says he will do, he does. Johnson says:
    >>>”The parallels between drug policy today and Prohibition in the 1920’s are obvious, as are the lessons our nation learned. Prohibition was repealed because it made matters worse. Today, no one is trying to sell our kids bathtub gin in the schoolyard and micro-breweries aren’t protecting their turf with machine guns. It’s time to apply that thinking to marijuana. By making it a legal, regulated product, availability can be restricted, under-age use curtailed, enforcement/court/incarceration costs reduced, and the profit removed from a massive underground and criminal economy.
    By managing marijuana like alcohol and tobacco — regulating, taxing and enforcing its lawful use — America will be better off. The billions saved on marijuana interdiction, along with the billions captured as legal revenue, can be redirected against the individuals committing real crimes against society.”

  12. No, J., and stories like this could assure it for us. If Romney wins, I will be checking on how to make a living from Canada. What’s the source of your references to e-mails released by the Republicans? (Surprise, surprise.)

  13. You won’t believe it when the email is posted either. You already said so above: you’d just claim the email header was forged.

    People like you aren’t really as intelligent as they think they are or pretend to be. 

    For example: You’re not “skeptical” – you are an Obama supporter, a true-believer in the President. If you were “skeptical,” you’d wonder why the president has a history of saying one thing and doing another. You wouldn’t just excuse it, and you certainly wouldn’t attack others who ask questions.You are, quite frankly, merely the mirror image of the Republicans you hate.

  14. Obama could order the rescheduling of marijuana right now.
    He could make it a prescription drug. Like cocaine.
    Right here. Right now. In the “land of the free.”
    No Congressional approval needed.
    Executive order.

    You believe the Big Lie if you must.
    But don’t insist others adopt your blind trust.

  15. The emails were not written by Republicans, they simply made the request which revealed them. This isn’t about partisanship, it’s about truth. 

  16. The reason its a two party system is because they have lobbyist who funnel dirty money into massive campaigns on TV and everywhere else. 3rd party candidates dont get that kind of money and cant advertise like the big two so the masses only see 2 candidates. Not like they count our votes anyway.

  17. No surprises there.. First you would have to believe that when a politician makes a “promise” that it actually means something, which it does not. Of course he would give in to Big Pharma and their boat loads of cash. Big Money has always decided the president and has always made the rules. Its a legal form of bribery and payoffs, and its the biggest problem in the country. Lobbyists are dirty. They funnel dirty money to politicians in order to be granted special favors from those in power. Its a scam. Welcome to America, land of the enslaved.
    Saldy, he is still better than Romney who thinks anyone with cancer that smokes a joint should be put in jail for life. What a retard. This country is going down the crapper and no one cares.

  18. Yolandanelson31 on

    You are quoting something that you can’t even reference! When you post the actual email then I will think about giving what you claim some credibility.

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