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Emergency National Mobilization To Deschedule Marijuana


washington dc marijuana legalizationDCMJ—the organization that played a critical role in passing Ballot Initiative 71, which legalized marijuana in our nation’s capital—along with leaders, activists, advocacy groups and citizens will gather along Pennsylvania Avenue directly north of the White House to demand that President Obama use his authority to reschedule cannabis now. Why on April 2nd? The Obama Administration has been a big ZERO on cannabis reform, so DCMJ is rescheduling and actively removing the “ZERO” from “4/20.”

DCMJ has officially requested that President Obama reclassify cannabis as a less harmful substance multiple times since he has taken office in January 2009.  However, no action has been taken to reschedule cannabis to date. Meanwhile, the placement of cannabis in the same category as drugs like heroin—which brutally kills thousands of Americans each each year—remains not only irresponsible, unjust and unfitting, but also makes a continued mockery of the Controlled Substances Act.

On Saturday, April 2 at 4:20 p.m. in response to the Obama Administration’s lack of action on descheduling cannabis, Americans will gather at The White House to demand immediate action is taken. Event participants will also help to carry a 51 foot “joint” at what is being called the ”Emergency National Mobilization to Reschedule Cannabis.”

DCMJ is willing to call off this mass-consumption of cannabis should President Obama agree to a responsible and ethical dialogue at a Cannabis Summit, which would bring together leaders from a broad spectrum of industries to openly discuss more effective drug policies, drug classifications and approaches to the failed “War on Drugs” passed down and inherited by the Obama Administration.

“While President Obama may have inherited failed drug policies, he also has an obligation to address these failures in a meaningful and responsible way,” said Adam Eidinger, founder of DCMJ.  “As we approach the twilight of his administration, we are calling on President Obama to take immediate action before it is too late. President Obama’s overall apathy on the issue only enables countless men of color and others to be needlessly incarnated, medical research to be placed on hold for no good reason and the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug to carelessly continue.  The real crime here is the President’s inaction and frankly, the American people deserve — and thought they elected — better.  These injustices must stop now before more lives are ruined and the immoral imprisonment for cannabis-related crimes continues.”

WHO:  Speakers from DCMJ, cannabis advocacy groups, industry activists,  civic leaders

WHAT:  Emergency Mobilization to Reschedule Cannabis Demonstration

51 foot Joint and amazing visuals for TV and stills.

When:  Saturday, April 2 at 2:00 p.m.

**Note: At 4:20 p.m. there will be a mass-consumption of cannabis.

WHERE:  Along Pennsylvania Ave. located directly north of the White  House between 15th and 17th Streets, Washington, D.C.


• Join mass mobilization on 4/2 along Pennsylvania Ave. located directly north of the White House between 15th and 17th Streets, Washington, D.C.

• Click  Going” and invite your friends on DCMJ Facebook page

•Tweet with the hashtag #Reschedule420

•Call The White House 202-456-1111 and tell President Obama to deschedule cannabis

•Forward the news to your friends

Volunteer with DCMJ on 4/2 to help things run smoothly

Source: Reschedule 420 press release


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  1. 1) Tell me one issue that Bernie is campaigning on that you think is a good idea for policy in our country. 2) Tell me SPECIFICALLY how Trump is better on this issue than Hillary

    If you will not answer these questions then you are a fraud; not a real supporter of Bernie Sanders.

    We all know the issue isn’t marijuana: http://www.theweedblog.com/donald-trump-is-getting-some-very-negative-reports-about-colorado-marijuana-legalization/ Lololol

    And no, calling Hillary a “liar”, a “whore”, “evil”, or “trash” is not a specific answer to any question. In fact you have called her 17 names in this comment section, but you have never pointed out anything specific that she has done wrong, or any of her policy ideas that is bad.

  2. Blake Beagelsmith on

    no; you are brainwashed.
    hillary has been a filthy criminal sociopath for over 20 YEARS IN GOVERNMENT. only a FOOL would vote for her. she is undoubtedly the WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE. you will never convince anybody different. you obviously have no idea how DISGUSTED the majority of Americans are by the TRASH clinton oligarchy. NO MORE.

    Trump is not even a politican yet. he would have to be an EVIL politcan for upwards of 20 YEARS to even get CLOSE the the treachery of clinton. wake up; she will NOT be president. stop dreaming. it is SANDERS or TRUMP.

  3. I just gave one of the many logical and well thought out reasons why any Bernie fan, progressive, or liberal (like myself) would be much better off voting for Hillary than Trump. It seems like you did not read to the end of my comment.

    Instead of arguing against anything that I said, you came back with ad hominem personal attacks without any evidence. Genocide, WTF are you even talking about? If you actually cared about war and war crimes, you would never vote for someone who advocates torture, killing terrorists families, and nuclear proliferation.

    You made your account a month ago, and all you do all day long is shit on Hillary Clinton. YOU are the only fake liberal that I see. I am not saying that you are a paid troll for Donald Trump, but there are trolls out there that pretend to be Bernie supporters and use the same attacks that you use.

    Compare Bernie Sanders’ actual statements on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and you will find who he will really support if given the choice between the two. He will tell this to your face on live TV before the DNC convention when he endorses Hillary Clinton. When this happens, I will be back here in this comment section to laugh at you. Hopefully by then you will have seen the light and decide to vote for Hillary, or at the very least stay the hell home. Trump is cancer. If you vote for him you are a scumbag fake-liberal traitor.

  4. Blake Beagelsmith on

    and that is why REAL liberals will never vote for the genocidal supporting; warmongering sociopath; conservative wall street whore elite; clinton.

  5. If you give even two shits about anything Bernie Sanders stands for you would never ever consider voting for trump or any Republican for president. A Republican president would pack the Supreme Court with a conservative majority that would last for generations.

    Do you care about money in politics?? We are so close to overturning Citizens United in the Court. This is the only possible way to get money out of politics barring some ridiculously unlikely constitutional amendment.

    I know you hate Obama, but whatever your feelings about him, you have to admit Kagan and Sotomayor were excellent picks for justices. I expect more of the same from Hillary, maybe better if we have a Democratic Senate.

  6. Ah, the Ashkenazi will dis the goy every time. It’s their code. The Zero has no affection for the USA as he has (again, like Bush) allowed the doubling of the National debt – to over $17 Trillions , most of which is controlled by Israel’s own poster boy zionista Rothschild. They like that we the taxpayers are their global plantation slaves, also handing over $5,Billion a year in foreign aid.

  7. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    On 04-November-2015,
    Senator Bernard Sanders introduced Senate Bill 2237,
    the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015”,
    to remove cannabis from the federal CSA,
    (federal DE-scheduling of cannabis, to let each state decide for themselves).

    However, SB 2237 has yet to receive senate support or co-sponsors…

    Please contact your own state’s senators and
    ask them to support / co-sponsor SB 2237:

    ^^^ Above link is to NORML’s Take Action page for SB 2237 ^^^

    ~ ~ ~ Bernie Sanders says “Legalize IT already!” ~ ~ ~

  8. Blake Beagelsmith on

    that lead took quite the dip; and it will take quite a few more. take a look of the map of washington; and how badly hillary lost EVERY SINGLE county. educated Americans refuse hillary. i will easily vote for trump over hillary; if need be. she will never be our president.

  9. Angalee Jones on

    Remove cannabis/marijuana from any all all drug lists…it’s a food like spinach and grapes….all should have the freedom to grow nature and consume it. IT is genocide to keep necessary nutrition and growing edible food or medicinal plants full of nutrition from people animals need cannabis too. Cannabis is a human right….it was the worlds most important crop in the 1920’s and in thousands of products, cannabis was a patented medicine by big pharma companies before being prohibited big names that some are still in business or were bought out. Cannabis has not ever killed anyone these restrictions are absurd…bicycles kill and they are everywhere so are cars. Kids can get behind the wheel of a dangerous machine at 15 and 16. Die and or kill in wars at 18 but are not allowed to consume a super food like cannabis…when George Washington grew and smoked it so he was a criminal then right….when right now Israel has done thousands of studies and other countries… our lying government wants each state to pay for their own research to regurgitate the obvious same studies …cannabis is a health giving food like spinach, kale with the benefit of being heated it’s good for pain and a feeling of well being. CANNABIS/MARIJUANA IS NUTRITION…if parents don’t want their kids smoking it …smoking is a parental issue not governments. Don’t government have enough real problems than to obsess about others plant consumption or sex life or their own personal health issue or gardening by individuals. We demand full Federal Repeal and we don’t need each state having different cannabis laws we need one law…the freedom to grow and consume this super food.

  10. You’re talking about a “president” who went to a baseball game with a communist dictator during a terrorist attack. Dont expect much from his lazy a$$ just vote for bernie. At least I can look myself in the mirror and state I never voted for the racist punk liar.

  11. There is a difference that’s one person, it would be better if instead of one person doing millions of seeds millions of people do thousands of seeds.

  12. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Yes it was.
    Obama MOCKED the highest-trending topics that day,
    (cannabis law reform, pot re-legalization, medical marijuana, industrial hemp, et. al),
    posted to the Electronic Town Hall Meeting message boards in the days prior to
    his live telecast that Thursday.

    At that point, I regretted casting a vote for him in the 2k8 General Election,
    (not that I was at all impressed w/ his vague rhetoric on “reforming the drug war”,
    just voted for him, only to prevent a Republican from gaining the White House),
    and subsequently, casting my ballot for Jill Stein, Green Party instead, in 2k12.

    Obama did allow Colorado’s and Wa-State’s
    voter-approved legalization to proceed in 2k13,
    (despite a tenuous state-federal legal schism;
    a hypothetical Pres McCain, instead would’ve just said, “follow federal law”),
    and Obama did later “admit” that pot is “no worse than alcohol”,
    (to the chagrin of former DEA head Michelle Lyingheart),
    however, he could have done much more for cannabis law reform, (and hasn’t),
    deferring those decisions to a largely Republican House and Senate.

  13. saynotohypocrisy on

    Was that the same day he made fun of his supporters for wanting him to address the subject? I haven’t forgotten that act of disrespect.
    He’s a living stereotype, the guy who liked weed when he was young, but repudiated that part of his life and now has no sympathy for people doing what he did, to the point of not even having any respect for medical marijuana. What a loser.

  14. Rastas also declare cannabis/ganja to be the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. Truly a gift from God; food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. It has been mankinds companion and helpmate since the beginning. Any law against it is a crime against humanity, creation and the Creator.

  15. I voted for him already, and I’ll vote for him again if he’s nominated, but the only way that will happen now is if Hillary gets hit by a bus.

    Do you understand how big a lead 295 delegates is? He could win every single state left and still lose. He would need to start winning in a huge landslide, and there is no evidence that is happening at all.

  16. Blake Beagelsmith on

    hillary is a record liar. she will say whatever her sponsors pay her to say. trash.

  17. Blake Beagelsmith on

    the choice for anybody that is not a warmongering sociopath is bernie sanders.

    i hope you were joking there bud. or you MUST be another baby boomer…

  18. I voted for Bernie once, but he has a 0% chance of winning a write-in campaign.

    He will explain this all to you when he endorses Hilary in 6-12 weeks.

    I am not wasting my vote in November. Google “Ralph Nader 2000”.

  19. saynotohypocrisy on

    True. But after his recent comment that he won’t be doing either, even his rescheduling would be a big miracle.

  20. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Obama needs to DE-schedule, NOT RE-schedule cannabis.
    Support Senator Sanders’ SB 2237 senate bill to DE-schedule.

  21. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    And he “laughed” at the thought of legalization on Th-26-Mar-2k9…
    (I have NOT forgotten that day!).

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