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Eric Holder’s Drug Policy Record Racked With More Failures Than Accomplishments

Eric Holder drug policy reform marijuanaBy Alizeh Siddiqui

The impending departure of Eric Holder from the attorney general’s office has had many people analyzing his actions regarding the drug war during his tenure at the Department of Justice. Despite being present for some meaningful reforms, many think that Holder could have done so much more. According to Eric Sterling’s critique of Eric Holder’s drug policy record:

“Since Holder’s resignation yesterday, many advocates of drug policy reform are giving Holder high marks for his accomplishments, especially when compared to his recent predecessors. But taken on his own terms, Holder was a weak attorney general, and late to push for what he probably knew in his heart to be the right course of action. He failed to use his very close relationship with the president to improve and rationalize the criminal justice system and US drug policy sufficiently that these reforms would have acquired a permanence and acceptance—and that would have ensured his legacy. Holder’s legacy is more words than deeds.”

Read the rest of the critique here.

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  • painkills2

    Are we still talking about him?

  • Denny

    He’s still in the position until a replacement is named and takes over.
    Odds are it will be more of the same, or worse.
    All talk, but no follow-up action has become the usual political game.

  • Can you imagine what kind of AG we’d have had under President John “Hippie Puncher” McCain or Willard “What’s Hemp” Romney?

    “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”–MLK

    • David

      Didn’t Romney and his friends sheep -sheer a “long hair” when he was young? I vaguely remember hearing about it during the 2012 election. I was in Highschool ’68-69-70-71 I remember these kind of guys well……..UGH!

  • mike1188

    Most government officials who believe that prohibition does not work and that marijuana is safe don’t do enough they play it safe.

  • QQ#more

    You can dress a POS in a suit and tie but its still a POS. Holder may have been better than the ones before him but you still need to wipe after you pass him. Just saying.

  • Cyndysub

    I heard that he plans on becoming a lobbyist and I think that lobbying needs to be outlawed.

    • Captain Obvious

      Like it or hate it(like most) it will be interesting to see those lobbyists in DC compete with the new cannabis industry lobbyists that have access to similar budgets and tax revenue for bargin. However, it is most disgusting when a politician becomes a lobbyist. Then they can let everyone know who they worked for all along like the whore they are.

    • David

      Lobbying is OK. It’s the huge amounts of cash which coincide with lobbying that needs to change. We have the conservative Supreme’s to thank for for this mess.