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Ethan Nadelman And Kevin Sabet Debate Legalizing Marijuana On CNN


Ethan Nadelmann is the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, the most influential and effective marijuana reform organization in America. Kevin Sabet is the face of the anti-marijuana movement, which of course is far from effective and doesn’t really influence anyone, which is why we never really see anyone else on the ‘con’ side of the marijuana debate. Both men recently appeared on CNN to debate the merits (or the alleged lack thereof in Kevin’s case) of marijuana legalization. Below is video footage of the debate:


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  1. Vern La Vernon on

    that cnn corp maliciousness was designed to infotain and staged precisely to discredit the herb.

    ethan, not our ideal posterboy, is well informed, tireless and still enthusiastic after years of leaning into the sh!tstorm.

    hey e howz about a mustachio and open collar image upgrade?


  2. Last weeks Gallup Poll election results when broken down by political view, clearly shows a HUGE disparity (30+%points) between liberal and conservative voter’s on legalization votes . Just because you prefer to remain apolitical on this subject doesn’t mean others must too.Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

  3. Republicans are kinda like cops — it’s hard to like any of them when you’ve never met one that was nice to you. :)

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