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Fat Albert Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Fat Albert Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Fat Albert marijuana strain gets its name from the classic cartoon. The Fat Albert marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, originating in the Pacific Northwest. The Fat Albert marijuana strain is a cross between Albert Walker and Deep Chunk. The Fat Albert marijuana strain is known for its citrusy taste and scent. The nugs are dense and heavy, and are covered in trichomes. I have seen some samples that had purple tinges, but for the most part the nugs are lime green. The Fat Albert marijuana strain is very strong, and is recommended for those that want to get pain relief and a good nights sleep.

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fat albert marijuana strain


fat albert marijuana strain


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    All I can say is HEY HEY HEY! i’b da beba stoned ba mamba!

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    whats the THC content of the Fat Albert?

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