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Federal AG Eric Holder Confirms He Will Testify At Marijuana Legalization Senate Hearing


Eric Holder drug policy reform marijuanaAccording to at least one media outlet, United States Attorney General Eric Holder has confirmed that he will testify at an upcoming Senate hearing. The Senate hearing was scheduled by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt) earlier this week. Senator Leahy, along with a lot of Americans, wants the White House to explain it’s marijuana policies. Namely, what is the ‘official’ position of the White House in regards to Colorado and Washington State’s passage of marijuana legalization initiatives?

From UPI.com:

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he will testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about state-level laws that legalize marijuana.”

“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., called on Holder and Deputy Attorney General James Cole to testify before the committee and clarify the federal government’s stance on state-level laws that legalize the drug, The Hill reported Monday. Leahy said such state laws ‘should be respected.'”

I don’t expect much to come out of this Senate hearing, sadly. There will no doubt be a lot of question asking, and a lot of rhetoric thrown around, but I don’t expect anything ‘solid’ to come out of this. There is literally nothing that Eric Holder can say that I will believe at this point. I will only believe actions. What do you expect to come out of this hearing? Are you like me, or are you more hopeful?


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  1. Has anybody else noticed that the politicians that are always championing “states rights” are the same ones that say federal laws trump the state laws of Colorado and Washington states?

  2. guessMI_MJsupporter on

    i think he was making a point about its classification not its actual harm, mj isn’t more harmful but scheduled in a higher drug class (Class I) that states it has NO medical use, we know that to be untrue, but meth is no (Class 2) putting it in a lower bracket that just states it has med properties or vicodins (Class 3) can be more harmful but there not considered it cause of classification, they should just remove mj from classification or at least lower it ti a Class 4 drug thats my Opinion though

  3. In Hodler’s earlier testimony before the judicial budget committee he cited budget constraints and a very long laundry list of concerns the DOJ has. Nowhere was their any mention of drug enforcement.

  4. I also doubt that will be the case. In this area there are over 100,000 folks spread over two counties and there is exactly one DEA agent. I think that it might be actionable if local law enforcement should help federal agents enforce laws that are contrary to state law. What strikes me as important is that the government is making statements about enforcement which mirror the conservative arguments against prohibition. Given the state of affairs with budget and building public opinion against the war on drugs I think that they will do what they say. The recent pronouncement has to me the “ring of truth” because it takes into account how miserably equipped law enforcement is to continue what it is doing. The long silence on this issue seems to me to be witness to the fact that the federal government is in a fix and has been peddling very fast to figure out what it can say or do that works.

  5. Jonathan Spencer on

    And drinking isn’t? I understand that America’s Founding Fathers came over with alcohol and that is why it is legal today, but honestly, if instead of Alcohol, they bought marijuana over we would be smoking that commonly and this issue would be over Alcohol legalization.
    Besides, how many instances do you hear of a person smoking marijuana going into a car and driving carelessly and getting in a wreck? To add to that, marijuana can give you a “high” sense that relaxes the muscles.
    So to say that marijuana is more dangerous than Meth is a lie. Alcohol can lead you to habit forming and the only mental issue it causes is short-term memory and decreased motor skills. Not to mention that Marijuana is the least addictive drug we have, less than caffeine even. So if a person decides to go and try stronger drugs it is on that person, not marijuana.
    So, by saying that marijuana is a “gateway” drug may be true, but couldn’t alcohol cause the same? And why waste government money to stop it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a person’s desire and sell marijuana to help the government. If a person want’s to go further then leave that to the person. Marijuana is only as dangerous as the person smoking it let’s it be.

  6. Joshua Michael Branham on

    According to the DEA, marijuana is more dangerous, more habit forming and also contributes to more mental health problems than METHAMPHETAMINE. Marijuana is a schedule one substance. Methamphetamine is a schedule two substance. If that does not show you that these people do not have a clue what is going on, then I’m not sure what will.

  7. Ricky Ableidinger on

    Well I can tell you that the upper management of the Veterans Administration has made a policy that in the States that have voted to Legalize Medical Marijuana that the veterans doctors will not interfere with the patients care by an outside doctor and there use of Marijuana as long as they have a recommendation from a doctor and the use of said marijuana will not affect the care at the veterans facility…I live in a state that has not legalized the use yet and I suffer from cronic Severe PAIN 4 THE LAST 20 PLUS YEARS AND STRUGGLE EVERY DAY TO MANAGE MY PAIN,BUT MY DOCTORS SAY THAT IF I WANT TO KEEP THEM AS MY DOCTORS AND HAVE THEM CONTINUE PERSCRIBING MY PAIN MEDS THAT I CAN NOT USE MARIJUANA….This is a unfair and crule to treat some one that suffers every day when in 20 states it is O.K. to utilize this substance….It seems a little strange that Veterans Doctors can legaly work in every state un like other doctors but they can treat patients differently from state to state in the same health system….I think that if the Government system allows some of its citizens to utilize a medication it should allow all of its citizens the same choise……I have a hard time understanding how our leaders are not fighting to help every citizen/veteran afford the same medical advancements…………

  8. Eric 'The Mad Hadder' Melton on

    I have as well. Receiving a response from Tim Ryan (D-OH)! saying this:
    “I believe our nation must utilize its resources in the most efficient way possible to combat substance abuse. That is why I believe that we must re-evaluate our drug control policies to ensure that our tax dollars are being spent effectively towards curbing drug abuse. There are indeed things we could be doing better, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that our policies on illegal drug abuse do not cause more problems than they solve.

    Rest assured I will keep your views in mind as Congress works on this issue. Thank you again for your correspondence.
    I think if senators receive support they will act on the majority!

  9. Eric 'The Mad Hadder' Melton on

    Congress members need to take the blame over any big mouth president.

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