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 March 5, 2016
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(image via NY Daily News)

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Is less marijuana entering the US from Mexico today than in years past? According to newly released data provided by the US Border Patrol, the answer may be ‘yes.’

Federal statistics reveal that law enforcement seized an estimated 1.5 million pounds of marijuana at the US/Mexico border in 2015. That total is the lowest amount reported in a decade and continues a steady year-by-year decline in seizure volume that began in 2009, when nearly 4 million tons of cannabis were confiscated.

Overall, 99.8 percent of all marijuana seized by federal border patrol agents was seized at the southern border.

It has been previously reported that increases in US marijuana production, particularly the rise of state-authorized commercial growing in jurisdictions like Colorado, has significantly undercut US demand for Mexican-grown cannabis, which is typically presumed to be of lesser quality.

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  4 Responses to “Federal Agents Seizing Far Less Marijuana At The Southern Border”


    The good news: the cartels are growing and selling less cannabis. The bad news: in order to maintain their cash flows, they seem to be replacing it with heroin.


      Maybe if people would smoke pot and not even start meth, crack, or heroin, then the cartel would lose their azz. Seems like the US is their biggest customer.


        Good advice, but for all the people who aren’t going to take it, there needs to be some legal way for them to get their drug, because the consequences of prohibition are so terrible. One way to deal with hard drugs is to let people have their drug at an affordable price, if it return they agree to be law abiding and not cause problems


    Mexican-grown cannabis, which is typically presumed to be of lesser quality. Bull it is always of lesser quality.

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