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First Marijuana Plant, Seed, And Joint Launched Into Space


I am a huge science nerd. I love astronomy, physics, etc. So I was very happy to learn that some people have officially sent the first marijuana plant, seeds, and joint into space. Some of my friends thought it was a bit silly, but I think it is pretty awesome. It makes me want to put some Jack the Ripper and Cindy 99 in a container and sent it upwards! This is one of the most creative forms of marketing I have ever seen. I hope this video goes viral to reward the creativity. One small step for man, one giant leap for marijuana consumers everywhere…See the video below:

www.TheSeedHub.com, Launched on June 1st 2013 (outside US). The flight time was roughly 3 hours, Balloon traveled est. 95,000 feet (19 Miles) above Earth, Traveled a distance on the map of 67 miles. It was damn hard to track, but Mission Accomplished! Aboard was (1) Joint, (1) Clone, and 95 seeds. First in History!”


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  • Valient

    Psh, the astronauts in the space station probably were the first :P

  • Sarah Dolk

    Very nice. Wish it landed here.

  • Doc Vapor

    Wow that was really cool! Why did you guys want to do that?

  • Now all you have to do is send the weed through a cervit’s asshole and you could sell it for big bucks

  • kycountry

    Damn..too late. If I could have caught it flying over, I’d have smoked the doobie, planted the clone, and patiently be waiting harvest. The local po-po got my crop two weeks ago.