Oct 242013
 October 24, 2013

Florida medical marijuanaA very important message from the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

Earlier today, Attorney General Pam Bondi submitted an argument to the Florida Supreme Court in opposition to the medical marijuana ballot amendment. It is not surprising that out of touch Tallahassee politicians like Pam Bondi continue to oppose compassionate health care policy in Florida. Just as politicians in the Florida Legislature refused to even give medical marijuana a hearing in the 2013 session, AG Bondi wants to deny Floridians the opportunity to even vote on this issue – despite numerous polls showing that an overwhelming majority of the state is supportive of the issue.

Help us fight for compassionate care in Florida and send a message to those that oppose it by making a contribution today, here.

We are confident that the language of our amendment meets all the requirements of the Florida Supreme Court’s review. We are also confident that when they are finally given an opportunity to vote on this issue, Floridians will – by a wide margin – bring safe, compassionate access to medical marijuana to the thousands of very ill residents of our state who are suffering every day without it.

That said – it is clear the forces against compassionate care are mounting – and that our fight to get on the ballot is going to be on multiple fronts.

Can you help us fight back? Please contribute here today if you can.

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  • Kayla Jean

    What could possibly be so bad about a healthy alternative to hundreds of medication (with unspeakable side effects), that politicians take away pur right to vote? Ohhhh ya….. the loss of money in their pockets from the pharmaceutical companies. Who pay them to ensure “customers” stay sick.

  • wowFAD

    It’s no surprise. There’s quite the pharmaceutical industry presence in Florida — how else do you explain Kevin Sabet getting a faculty appointment to the University of Florida’s MEDICAL school without having any scientific background to speak of? Indeed, the Project SAM rehabitionists who want you to pay exorbitant amounts of money for over-priced, over-processed pharmacrap bastardizations of the cannabis plant while forcing you into expensive court-ordered treatment programs *that you pay for* or go to jail, all because you prefer using the safer natural form of cannabis instead of swallowing a synthetic pill.

    THAT’s the “rehab” era of the drug war the powers-that-be in Florida have in store for everyone: keep the cheaper, safer alternative in a pseudo-illegal status so that people with the right moneyed interests can make MORE money!

    Voters in Florida must be on the lookout for the officials who should be shown the door for attempting to obstruct a voter initiative to protect their campaign contributions from the for-profit legal drug industry, based largely in our nation’s favorite retirement locale. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad John Morgan is spearheading the effort down there — he’s not just a cannabis law reform advocate, he’s a successful attorney with a degree of affluence unto himself. He’ll get the initiative through the AG’s objections, be certain of that.

  • flascblog

    If you are curious what are the legal bases of the challenge to the proposed amendment, check out http://www.flascblog.com

    • painkills2

      The legal bases of the opposition seem to be a distraction at best, the purpose of which is either to slow the process down or…? I’m curious about how many amendments are put through this process, say in like a year’s time? Does the process include a set time limit for resolution, or does it drag on and on and on?