Jul 172013
 July 17, 2013

Florida medical marijuanaAre you in the Florida area? Do you want to make some extra money while helping a very, very worth cause? Check out the information below:

We need energetic, outgoing, and self-motivated people RIGHT NOW to help us place a state question on the November 2014 general election ballot. We do this by collecting the names of Florida registered voters on petitions. Circulating political petitions is fun and easy to do. You can have fun, make money, and make a difference in the future of our great state.

We need to collect almost 1 million signatures from Florida registered voters from across the state on petitions before January 31st to make this happen! We NEED YOUR HELP to make it happen. It is time to let the voters in the State of Florida decide whether or not to allow the use of medical marijuana by prescription .

You can work full or part time, choose your own locations to work, and work right here close to home or anywhere in the state of Florida and anyone who is a Florida registered voter can sign these petitions. In order to work on this very important effort you must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be able to motivate yourself to get out there in front of the public collecting the signatures of Florida voters. While people with sales experience already have an edge in this type of work, we are willing to allow anyone who meets the requirements to give it a try. We need all types of people collecting these signatures. It only takes about 45 minutes of your time and there’s no cost to you. We recognize that most everyone surfing for employment is looking for full time, permanent, with benefits.

This is not that job. But at a running time of 4 to 6 months, we believe we can help fill the void in your pockets quite nicely. Why not try something new! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Due to the high volume of calls anticipated we have prepared a more detailed recorded message. We have offices statewide. In our area they are:

Broward/Palm Beach 954.449.6887

Miami-Dade/Monroe 305.529.3598

Please call whichever of the numbers above you live nearest to for all of the information about our times for orientation. Don’t forget to have something to write on and write with when you call. Thank you for reading our post, we hope to see you soon.

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  • James

    I am a college student that lives in Hillsborough county, Plant City. Who do I contact?

  • mamacita

    Pinellas county here, who do I contact?

  • Liz

    I need Marion/Lake County areas please?? I’m already out there getting signatures!!!

  • Guest

    is there anything in the FWB area…fortwalton beach florida 32547 what number would i call if there is?

  • Shannon O’Connor Lawson

    I live in North fort Myers Florida… Are you having orientation class next week at all? Please let me know….I can’t come this week, due to short notice and such. but, I would love to help legalize!!! Please call me back 239-677-8932

  • Candice Manning

    I’m in Highland City/Lakeland Florida. Who would I call???

  • Dumatz

    Please include telephone numbers or contact informationfor all the districts participating.

  • robert

    I will do it. but I need someone to help me. I am in Miami 305-8734322 call me. name is robert

  • Shaftymc

    I’m willing to put my sales experience to use on this when you need people in the Orlando area.

  • Guest

    North Pinellas County here, (Safety Harbor). Would like to help collect petition sig’s. Please contact by eMail.

  • tbooth8

    North Pinellas County here, (Safety Harbor). Would like to help collect petition sig’s. Please contact by eMail.

  • Floridabadger

    What about us on panhandle? P.C.B., 32408 Would like more info please!! yes i already have an acct. don’t remember password

  • http://www.facebook.com/floridabadger FloridaBadger

    I would REALLY like more info on participation in Panama City & P.C.Beach plz! or at least a contact #! Other contacts were S. of here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/floridabadger FloridaBadger

    Or call me@(850) 691-5476 plz!!

  • jimi

    anything in the venice area 34293 or 34275 lindsayscustoms@yahoo.com

  • manuel

    I’m from gainesville,Fl area anything around here ?



  • Mike

    Please someone call or let me know about upper panhandle, Pensacola area. I am willing and able to put petition signing in swing fulltime. Bentleyservice@yahoo.com

  • Dalinda

    I’m in ft myers anything up here would luv to help from Cali & had family with cancer medical marijuana only thing helped

  • freedreamer

    I can get signatures. Tell me without . Printer how to get official form. Monday I am going to find a way. I personally need it. People will sign

  • aeryka

    I am.in.the fort Walton beach area and know.many who.would help.for.this cause!! Please call 8502185020 if there are any who.know of rights groups in this area!