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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Launches First TV Ad


Election Day 2014 is right around the corner, and there are several marijuana reform efforts that will go before voters. One of those is Amendment 2 in Florida, which would legalize medical marijuana. The ‘for’ and ‘against’ campaigns have been spending enormous sums of money trying to sway voters. The Amendment 2 campaign, United for Care, has launched it’s first TV ad. With polls showing the initiative winning sometimes by a small margin, and losing by a small margin other times, this ad is very important. You can see the video below:


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  • cozmic knight

    Have you heard about the up and coming rally for pro ammendment 2 taking place in Tallahassee? I understand that a couple of anti ammendment 2 are also planning on being there. But, the more of us present there, the better. I’ll post more information as i learn more.
    I do know that it’s near the end of February, next month.

  • eve-lynn Lespier

    I gotta tell you … those ad’s i’ve seen telling Fl. that patient care givers are just plain drug dealers have really put a damper on people that i have talked to before …and they signed the petitions , I’m going out soon onto 40 and i’m going to stand there with my vote yes on 2 posters as often as i can , And my Q poster for the next couple of days asking people if they have registered !

  • 20 a lid

    Mary, according to today’s(10/1) Orlando Sentinel the ad will be running on TV next week.

  • Colin Cowdery

    Audit / model me – rare breed

  • Chris

    Comparison chart of candidates for Florida Governor:
    Adrian Wyllie is clearly the best choice for Florida.!

  • Mary

    This article is incorrect because we didn’t launch a TV ad, we launched a video ad – the ad in this article isn’t appearing on TV anywhere, we’re raising money so that we MIGHT be able to make it into a TV ad.