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Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Needs More Signatures


Florida medical marijuana
Reminder – The campaign needs EVERY signature it can get. The campaign has enough signatures on hand, but they still need to be validated. Validation rates can be between 40-70% usually, so more are needed to absolutely guarantee that medical marijuana makes the ballot. Shout from the rooftops, tweet from the hills, pass a note in your community college class, whatever it takes to get as many people to sign as possible. Every signature is going to count. You can go to United for Care’s website to find out how to help. Help bring medical marijuana to Florida!


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  1. It is tough – I’m over 50 when I finally learned pot was great for pain relief and never kept up with the “stoner” crowd of my high school days. I had to start tapping people on the shoulder – finally tapped a middle aged biker type dude with long hair and tatoos – he hooked me up but made me toke with him first – cause I look straighter than an arrow. That got me 6 months worth of weed till I lost track of him. I finally started my own little secret garden – provides me with a very modest supply for my own needs.

    Sometimes you have to tap a lot of shoulders to find a friend. But the conversations you start will benefit us all in the long run.

  2. What’s funny is, this is a democracy, meaning the people have a right to vote on things they want, or don’t want. Blocking something to the point the public can’t even vote on it is indeed unconstitutional. How does that cunt still have a job?

  3. I wish i could do that for my husband. These pain pills really mess with him mentally and physically. We can’t find anyone around our area to get us some pot for him try and see if it helps him or not. I really wish they would just legalize it already so people who really need it can get it! Best of luck to you!

  4. Barbara Angus on

    I don’t go to a pain doctor so I don’t get tested I just smoke pot and live with the other pain. Pain pills aren’t good for me.

  5. I wish i could grow my own for my husband. He suffers with ALS and complications from over a dozen surgeries. This would definitely help him get off the pain pills and more than likely help him feel a little better. We had a few people say they could get us some but they kept forgetting so we gave up!

  6. they were getting pettions signed in groves last night (sublime illuminations leds got about 20

  7. saynotohypocrisy on

    23 years for marijuana cultivation, a year or two for drunk driving murder (or no time at all if you have enough money for a very well connected lawyer). Go to hell, Florida, and the rest of you sadistic alcohol supremacist bigots

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