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Florida Medical Marijuana Funder Not Worried About Jeb Bush, Sheldon Adelson


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaFlorida voters will get the chance to legalize medical marijuana this November during the 2014 Election. In order to pass, at least 60% of voters will have to vote ‘yes’ on Election Day. The campaign battle has been fierce, with the opposition making outlandish claims, such as that medical marijuana cookies will become the new date rape drug of choice by predators. The opposition has enlisted Jeb Bush, who has came out recently against the Florida medical marijuana measure. The opposition is largely funded by Sheldon Adelson, a very wealthy man who funds conservative campaigns. None of this seems to worry John Morgan, who is the largest backer for the Yes on 2 campaign. Per a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel:

Q: You’ve got heavy-duty opposition on Amendment 2 now, with Gov. Jeb Bush against it and Sheldon Adelson contributing $2.5 million to stop it. Are you getting worried?

MORGAN: No, I’m not worried at all.

You know, if Amendment 2 fails — it’s not for me; it’s for everybody. If it ever happened that I needed medical marijuana, I’d go to one of the 20 states (where it’s legal) and get it. Some people can’t. If it fails, it doesn’t impact my life at all.

But I’m not worried because, again, I believe that the people of Florida are compassionate, I believe that they get it, they understand that this is not really a political issue; it’s a medical issue. An overwhelming number of doctors, in a recent CBS poll, 76 percent are in favor of it — and Floridians trust doctors. And so I’m not worried at all about it.

I truly admire John Morgan. It’s not easy to put up so much money and lead the charge on a political campaign, medical marijuana or otherwise. He is fighting for compassion, and I tip my hat to him. If you live in Florida, and happen to run into John Morgan, make sure to give him a hug and a high five from me. Go get ’em Florida!


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  • frank

    **Vote For Bill Wohlsifer** Florida Attorney General #YesOn2 #Hemp4Water 111

  • Chris Goodwin

    For those of you that think you are just a few months and a
    medical card from smoking pot in Florida. Guess again. What most people do not know is that people
    with med cards are NOT going to be able to grow, even small amounts of pot. The
    Florida distribution method (per Rick Scott CBD bill) will only be grown by
    Florida State licensed green house (nurseries) that have been in business
    longer then 30 years. The current estimated
    price of the pot is going to be right at $100 a GRAM! With an average daily medical
    dose of one gram per day that $36,500 a year! So, don’t kick your regular
    dealer to the curb just yet! Yes, you will be able to buy pot under the law but
    it will cost five (5) times more then current street prices.

  • Adam Hirsch

    well i say tomato…the conspiracy is to make money then & keep us behind in research, this is nothing to drag out a tinfoil hat for, its the nature of this man or any casino owner for that matter…also lets consider the fact that Drunks are more aggressive gamblers, so he wants Americans to be drunk. He supports israels right who are heavily invested in medical uses of THC, i wouldn’t feint out of shock to find out he is also invested in the research done in israel.