Apr 192012
 April 19, 2012

Videos To Watch When It’s 4:20

Below are some videos that I found on YouTube that are great to watch when it’s 4:20 a.m. At The Weed Blog it’s 4:20 all day every 20 minutes past the hour, because we want to stand in solidarity with all our other marijuana fans in each time zone :) We are diverse like that I suppose. We just got settled into Denver. We are taking the :

On this episode of The Price Is Right contestant Evan Goding does what he’s waited for his whole life. He makes it up to contestants row and bids 420. Not just once. A bunch of times. The crowd loves him and at one point he even makes Barker blush:

So this story comes out of the “Ignorance Undenied” folder. A cop takes marijuana from evidence and makes brownies with his wife. Then in his paranoia that he is dying, he calls 911. Hilarity ensues. As far as I can find he was not charged, and stepped down from the force as a result of this incident:

People smoking marijuana under a parachute on April 20th:

420 stand up comedy:



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    People caught in the act of being human. We are All guilty victimless criminals, on a daily basis. According to Big Brother! ~E~


    Martian lawernce is a shitty stand up comdian

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