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Ganja Jon’s Afghoo BHO Shatter Review


Most of what I know about BHO (or ‘dabs’) I learned from Ganja Jon. He is a legend in Oregon and beyond. He makes the best BHO I have ever consumed, which is backed up by the fact that he has won many awards and been featured in just about every Portland media outlet that there is. Below is an amazing review that was forwarded to me. The review is by PDX Herb Nerd, which I encourage everyone to subscribe to his channel on YouTube. Also check out the PDX Herb Nerd website for more reviews.

“I finally crossed paths with extract made by Ganja Jon, BHO-master and winner of a 2012 Cannabis Cup Seattle, among other awards. Trust me, it was worth the wait. Check out the video for more.” – PDX Herb Nerd


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  • oil710

    Russ Belville or NORML don’t like you smoking BHO Johnny. Stop using the good stuff :(