new jersey governor chris christie medical marijuana kids
Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Governor Chris Christie: ‘We Will End The Failed War On Drugs’

new jersey governor chris christie medical marijuana kidsSomething very shocking happened today. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out in support of ending the ‘failed war on drugs.’ It’s not shocking to hear a politician get on the drug reform bandwagon these days – more and more politicians are getting on the right side of history daily. However, when someone who has fought against reform as hard as Chris Christie comes out in support of reform, I can’t help but wonder what changed his mind?

“We will end the failed war on drugs that believes that incarceration is the cure of every ill caused by drug abuse. We will make drug treatment available to as many of our non-violent offenders as we can and we will partner with our citizens to create a society that understands that every life has value and no life is disposable.” stated Chris Christie during his speech.

Russ Belville wrote an article recently about Chris Christie’s opposition to marijuana reform:

“But the Republican governor of New Jersey, the redundantly-named presidential-aspirant Chris Christie, isn’t as progressive as a Utah Republican when it comes to saving kids’ lives.  Christie has pushed through regulations on the New Jersey state program that limit the strains and potency of medical marijuana, making it impossible for the Wilsons to get the high-CBD oil that would save Vivian’s life.  The legislature listened to Meghan and Brian and is currently passing a law that would allow patients to bring in marijuana products from other medical marijuana states.

Gov. Christie has vowed to veto that legislation.  He has said he will never expand the medical marijuana program in any way, because that’s what the marijuana legalizers want and marijuana will never be legalized in New Jersey on his watch.  He’s even put forth a “slippery slope” argument where importing an edible non-psychoactive marijuana extract from Colorado to save the lives of epileptic kids inexorably leads to teenagers smoking joints and stoned mayhem on the turnpike.”

If Chris Christie truly wants to end the ‘failed war on drugs’ he can start by supporting medical marijuana patients who desperately need their medicine. If he truly wants to ‘create a society that understands that every life has value and no life is disposable’ he won’t stand in the way of safe access. How do TWB readers feel about Chris Christie’s comments? Do you think he is sincere? Or is he just trying to throw around meaningless rhetoric in order to get some press, or some other reason?

  • UmmRashad ‘Adl

    Coming from the hood Nicetown, North Philly I say Christie is cool, he is a politician and politicians go with the flow of those that elected them; our president is being sentimental as well.

    I like Christie, I experienced Sandy and this guy is real. He is a maverick.

  • john mims

    hell ya if he legalizes it here in NJ i want have to order over the internet from my buds any more. i could just walk down the street. yall should still go give them a holla for some good good weed

  • Fire

    Good to see what the People and not the media thinks about this potential presidential candidate. We are sick and tired of how the winds blowing politicians. Christie gets a thumbs down from me.

  • Bill

    Il tell you a little story, my friend is on lithium he shake so badly he can’t roll the first joint. After a few puff of cannibus he hands still shake, but very slightly. It has no physical addiction, you can’t over does from it and nobody ever died from solely using cannibus. It about money the FEDS drug budget 60 percent of it for marijuana crimes. There no such as too high weed you smoke till your high enough. if stronger you smoke less of it. Harmlessness stronger is still harmlessness. That why in PA Corbett sees the poles at 82 percent wanted weed legal yet he still won’t sign a bill that passed in land slide vote in the house in PA. He so bad he in negatives in the poles. Come 2014 November we get a new governor and finally weed will first i believe will become medical and then eventually we have recreational. Corbett getting too much money from businesses that lose if weed becomes legal. If 82 percent wants it yet Cobitt will not sign the bill what else could be it be? Weed was never made illegal through science. A paper mill owner went to congress to stop industrial hemp which doesn’t make you high it different species and putting his business out of business. He said that “black men will seek out white woman to fornicate with.” it worked they took off as medicine and created the stamp act. Then the government wasn’t giving out any stamps so that was end of that. Nixon did study they came back weed is not harmful he said so what well make illegal anyways. That when it was put on the books. It illlimated a large group against the vetniam war.