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Great Marijuana Speech By Bill Rosendahl At Los Angeles City Council Meeting


Bill Rosendahl Gives A Very Passionate Speech At A City Council Meeting In Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has been a proponent of marijuana reform for a long time, and recently told The Los Angeles Times that “he has had his own medical marijuana prescription for a decade, relying on the drug to cope with neuropathy, a nerve disorder that can make his feet ‘red hot with pain.'”


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  1. nygratefulfred on

    I have Neuropathy also and sometimes my feet just feel like they are killing me.burning feeling,numbness,coldfeeling,and feeling like my toes are being squeezed in a vice.(from nerve damage in my lower back)Marijuana does not cure this but sure helps you deal with the pain physically and mentally.

  2. Rosendahl is 1 of the few LA council members who supports regulations on cannabis
    mayor “not in my backyard” villagrozzo
    newsflash mayor , cannabis has been here for some time and its not going to disappear!

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