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Grow Lights – LED vs. HID Operating Costs


The first time I saw the price of a LED light, I won’t lie, I got a bit of sticker shock. I had been growing with HPS and MH lights for years, and was looking into getting an LED light because I had heard good things. I did some research, and the initial price for an LED grow light is a bit deceptive.

Yes, the initial price is more expensive, but the costs to operate a LED light compared to other lights is much less. In the end, it’s actually cheaper to run a LED light electricity wise. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is that LED lights put off so much less heat than other lights. I know for me, especially during hot summer months, I would use so many fans to mitigate the heat that came off the HPS and MH lights. Those are costs that need to be considered.

Another cost is bulbs. With an LED light, you have the benefit of using the same bulbs for a long time. A HPS and MH bulb needs to be changed often, and are very expensive if you use quality ones. Below is a chart that I came across that shows how much more it costs to operate other lights compared to LED lights. Over the course of a year, especially considering fan and bulb prices in addition to operating costs, an LED light is actually cheaper in the long run.

G8LED Technology vs HID Daily Operating Costs


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  1. Yes obviously! The led lights are the latest technology in the world and most efficient source of lighting because of its less consumption of lighting and less cost so we should use the led lights for making the world Eco friendly.

  2. Research means using ALL different types of strains, not just the ones that are the most popular. Science has many layers so before we call the entire LED industry WRONG, we need to be realist and tell ourselves, NO, I did not try every cannabis strain that is in the world. Until you can say you did this, you need to pull your brakes back.

  3. This is what I seen about a year ago; we bought up 3 warehouses and 25 trucks; And got it going with these lights they’re really well made, the company is great when it comes to support so yeah this is a valid post. If you’re looking for P’s hit me @ Xensii@outlook.com

  4. One obvious omission here, is the yield. What was the yield per KW-hour? Economics 101 says that you must state the bottom line to know if you made a profit or not.

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