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Grower Tip of the Week – How To Get Rid of Spider Mites


I am starting a new series for ‘Grower Tips.’ Essentially, I will post a question on my Facebook wall and see what responses come up. These tips don’t come from me; they come straight from Facebook fans, so take them for what they are.

The question posted this week was ‘What is the best way to get rid of spider mites?’ Here were the responses:

Shaun Paton — “F.Y.I. ladybugs hunt down spider mites, also the ladybugs do not harm the plant in any way, much better than using pesticide.”

Bryan Shanon Hercules Hart — “Zero Tolerance by Ed Rosethal; it’s all natural and smells great.”

Ellis Worthington — “Mark Heinrich swears by something called Mite-Rid.”

Tammy Freire — “Johnny we tried everything natural we could for a couple of years and finally had to go chemical with a product called Avid. It destroys the little sucker’s nervous systems. It made my hubby have a neurological seizure after he applied it so if you use it mask up, shower and detox! It has been 6 months and no mites though! Hallelujah! They are the borg! We were only getting an 1/8 a plant when it was at its worse. Now back up to 2 oz. + per plant!”

Phil Cannabisni — “In the past few days I read that someone puts a plant (forget which type) into the grow room and this plant is like caviar to spider mites so they are attracted to it, they then take the plant out every few days and replace it. Sorry I can’t give more details.”

Vinnie White — “Neem oil and dish soap.”

I would like to thank all of those that responded to the post, and to all of the readers that are dealing with spider mites right now, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! Feel free to post comments for any other tips and tricks dealing with spider mites!



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  1. HouseofChristina on

    Yes, seems to me someone else said use tobacco, they said “American Spirit” is ,…organic? no additives? Anyway, they said get a pack. You can make a nifty “bag” with a coffee filter. I also use a vacuum after misting with 50/50 alcohol to help identify any webs. I reused a nasal mist bottle and it makes a super fine mist and helps ” hi-lite” the webs-which are not so bad its obvious. After I vacuum, I defoliate anything I dont need, all shaders. One recommendation is to use Habanero peppers,…this is an organic way to control the pests, HOWEVER,…when you spray this concoction you are spraying THEEE MOST POWERFUL pepper spray, a submersion bath is a much better alternative!!!!! A plastic tote cut down or even boxes taped together with a plastic bag liner will work to “dip” the plants (laying down sideways and rotated), USE A COVER OVER THE BATH TO PREVENT SPLATTERS- this stuff is liquid fire. Last year we had no bugs whatsoever, my hubby used the vapor pest strip.

  2. I did not bother reading all the reply’s, tobacco tea wish dish soap.
    1 gallon water,1 cup tobacco, 1 tablespoon dish detergent.
    I take the tobacco and make a tea bag, add that and water in large pot, bring to boil let steep for 1 hour, once cool add to gallon jug, add detergent, replace any water that boiled off, shake well, put in sprayer and go to town. Works well!
    the nicotine will break down and does not IMO pose health risks some of these other solutions do.

  3. I am in my 6th week of flower indoor. These mites are infesting all my plants. I need an all natural solution to killing these bastards before I lose my flowers please help

  4. There is a product made from Chrysanthemum Flowers for spider mites, thrips, aphids, gnats, mealybugs, moths, whiteflies, fern scalies, beetles and others. apply to edibles up to day of harvest. by Schultz Expert Gardner Houseplants & Gardens toxic to fish and care not to contaminate water.
    Perhaps some of it or a lot of it NOT from the flower. works good on rose of sharon. usually only use it once in a year, maybe twice.

  5. a new all natural and organic product has recently been introduced to the market. quantum apocalypse is a neem based solution that just doesn’t kill spider mites but also aphids, thrips, mealybug, and powdery mildew. it is inexpensive in comparison to it’s competition and way more effective. it can be found at entomo419.com

  6. jason_the_great on

    i tried a bunch fo the so called “natural remedies’ and seriously none of them worked. maybe i did them wrong, who knows, but my spider mites didnt die off completely. i tried lava mite after a friend recommended it and it worked great. i bought mine from http://www.lavamite.com i thoguht it was expensive at first but since it works as well as it says, ill pay it anyday!

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